Introducing Mary Kay TimeWise; The Possible Key For Anti-Aging

The word "anti-aging" has been Googled and researched on by many netizens, these days, regardless of gender and age. Both, ladies and men over the age of 30's are looking for ways to "physically" turn back time while girls and boys at the age of early 20's are seeking for opportunities to maintain their youthful look.

And just because of that sole fact, I'd like to introduce you to the new possible key for anti-aging; Mary Kay TimeWise. I have only have tried it a few times but there are many who claims that this Mary Kay TimeWise collection is the closest deal to finding the Fountain of Youth.

I will attach a few reviews and raves about this anti-aging lineup at the end of this post, to make it easier for you.

Just for your information, this Mary Kay TimeWise collection has a good range of products that caters for your specific skin type; so you need not worry about drying up your skin even more or making your skin more oily or even messing up your skin's chemical balance.

I specifically got to try these 5 products from the Mary Kay TimeWise collection; Age Minimize 3D 4-in-1 Cleanser, Moisture Renewing Softener, Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, Age Minimize 3D Night Cream and Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream.

If you are wondering what is the 3D all about, here's a good place to start understanding about Mary Kay's Miracle Set 3D. The "3D" basically stands for defends, delays and delivers to help you look younger.

After years of researching and conducting tests on more than 200 consumers; Mary Kay came up with an antioxidant powerhouse that features exclusive technology to protect your skin against environmental factors that causes premature skin aging.

Best part? The whole Mary Kay TimeWise collection has these 3 key ingredients in them;

1. Encapsulated Resveratrol that provides TRIPLE antioxidant benefits, that not only promotes better skin complexion but also supports your skin's natural collagen.

2. Vitamin B3, the double-duty superhero in creating a brighter complexion.

3. An age-defying peptide that supports collagen and elastin for a more youthful look!

So, what's it like to use this much raved about anti-aging collection? Allow me to share with you, my first impressions of the products; but before that I am just going to throw it out there and tell you that I am completely digging how beautiful and minimal the packaging are for this set!

1. Mary Kay TimeWise Age Minimize 3D 4-in-1 Cleanser

What got me really liking this cleanser is its perfumy-floral scent and satin-like foam texture. The beads that help to exfoliate the dead skin doesn't immediately diminish, hence allowing yourself to properly and thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your face and neck; but don't worry the beads did not felt like it was causing any harm to the skin. Also, it did not leave my skin feeling dried out with all the cleansing.

This cleanser works four ways; as a makeup remover, cleanser, exfoliator and as a moisturiser. 

Price: RM115 (127g)

2. Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Softener

There's a very faint minty-scent to this product and probably because of that, my skin feels "woken up" each time I dab the damped cotton pad on my face and neck. Unlike the cleanser, the floral scent is not really prominent and I'd have to admit that it smells more on the chemical-ish side.

You are definitely able to feel the instant difference while dabbing on this moisture renewing softener, as your skin becomes hydrated and supple like a baby's bumbum.

Reminder: It's best to apply upward and outward strokes over the face and throat.

Price: RM93 (147ml)

3. Mary Kay TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

A little goes a long way for this product! A pea-size amount of the cream is enough to cover your whole face and neck; that's how easily it spreads out. Needless to say that the product also easily gets absorbed into your skin, giving it the protection it needs from the sun while leaving your skin oil-free.

The scent of the day cream is strikingly similar to the cleanser, so if you'd like the cleanser, you would automatically fall in love with the day cream as well!

Also, you should take note that the day cream becomes an excellent base for putting on your makeup. It pretty much helps your makeup to stay on longer. (This is something that I have personally noticed)

Price: RM139 (48g)

4. Mary Kay TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Night Cream

Just like the day cream, you'd only need a pea-size amount to fully cover your face and neck. Texture wise, they differ, slightly. I noticed that the night cream has a more fluid texture to it; almost as if it was a cream combined with essential oil - this however does not feel oily even in the slightest bit. The scent of this night cream is way more subtle than the cleanser.

I also love how it feels like I had applied nothing at all to my skin after a few minutes. Meaning that I don't feel like my face is sticky or oily as I head to bed.

Personally, I prefer the night cream over the day cream, any time. Why, you ask? Simply because I prefer more fluid-like creams than heavy-textured creams.

Price: RM139 (48g)

5. Mary Kay TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream

Surprisingly, the eye cream has a different scent to it, more of a "baby-product" scent. The thin applicator definitely makes it easier to apply and gently patting the product under and around the eye is rather effortless, as the product absorb quickly into the skin.

This eye cream also has a more fluid texture; which may feel like you are patting on "thickened" water onto your eye area.

Price: RM135 (14g)

Although the pricing of these products may scare you off at first, I stick by my word that a little amount of the product goes a long way. So you'd probably still be able to use a product for up to 2-3 months. I would like to think that that is a very good investment especially since I can have my radiant skin and forever lock my youthfulness at 21.

Here are some of the reviews and raves that others had voiced out after using the Mary Kay TimeWise collection:

For more details, contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant today 03-77117500 or visit

If any of the Mary Kay TimeWise products has piqued your interest, do give it a try. It's worth your investment. Leave a comment below if you have any feedback or to just simply share with me your thoughts on the products.

Till next time, have a beautiful day ahead!


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