Glam X Cosmetics The Must Have Eyeshadow Palette

If you love glitter, bold and glamorous makeups, then the Glam X Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette is a must have in your makeup collection! Even though it has been months since I have bought this eyeshadow palette, this is still one of my favourite by far.

Not only because it is highly pigmented and fabulous, it also comes with 35 amazing colours that will instantly bring out the hidden diva in you. If you are wondering how did I get to know about this brand, well, it was all thanks to Michelle, my best friend, who spotted the brand on Instagram.

Apparently, all the makeup enthusiasts were and still are raving about them. Yes, I am late comer since I have always been a hermit. But, I definitely understand why they are raving about it. Like no joke ladies, each time you pick up the colours from the pods either by your finger or brush, the vibrancy of the colours will surely blow your mind.

Remember how I started off this year with Horoscope Makeup Tutorials? Well, yea, even though I slowed down on the topic, I still did cover two more horoscope-inspired looks which was the Aries and Taurus look with the 'help' of the Glam X Cosmetics Mulberry Palette and their single pods Imperial Purple and Eyes of Egypt.

The Mulberry Palette alone costs RM162, and because they were having like a promo or something, at that time I could choose two glitter single pods while only paying RM180 in total. May I remind you that a single glitter pod costs RM45, so I basically saved a huge deal! And if you like a certain combo of 3 single pods, you could get those too by only paying RM99.

I know at first it may seem like you are paying a lot for just eyeshadows BUT if you think about it, you are actually only paying RM4.63 (in reference with the price of the Mulberry Palette) for 1 highly pigmented eyeshadow pod.  That's a really good buy...especially if you are a makeup enthusiasts or even if you are just a eyeshadow collector.

To prove of how highly pigmented these colours are, I swatched all of them by columns for you:

Aren't the colours simply amazing? On a personal note, I am actually more in love with their glitter pods and I will be getting as many single glitter pods as my bank account allows me to by end of this year.

Well, now, allow me to share with you, how the my Aries and Taurus inspired looks came about with this eyeshadow palette:

#1 Aries 
#2 Taurus

While we are on the topic, which horoscope look do you like more? Aries or Taurus? Let me know in the comment box below!

I will definitely recommend you to try this eyeshadow palette out and don't worry Glam X Cosmetics also have a few other ranges of palettes ready for you too! You can totally check them out on Instagram and Glam X Beauty.

Be bold and beautiful ladies!


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