Beauty Expo 2018 Malaysia Influencers Tour

If you missed the Beauty Expo 2018, I'd highly recommend you to go for the Beauty Expo 2019! You will be drowned by all the beauty-related, from head-to-toe and even covering our beauty-from-within products. I'd dare to say that you'd probably need a full 2-3 days to fully explore all the exhibitions booths.

Even though, I only had less than 5 hours, I was so blessed to be able to not only attend this year's Beauty Expo but also to intimately explore over a dozen Exhibiting Brands with the first ever Influencers Tour launched by Beauty Expo under the collaboration with MadMavericks, the official digital partner.

This was really an amazing experience because I was really pampered with information on the brands' latest products, technology, demos and even generous amounts of full-sized products for us, influencers / beauty bloggers, to try out! (Secretly, counting my blessings to be able to enjoy such privileged.)

Beauty is pretty universal that even I didn't had much of a difficulty understanding some of the presenters who could mainly communicate in Mandarin/Korean. And no, I'm not talking about the locals, these are brand representers from all over Asia.

Fun Fact: Beautyexpo 2018 is also supported by the Oriental Beauty Group, Ginn International (HK) ; the Beauty Brands Certification Platform from Korea, Star Brand Awards Int'l ; and the biz-linking product info management app catTHIS, by the national accelerator of Enterprise Singapore. 

I would have to admit that no one does it better at beauty and business like the Asians do. So, it's really not surprising to see many brands from Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and China participating in this Beauty Expo as it is also a major trade expo in the industry.

Hint: If you'd like to start a beauty business or already have a beauty business, you MUST visit this Beauty Expo! There's way too many beauty products exposed here to be able to reap your own benefits.

I was really blown away by some of the products; especially the beauty electronic products. I have never seen so many beauty gadgets in place like these ever.

Oh! And if you are a fan of facial masks, you should bring the extra cash, just to splurge on all the masks that is available. This is something that I plan (and swore) to do for the Beauty Expo 2019.

Although there were plenty of beauty products that I got to try on that day, for me, the highlight was swatching a simple 'black' lipstick that wasn't even black at all! It's a lipstick that appeared to be black in colour but as you put them on your lips, depending on your skin condition (tone and body temperature), the colour comes off completely differently.

I was so hooked on it, till the brand representer actually took out their only (2) stock and gave it to me (+ another blogger). Yes! Indeed I was a happy child!

I am actually "amazed" at myself for falling completely head over heels for Colour Istguru Queen's Black Rose Discoloration Lipstick when I actually got to explore 14 equally amazing brand booths. (Face palm moment, indeed)

Allow me to casually share with you, 5 of the booths that I got really intrigued by:

#1 Touch Beauty

Remember I mentioned about seeing so many beauty electronic products? Well, I got a good glimpse of what the beauty electronic industry is all about at this particular booth, Touch Beauty. From tools to massage your face, getting rid of eyebags, pore cleansing and skin tightening, this could be your one-stop brand if you are planning to open up a beauty spa or even just to pamper yourself with a home beauty spa.

#2 Skinphy

Skinphy was the facial mask brand that almost "got" me into buying all their masks. Yes! I am a sucker for facial masks but thankfully my purse didn't allow me to go bonkers. Not only did the masks looked super cool but it was also packed with ingredients that were created by skin care specialists with more than 25 years of experience. 


Besides having a wide range of makeup products; foundation, powder, primer, lipstick and etc, they also have extremely gorgeous product packaging and designs that will blow up fireworks in any unicorn-lover's stomach. Everything at their booth was just glittering with awesomeness.

#4 Domo Hair

It was really amazing to see men and women gaining confidence when their hair-fall problems were fixed with a simple solution; stick on hair pieces. And this isn't like any other stick-on hair piece, Domo Hair gives you the opportunity to experience life like no other. You can swim, bungee jump, do a flip, exercise and even dance without worrying that your new hair piece will drop off!

#5 Re Birth Nail Paradise

At the end of our tour, we were given a chance to makeover our nails. Even though, I couldn't do it due to restriction of time, everyone else in the Influencer Tour got a chance to try on different styles of nail art. And looking at how satisfied everyone were, I don't see why you should not try their products and services either. From what I know is that they have an outlet at SS2, maybe you could try them at there.

This is basically only a glimpse of what can you gain from the pioneer and longest beauty trade show in Southeast Asia, Beauty Expo. Hence why, I rest my case with a full on encouragement for those who are in the beauty industry, be it for a personal or business purpose, to keep your eyes locked on Beauty Expo 2019!

Hope to see you there!

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