Thailand's Newest Anjeri Facial Mask Is A Must Have

If you are looking for an instant solution; brightening, minimizing pores and moisturizing beauty product, then the Anjeri Facial Mask is a must have!

I was luckily enough to get my hands on them as soon as they were launched in Malaysia during mid December 2018. Originating from Thailand, this mask stands out from the rest of the masks in the market simply because Anjeri Facial Masks are made of 100% natural silk which was fabricated to match in terms of composition and structure to our skin.

There are 4 products in this Anjeri Facial Mask line that you too can get your hands on;

1. Moisturizing and Brightening
Anjeri Silver Silk Mask
Anjeri Silver Sleeping Mask

2. Anti-Aging and Brightening
Anjeri Gold Silk Mask
Anjeri Gold Sleeping Mask

My instant favourite and eager-to-try on was the Anjeri Gold Silk Mask; and I must say that I am pleasantly amazed by the immediate results, that's really hard to go by unnoticed!

Well, with the second key ingredient in the Anjeri Gold Silk Mask which is the 24k gold, I just couldn't resist putting on some "bling" on my skin.

Just take a look at that difference!
  • Pores have visibly shrunk
  • Skin is glowing in radiance
  • Almost completely got rid of my red and uneven skin tone
  • Bouncy and moisturized skin
  • Best part? I look like I went for a legit facial spa!
And this is all from just a 20-minute facial mask routine...heck, I even got to finish reading a graphic novel!

I am seriously excited to try the rest of the products in this line and you could probably tell by now that I am highly anticipating even greater results from the Anjeri Gold Sleeping Mask. Pssst...I will definitely keep updating this post till I have finished trying out all 4 products.

You too, can get your very own 10 sheets of Anjeri Facial Masks for the price of RM89.00 (Anjeri Gold Silk Mask) and RM86.00 (Anjeri Silver Silk Mask).

If you prefer sleeping masks, then you can get yourselves 16 capsules of the Anjeri Gold and/or Silver Sleeping masks for the price of RM89.00 and RM86.00 respectively.

You can place your orders at

Or keep yourself updated through their social media accounts:

Happy glowing with Anjeri Facial Masks!

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