How To Choose The Right Bra?

This is one problem that many women face! I'm not going to lie as I too fell victim of constantly wearing the wrong bra. So how does one choose the right bra?

Let me share with you quickly of the consequences that I face now, of wearing the wrong bra for over 20 years before I start revealing the deets. Firstly, because I tend to wear a lot of push up bras, due to my small figure, my breasts has lost its original shape and they already begin drooping sideways.

Also, because of my athletic background, I always wore sports bra even on days which I weren't supposed to wear them; hence why I am regretting all those years of neglecting my breasts and not giving them the best support that they can get.

But thankfully, all of that has changed over the past month after I had an intimate session with Neubodi, thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia. Some of you ladies may have heard of Neubodi while others may have not, so if you ever hesitated to find out about your breasts condition and what bra fits you perfectly, here I am insisting that you try out their free consultation service. 

Allow me to introduce to you, who and what is Neubodi all about. Neubodi, the leading bra specialist, is a lingerie brand that helps boosts an effortless body and women's confidence transformation by providing you, with only the best and perfect bra for you.

I swear, as you invest your money with their almost-handmade bras, that masters both art and science, that makes intimate products to shape your body and confidence, they will also invest their knowledge and experience with you.

With the help of the professional bra fitters from Neubodi, not only will you be able to understand your breasts but also, you will be shocked to find out what is your real bra size. Trust me, I was convinced that I was a 34B, nothing more nothing less, but Neubodi proved me wrong by measuring my breasts and concluding that I was in fact a 70D (32D). Pretty much explains why my boobs kept escaping from my bra when I am being active. LOL (Yes, they use European measurements for the bras)

And that's not all that will surprise you, even the way these professional bra fitters measure your breasts to find the perfect bra will leave you amazed. Using their "Holistic Fitting", it's almost as if, their hands are the ruler/measuring tape. All they have to do is place their palm below your boobies, analyze the shape of em' and viola~~~ the perfect bra will be handed to you.

Personal note: Remember, investing in Neubodi is similar to investing a whole new confident you!

As I have mentioned in the beginning of the post, you can have your free consultation with these boob experts (no strings attached). You can pretty much ask them everything in the encyclopedia about boobies and they will be able to give you an answer. That's how much training and experience they have in understanding a woman's assets!

If whatever I had mentioned above did not intrigued your curiosity yet, then let me show you the physical evidence of what a perfect bra does for you.

The most obvious changes from simply changing a "bad" bra to the perfect bra are:

Slimmer Waist
Better Posture
Natural Cleavage
Uplifted Breasts

If you are wondering what a "bad" bra is, well it's basically a bra that simply doesn't sit on you well; these also includes signs of excess bulges on the sides, center piece sits away from your breast bone, bra cups are often empty or "spill out" occurs, bra straps are constantly slipping off your shoulders or your bra band is too loose and rides up your back.

Also, under the clothes, the changes that I noticed are that my breasts has become firmer and they aren't as apart as they used to be. They are more on "speaking terms" now. LOL

If you take a good look at the "Before" picture, it is obvious that I had excess bulges "dripping" out from the sides of my breasts; by right, with the perfect bra, this "phenomenon" shouldn't happen. And let me point out that the perfect bra is kind of like wearing a corset whereby it helps to keep your posture, so wearing the wrong bra consequently "destroys" our body posture.

Honestly, there are many things to learn from the experts at Neubodi. Even if you don't plan on buying their products, it's fine....they are more than happy to just help you understand your body and breasts' needs.

Please, don't be afraid of not being able to find the right size, as Neubodi has over 600 sizes, colours and designs of bras that caters from the smallest cup size of 65A to the largest cup size of 100I. So rest assured that your boobies are bound to find their perfect match; both in terms of fitting and fashion.

After learning and understanding much about my breasts, what are the different shapes of bra cups, their functionality and suitability to one's body and lifestyle, I actually went on a shopping spree and gotten myself these beauties.

And yes that is my first ever night sleeping gown!

I am extremely happy that I made the investment because now, my boobies are more perky, I have better posture, and I look slim as hell!

Since I feel and look great with my latest investment, I would absolutely love to encourage you ladies to also stop by the nearest Neubodi outlet and get yourselves checked as well.

And for those who are living outside of these regions, probably during your next visit to KL, Penang or Sabah and Sarawak, you could visit the closest Neubodi outlet or you can purchase them via online at their website:

I've got even more good news, because as I was looking through their website, I noticed that they are currently having some major sales going, and I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to miss out on them!

Go on and show some love for you boobies, ladies! Hope after your visit to the nearest Neubodi outlet, you will find yourself looking more beautiful and with a heightened confidence.

Bonus Tip: I am pretty sure many of you are wondering or have at least wondered whether or not, us ladies, should sleep with bras on, the answer is NOPE! Let them babies be free....let them breath!


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