If thick and plump lips are your thing, then get ready to pucker up because I have found the perfect and natural way to get Kylie Jenner lips!

You know some people, go all out and get them lips injected...and if you are lucky, it turns out fabulous, if not, you have the mini sausages attached to your face for life...and that doesn't look good at all! Well, at least, in my opinion.

Just recently, I was introduced to the brand Lip Addict thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia during an All-Pink Tea Party gathering. (You can read about here: How To Throw A Pink Tea Party)

I swear it was the best lip product introduction of the year, for me! I usually shy away from lip glosses since they tend to be sticky and doesn't really flatter my lips that well. However, despite, the stickiness, I have completely fallen head over lips with their Lip Addict Voluptuous Lip Plumper.

Ladies, this is definitely not your regular lip gloss that's for sure!

This lip gloss is an ANTI-AGING lip treatment that not only reduces fine lines, but also instantly plumps, heals, adds moisture and impressively thickens em' lips of yours. Okay, before you jump the gun, please do not expect your lips to be as thick as Angelina Jolie's or Kylie Jenner's.

You will be able to make your puckers thicker as naturally as your own lips allows it too. In other words, your lips will become the maximum size that it can be, so that you won't end up looking like a gold fish and still remain human-looking.

Like I said in the beginning, this gloss will help you to achieve your own "Kylie Jenner lips" - the natural way. Yes, I know I am repeating this point way too much...but I really want you to understand what this lip treatment does.

I have only used it diligently for a week and after that only whenever I feel like I want to smack them lip treatment onto my lips BUT my lips have remained its thicker version ever since the 3rd day of application till to-date! If I could kiss you right now, just to 'demonstrate' how thick and soft my lips are, I would absolutely do it!

If you followed me on my Instagram, you would have been able to see how much I spammed with excitement about these lip beauties. This woman can't contain her happiness any longer.

As you all know by now, I am the reincarnation of Lady when I received the door gift from the Pink Tea Party, I received all the 3 colours that I initially fell in love with when I did the test swatch. And if you are wondering, these miracle lip treatments comes in 12 different shades, 1 of them being transparent.

Here's a short but pucker-filled video made just for you!

I wasn't joking when I mentioned that this is a legit lip treatment gloss as the 12 gorgeous colours works as a "Day Treatment" that keeps your lips moisturize the whole day. And specifically use the #213 Jewel for "Night Treatment" because it helps to repair and restore moisture to your lips.

I personally, use the #213 Jewel the most because not only it helps to maintain the moisture in my lips but it also helps to bring out my natural lip colour even better. My lips tend to look either really dark or pale, before this...but not anymore thanks to my lip saviour - Lip Addict.

I'm pretty sure some of you ladies don't bother reading the ingredients in most beauty products, but for the sake of them "Detailed Ladies", I am going to share the main ingredients that can be found in this non-injectable lip treatment;

Peptides (specialized Amino Acids) that helps to improve skin condition and gives it a smoother appearance, Hyaluronic Acid that maintains the moisture and hydration from inside out, Marine Collagen that helps to strengthen the skin and keeps its elasticity, Vitamin C that prevents damaging effects caused by our environment, Vitamin E that plays a large role in fighting the aging process, Organic Plant Extracts that aids in healing and lastly but not least, Organic Moisturizing Oils such as jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil that heals inflamed skin and fight signs of aging.

That's a whole bunch of goodness isn't it? Which also explains its hefty price for a single gloss; RM165 - BUT!~ I would say it is totally worth the purchase and investment for the perfect lips you have always wanted. Especially since it is safe to use and will most definitely give you that plumper lips, effortlessly.

Once I run out of these 3 beauties...I am definitely going to repurchase this! And with this, I conclude my post by encouraging all the ladies and men who love em' thick lips to get their hands on the Lip Addict Voluptuous Lip Plumper as soon as they can.