How To Throw A Pink Tea Party

Love everything pink? Love desserts? Love tea parties? Then allow me to share with you, tips on how to throw a pink tea party! better believe your eyes as everything you are about to see from here on will be notoriously pink! I have already given a fair warning...let's pinkify this post, shall we?

#1 Venue

Just like any tea party or any sort of party for that matter, first and foremost, you will need to pick a venue that will fit perfectly with your theme, in this case the gathering of the prettiest pink butterflies. And there was no other perfect venue like Happ Cafe - which also happens to be famously known as the "Flower Cafe" of Malaysia.

Nothing else matches up perfectly like flowers and pink vibes, really!

#2 Set An Event
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An event is nothing without a theme and likewise merely having a theme without a proper event would only make the tea party a bore. For this round, as reference, we celebrated the introduction of the best lip product of the year by Lip Addict Malaysia.

I swear it's the best beauty product that I was introduced to, for this whole year. You'd definitely want to know more about here's the link to my full review of it: 


Also make sure to have different sessions in your event! For our Lip Addict Tea Party we had product introduction, makeover, mingling and eating sessions. If you are planning to throw a birthday tea party you could also opt to have mini games just to keep things interesting.

#3 Pinkest Menu

Go hard or go home...There's never too much of pink! So it only makes sense to serve the pinkest and cutest desserts and finger food to guests. Not only will they be totally Instagrammable but they would also make really beautiful props for product shooting; of course besides happily eating them.

For this round, the incredibly adorable customized desserts were prepared by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party. 

#4 Pink Party People

Regardless of your gender and preference of the shade of pink, everyone you invite has to be the party people who would actually wear PINK. This could be from a simple pink neck tie to a pink top, to a pink skirt, to a pink dress or even a pink wig. Because we are fabulous that way....*flips hair*

Obviously for this tea party, we had the absolutely perfect pink butterfly squad!

#5 Door Gifts

And last but not least is to have the perfect door gift for your guests to bring home and cherish. In our case, each of us butterflies got to take back 3 different shades of Lip Addict's Voluptuous Lip Plumper. You know a door gift is super awesome when the party hashtags were flooding Instagram both on feed and Insta-story the very next day!

Yes, us butterflies, could not contain our flutter and we sprinkled the joy all over Instagram.

Now that you know the essentials of throwing your own Pink Tea Party, what are you waiting for? Go get your laptop to start filling in the guest's list!

Have a fabulous pink party people!


  1. comel je tema warna pink ni. btw yana, after a longgggg thought and remembering people in my life, you kinda looks like my friend nama fatin. jenuh fikir balik. x'D

    1. serious? hahahha she could be my doppleganger. Mana la tau kan...


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  3. Woah! This place is outstanding. I wish there was something like this. My sister has lined up some nice venues in Los Angeles though and I am going to pick one from the list for a tea party. This is absolutely stunning. I have to share this with my friends right away.