De-stress and Refresh With W.Lab Coffee Spa Body Scrub

If you can't get enough of the smell of coffee then by all means, please get yourself a tube of W.Lab Coffee Spa Body Scrub!

Let me get things straight first...I, for one, dislike coffee - at least the taste of it. I am not a fan of the bitter taste that lingers in a cup of coffee. I pretty much dislike or hate anything that is bitter. So, falling in love with this coffee body scrub is a huge deal for me.

Of course, I did not taste it, but I found out through my first time using the scrub that I easily de-stress with the scent of coffee. Which explains why, despite not drinking coffee...whenever I step foot into Starbucks I would always (unconsciously) take in deep breaths and enjoy the fragrance of the whole outlet.

I actually bought this W.Lab Coffee Spa Body Scrub last year during my birthday celebration with Althea, but only recently started using it. What made me use it after leaving it to sleep in the box for almost half a year? My piled up stress.

The stress was getting really hard to handle, especially when my body started to stiffen up a lot; my left side of the back body would also be swollen at times, making it really hard to sit back or lay down.

So, last week, I treated myself to a home-spa simply because I felt like I shouldn't be spending money on the luxuries of life; which is a visit to the spa centre. I, pratically, dug out all my beauty products to know what I had. And that's when I found the "lost treasure".

I told myself, "I am going to give myself a good coffee scrub and then pamper my skin even more a calming moisturizer and at the end, put on a soothing face mask while reading my favourite book."

And that's what exactly I did, except I could skip one step which was to moisturize my skin because the W.Lab Coffee Spa Body Scrub did the scrubbing, whitening, moisturizing and soothing.

After all that scrubbing and washing off the residue, my skin felt hydrated, smooth and it smelled amazing! For a good 5 minutes, I was doing absolutely nothing but smelling my own palms.

My body was no longer tensed up, my mood was uplifted and from out of nowhere I gained back my motivation and drive to work on all my projects smoothly, the very next day.

I swear, if you'd ever need something to de-stress your mind, body and emotions, give yourself a good body scrub with this W.Lab Coffee Spa Body Scrub and you will feel amazing right after.

For a 250g tube, you will only have to fork out RM54.00. I know some might say that it is expensive, I would say it is totally worth every cent that you are paying for.

Let me leave a link here: ALTHEA W.LAB COFFEE SPA BODY SCRUB to make your purchase easier.

As much as this post may sound like an exaggeration to some of you, you'd really need to be in my shoes or at least in my partner's shoes, to know how much my stress was bugging me and affecting my productivity on everything - for two weeks straight.

All there's left to say is that, you'd have to try it for yourself to know how soothing and rejuvenating this body scrub can be. Happy de-stressing!

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