Places To Eat: Nathan's Famous (Paradigm Mall)

It's been a long time since I have posted anything yummy and I thought it would be great to kick off 2019's food posts with Nathan's Famous; just so that you can also enjoy the cheesy goodness!

I actually got a chance to try out Nathan's Famous at Paradigm Mall thanks to my other half's craving for some hotdogs; prior ahead of that, I had already been eyeing on this restaurant but never made any action to chow down on their yummy food.

So finally, on 3rd of December 2018, we both made the decision to try them out...and I am absolutely one of their happy customers. I was hungry at that moment, but my eyes and mouth were salivating for their Famous Fries; Crispy Beef & Cheese.

What a sight of a glorious anti-diet meal, right?!

I liked everything about it; it's salty and flavourful beef crisps to the rich and creamy cheese pour and even to the smoking hot fries (which actually had a smooth texture to it).

After that meal, I decided that whenever I am craving for cheese or fries, I should just visit Nathan's Famous. Cravings settled!

For my other half, he liked his hotdog too...and he is a big fan of hotdogs to begin with. Getting his approval for a meal is like a huge deal in my eyes. (Probably, that's the reason why I am afraid to serve him any of my own cooked meals)

The prices for their dishes, I would say it is pretty decent. Their pricing ranges from RM7.50 - RM17.00...not too bad right?

Do give them a try if you like hotdogs, fries, burgers and most importantly cheese. I highly doubt you can go wrong with them.

Let me know if you had try them out before or planning to try them out after this, in the comment section below!
Happy cheese-ing!

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