HAND.DECO : Christmas Specials

Hello there!

I am pretty sure you are still not over the Christmas celebration, don't worry, you aren't the only one...I am feeling it too! Of course, I also can't be the only one dreading the thought of having to go to work again...Ughh!

But life must go on, right? Let's try to make our work space more enjoyable this time around, okay?

If you were wondering where did I disappear to, over the last 3 weeks of 2018, then the answer would be that I was preparing all the Christmas gifts for my dearest family. (And of course, I was preparing my costume for Comic Fiesta 2018 too)

Last year, I told myself to make Christmas a little bit more special by giving out handmade home decorations for some of the family members and I am proud to say that, I nailed it! Well, at least that's the impression that I got after seeing everyone's reaction.

One of the Christmas gifts in particular, put me in tears (literally) as I could feel how much my painting was appreciated and how much it actually touched my cousin brother's feelings.

Allow me to just share with you, all the paintings that I made for this Christmas Specials;

This was the portrait that touched my cousin brother so much.

The Copper River

Geode Series (Burnt Umber)

Violet-Blue Ocean

Also, to kick off the positive vibes for 2019, I actually opened up a new gallery a.k.a a new Instagram account dedicated for Hand.Deco (a child-product of Hand.Over and a sibling to Hand.BakeKL).

If you'd like to follow up on all the artistic projects from me or to order any of the similar paintings or even if you have a special request, please don't be shy to follow and send me an email through that account.

That's it for now, do let me know how'd you like the paintings in the comment box below. Do you have a favourite? Or would you like to request a portrait painting for your fur kid? Let me know, alright!

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