Top 7 Highly Recommended Beauty Solutions of 2019

Hi there, curious one!

If you came here looking for beauty solutions that really work wonders, congratulations! You might have just hit the jackpot! These are my highly recommended beauty products that helped me to solve 7 of my beauty problems.

Yes, I have plenty but I am sure there are others who have more issues to deal with than me. So I am not only counting my blessings for finally finding the solution but also for not having a mountain of beauty problems to deal with.

I will be sharing with you the beauty solutions for the problems that I face and at the end of each (some) solution I will attach a link of my thorough review of the mentioned products.

So here it goes...

#1 Beauty Solution for Dry, Cracking and Thin Lips

This was like the ultimate beauty product of the year 2018 (for me). I was really stoked to have been introduced to this brand and their line of lip plumping glosses. At first, I thought it was probably just the first-time-effect of using a beauty product....but NOPE! I was wrong! As I continued to use Lip Addict's voluptuous lip plumper, my lips condition not only improved but by the end of the first week I had the iconic sexy vixen lips!

#2 Beauty Solution for Dull and Uneven Skin Tone

No joke here ladies, many have purchased the Hakubi White C Series after reading my review and seeing the significant change for themselves. And I must tell you that I wasn't even hardworking enough to take the pills and apply the gel diligently everyday, for 10 days straight. But the results was still amazing!

#3 Beauty Solution for Oily Skin

Everyone is afraid of "melting" down especially on a sunny day or even on a highly active day. Luckily, I have just found the solution to stop myself from looking like I am about to fry "Goreng Pisang" with my face! I said goodbye to my oily skin the moment I discovered Althea's latest beauty product which was Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway.

Now, I am not even afraid of stepping out of my home and into the hot spots of Malaysia. I actually experimented using this Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway during the previous Comic Fiesta 2018 (severe conditions of hot and humid combined), and I was shocked that there was barely any oil on my face.

#4 Beauty Solution for Enhancing Skin Condition and Getting Rid of Pesky Pores

This was really a gamble as it was a heavy beauty investment. But the AgeLOC Lumispa was all worth it when I saw the rapid change of my skin condition within a mere 3-weeks of product usage. My skin became more bouncy, brighter and even the large pores shrunk! It's no wonder why a few of my friends who also use the ageLOC Lumispa can walk out of their homes without any makeup on and still look amazing.

My skin used to be very sensitive and hazardously dry as I wrongly diagnosed my skin condition for years. I honestly thought I had an oily skin but it turns out that of the matter of fact, I actually had DRY skin! Want to know how severe my skin condition was? Well, in a skin test I only scored 29/100 for hydration and 26/100 for elasticity. Basically anything below 50 is already bad. So just imagine the previous state of my skin condition.

#5 Beauty Solution for Whiter Teeth -  Confident Smile

Despite the many compliments that I've received for the way I smile...I am still very much afraid of showing my teeth without any filter on. One, I have disarranged teeth. Two, I have yellow-stained teeth. Yeap, both really unpleasant to look at...but I don't have the money to splurge on getting braces done at the moment, so here I am solving what can be solved; which is the yellow teeth.

Also, the same time as discovering more on the Lumispa, I found my shining knight in armor...the NuSkin AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste! This worked wonders on my teeth, my smile and most importantly my confidence (to smile).

I have more than 5 stocks of NuSkin AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste for sale, if you'd like to give it a try, drop me an email at

#6 Beauty Solution for Scalp Treatment

Over the years, because I have bleached and dyed my hair so much, my scalp had to face the consequences. It became very dry and flaky. Thank you, everyone from Google, you guys saved me and my hair; I basically did a little Google-ing and found a list of shampoos that helps to balance back the chemical composition of your scalp making it dandruff free and oil free. And one of the products that were listed was my saviour, The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo.

I could go on for 2 days without washing my hair and still not having to deal with an oily and dandruff-filled hair.

#7 Beauty Solution for Dry and Damaged Hair

The last beauty solution is tied up with #6 as they are both the result of "hair abuse" from over the years. And this product, I only discovered it's capability to solve my hair problem, when I randomly decided to give it a try as I was walking through the shampoo and conditioner aisle at Watsons. I have tried using both the shampoo and conditioner, however, only one worked; which is the Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner.

I avoid applying the Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner at my scalp area as the ingredients and purpose kind of clashes with the Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo. But I do apply a generous amount of conditioner towards the mid and ends of my hair. Gone are the days where I would have to deal with frizzy hair.

So there you have it! My Top 7 Highly Recommended Beauty Solutions for 2018/2019. I genuinely hope that these products works efficiently for you as it did for me. Do share with me, your experience of trying and using these products or even if it just a product that you'd like to try in the comment box below.

Happy trying, beautiful ladies!

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