The Harsh Truth About Living Alone / Working From Home

If you aren't living alone or working from home, then you'd probably not be able to relate to this post; rather this post will serve as a fair warning of what will become of you and the challenges that you'll have to face...all by yourself if you are living alone or working from home.

It's only been 4 months since I have moved to my own space both for work and leisure, yet I have encountered uncountable times of people, of whom I know and strangers, assuming and stating that living alone or working from home is EASY.

Often the comments that I get are:

Woah, that's so nice! 
Life must be easy for you now 
Woah! So syok work from home  
Means you are very free la now

Undeniable, there are moments where having your own space has its own blissful moments; like walking around the house naked, leaving all the doors open while pooping or showering, leaving the dishes overnight or even not touching the laundry for a week or two because there aren't anyone to nag at you.

But all that said...I am more than willing to share this piece of vital information; the truth and nothing but the truth, if you are ever planning to stay alone or to have your own work space:

The Harsh Truth About Living Alone

1. Grocery shopping will be a pain; especially if there are plenty of items in your list. Buying the items aren't the problem, getting them bags up/in to your home is the real challenge. Sore arm muscles and swollen fingers due to carrying overweight plastic bags are inevitable.

Solution: Invest in a grocery trolley! Get a fashionable trolley if you are worried about it affecting your style.

2. Feeling lonely is impossible to dodge; even if you have friends coming over often. And it is easy to fall into depression if you don't have a proper 'outlet'.

Solution: Always make sure that whenever you are feeling down or stressed about something, don't keep it all in...let it out! Be it an intimate talk session with a close friend or through a therapeutic hobby like arts or yoga. Remember, you are never alone!

3. Easily overwhelmed. Many times when you live alone, digesting all the bills, commitments, responsibilities, workload, and personal struggles can be way too much for one person to handle.

Solution: Creating multiple lists; helps a lot! Work your way up slowly and as organized as you can. If you need multiple notebooks / calendars / memos to keep track of every single little detail; then just do that. Don't stress yourself out by thinking "Dammit! Now there's more things" instead think of it in a positive light that now you know exactly what you have to get done and when to do it. So there aren't any 'surprise attacks'.

4. Laundry on a budget. You are extremely lucky to have a washing machine at home; otherwise, Laundry Day is just another hell day - more so if you have just ran out of clothes and undergarments to wear. When you live alone, as soon as you get back from your tiring job, getting your hands to do the laundry seems like an impossible task, especially when the bed or sofa seems like the best place to be at. Of course, clothes (used and unwashed) are reusable with a little help of Febreeze or even your favourite perfume - no one will know. (Shhh! It's most stay-alone-person's secret) But there's no way to go around it, if you have no more undergarments to use...hence the dreadful moments of washing them, even when your body is already aching all over.

Solution: Invest in a washing machine! Or you may want make it a point to pay a weekly visit to the nearest 24-hour laundrette.

5. Feeding yourself is a whole other task on its own. If you can cook or love to cook a lot, great! Good for you! If you are like me, lazy to step foot into the kitchen, feeding your body can be quite the dreadful experience. I'll be honest, the kitchen is the least used space in my home. Just the mere thought of cooking can be tiring and calling delivery may not always be a great solution; if you are on a tight budget. So, the next best thing is to walk down to the nearest convenient store and get some bread or instant noodles. I understand it is super convenient but also super unhealthy!

Solution: Step 1 - Stop being lazy! Step 2 - Meal preps are a good and healthy way to go about it. Spend an hour or two to prepare your meals for the whole week, then you'd not need to think about skipping a meal or worry about overspending.

The Harsh Truth About Working From Home

1. Getting any work done is almost impossible if there isn't any self-discipline. Period! And they say you have it easy...pffft!

Solution: Spend some time (the night before) to prepare a list of things that needs to get done. Best to add a certain kind of 'reward' if you manage to accomplish all that's in your list; like eating a bar of chocolate or anything that would be able to motivate you to get more things done the next day.

2. You are never not at work. Let's face it, when your office is your home, you are basically 24-hours at work. There's no break; because frankly speaking, no one keeps track of the time. Lunch has just become your tea time or even "better", your dinner is your only meal for the day.

Solution: Set multiple alarms on your phone to remind you of your meals and other activities like exercising or just taking a breather.

3. Saying goodbye to your social life has become way too easy. You'd end up constantly feeling like you don't have enough hours to get all of your work done. This is especially true for entrepreneurs. Eventually, catching up with friends and family members seems like they aren't at the top of your priority list, just because there's so much more work that needs to be done.

Get this right, please! It doesn't (mainly) benefit your close ones if you meet up with them, it is more of benefiting yourself; why so? Because keeping a close contact with another human is actually a natural way to relief stress. 

Solution: No matter what are your life goals that is materialistic; none of them should come close to your priorities over your loved ones. Always make it a point to spend even an hour a day or a day in a week with someone that is close to you or even just to meet someone new. Remember...human contact is necessary!

These are a few harsh truths about living alone and working from home that I have noticed and experienced over the course of only 4 months. I am pretty sure there are more to come, so be assured that this list will be expanding over time.

If you can relate to this article, please let me know in the comment section below. And if I have missed out or there are things that I should prepare myself with, please state them as well! Till the next update, see you!

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  1. Awesome post don't feel lonely babe hugsss

    1. Hehehhe thanks babe... No worries that was in the beginning... Now I got many human contact..