Attending Ginn International Showcase 2018

This was my first ever fashion show related event and I was completely excited. Prior to the event, me being a complete hermit, didn't know who was Ginnie Lam - so much so that I had to Google her up. And I was disappointed with myself for not know who this amazing lady was.

In my short research about Ginnie, I truly realized that no matter what are the obstacles in front of you at this very moment, it can always be overcome with the right mindset. First thing popped out in my research was "Why" and "How" Ginnie started up her own aesthetic company.

From a simple decision to try out a commercial beauty treatment it turned Ginnie's life around as things went south really quickly. But the fighting spirit of hers did not allow it to throw her in the back passenger seat of life, instead, she found ways to research and build up her very own beauty-health line.

How amazing is that?! I'm pretty sure many of us will just dump ourselves at a corner if we were to suffer from that kind of medical and beauty condition. I know I would've hammered myself into depression because of it.

Having said all of that, attending her very own Ginn Artistry International Fashion Show that was held at KLCC Main Stage during the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair 2018, had given me the upmost respect for not only Ginnie but all the participating members.

Why so? Because unlike the usual fashion shows, this red-carpeted showcase had 3 different fashion shows taking place in a single event with beautiful models who defied their age, rising A-Class quality stewardesses and steward from Cabin Crew Academy KL and the most graceful bunch of senior Korean models.

The runway was first graced by the talented Beauty Queens of Malaysia whom all were dressed in gorgeous evening gowns by Glitter Venus & Ginn Int'l sponsored jewellery.

Then, the event continued with the graduation ceremony of the top best stewardesses and steward from Cabin Crew Academy KL. The A-Class graduates paraded in their uniforms and at the end of their runway, the Managing Director of CCA KL, Captain Amin Said even appointed Ginnie Lam as their International Ambassador!

While we were waiting for the highlight of the event, me along with 259 other guests were enlightened with short presentations and speeches by JCI Malaysia's Ms. Mikasa Chong on their campaign for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, International Aroma Association's (IAAA) Ms. Vicky Law on the "Art of Feminine Elegance through Aromatherapy" and Mr. Derrick Yong (the Operations Director of Ginn's) together with Mr. Nicolas Pang on recounting the progressive journey of Ms. Ginnie Lam in Malaysia since becoming the Coffee & Tea Lifestyle Ambassador of the "Best Malaysian Caf├ęs" Program in the year 2017.

I was completely amazed by the stunning pieces of Hanbok that were worn by the Top Senior Korean Models. Their walks were so graceful yet dramatic, matching with the background music that build up much thrill and suspense. It was like watching a historical Korean drama....really!

I also didn't go back home with an empty hand, as we, the bloggers, were gifted with two of Ginn Skin's products; Extra Healing Herbal Mask and the Night Peel Lotion. Both of which I have yet to try them out...but I did manage to take a shot of the products first.

All in all, I would say that my experience of attending such a big event was very overwhelming (in a good way, of course). One thing I would say that, at the very least, I sensed a strong women empowerment movement going on especially with all the ladies that were defying their age and the norms to make big waves and creating pathways for the younger female generation.

I fully supports! Let's get powered up, ladies! Can't wait to attend more events like this!


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