Travel Smart . Travel Safe with Travellers' Rescue Kit

Avid travellers says that this is the must-have travel item all year round! And I personally agree with them. Even though I haven't been travelling, I still have a pretty active (or rather I would say...hectic) lifestyle.

I was introduced to this travel rescue kit by the founders themselves; a Datuk and a Doctor. At first, I was skeptical about the efficiency of having this travel kit with me, but as February came along, I was sinking beneath the water, with all the workload that I had to deal with.

Never have I ever experienced headache before, but I am really thankful and lucky to have the travel rescue kit with me at that time. Within few minutes, my headache was gone. Damn, how do you people even stand headache? First time, experiencing it...and I kid you not, I was so agitated when I had the headache that I started 'pissing' at everyone that I came in contact with.

Oh! I should also share with you the time when the stress shot up. Do note that my body reacts very oddly whenever I am having stress; this includes from sudden tummy bloating to endless trips to the toilet. So, the other day, I was dealing with massive tummy upset due to my stress, and at this point I was hopping from one toilet to another at Publika.

Thankfully and luckily, once again, I had the travel rescue kit with me, I just popped a pill of Loperamide HCl 2mg which treats diarrhea and bloating, and within minutes the suffering ended. Initially, it was silly of me, for forgetting that I actually had the travel kit with me, in my handbag the whole time. But senses kicked in and I was saved.

By now, I'm sure you are wondering what sort of medications does this travel rescue kit carry, right? Well, allow me to break it down to you;

4nos of Paracetamol 500mg - treats headache and fever
4nos of Cetirizine HCl 10mg - treats allergy and cold
4nos of Loperamide HCl 2mg - treats diarrhea and bloating
4nos of Prochlorperazine Maleate 5mg - treats nausea, vomiting and dizziness
4nos of Aluminium Hydroxide / Magnesium Trisilicate 250mg, Simethicone 30mg - treats heartburn and stomach upset
2nos of Oral Rehydration Salts 5.145g - treats dehydration

And all these ailments are way too commonly experienced even on a daily basis, regardless of the fact of whether you are actually travelling or not. Hence, why I agree and believe in those avid travellers who vouch that this travel rescue kit is a game changer.

Best part? This travel kit only costs RM24.90! Yeap! It's that cheap.

If you too think that the travel rescue kit will be of use for you; be it in your daily life or for you future travels, then I'd suggest that you head on over to Travellers Rescue Kit to make your order.

Oh! Before I forget, I also heard that the Travellers Rescue Kit is open for people who want to earn a little side income, as they are looking for drop shippers. You can send them an email at to inquire more details.


  1. Travel kit ni memang perlu ada kalau nak travel sebab kita tak tahu mana la tahu tetiba perut tak sedap then kena la makan ubat untuk melegakan. Kalau nak beli ubat kat tempat yang kita lawat tu kos lagi. Baik la bersedia dari awal kan?. Harga pun mampu milik Rescue Kit ni.

  2. travel first aid and kit ni bagus untuk diorang yg selalu pergi travel.. Benda ni mmg kena selalu ada kalau pergi ke mana2.. And i pun ada ada travel first aid ni tp jenama lain . Contohnya kalau i ada flight ke ada masalah macam mabuk ke atau sakit..boleh la guna time kecemasan ... Sebab kita kena kena selalu bersedia pd bila2 masa...

  3. wow. inisiatif terbaik ni. me myself ada kit khas utk perubatan dlm kereta & dlm rumah.
    basic saje la utk anak2.
    kita tak tahu kan bila dan mana masalah tu akan dtg.
    this kind of kit is very very good and recommended! perlu diperluaskan penjualannya.

  4. Kena ada la kit emergency macam ni dan perperlu di jual ni mana-mana drug store, senang orang nak beli utk travel kan..x kisah travel dalam atau luar negara..benda macam ni sangat penting

  5. wow the TRAVELLERS' RESCUE KIT looks so cute and easy to bring around. the price is really affordable. time to check it out myself hehe

  6. i need this!! very travel friendly sesuai dengan namanya. dah tak perlu beli banyak2 then makan ruang. cukup ada ni je sebagai peneman. bagus!

  7. Bagus artikel ni. Yes actually travel kit ni memang sangat penting dan perlu ketika travel

  8. Wah,menarik yer ada travel kit first aids ni. Sangat2 bagus untuk letak dalam handbeg ketika pergi travel dekat ke jauh. Waktu emergency tak sihat, boleh trus makan ubat tak payah susah2 cari farmasi.

  9. This travel kit will be really useful especially in times of emergency. Besides it looks really durable and pocket-able. :)

  10. Wahh bagus ada travel kit ni, tak perlu nak beli satu-satu ubat..semua dah ada dalam satu box. Masa sis pergi india baru2 ni..memang kebanyakkan ubat yang ada dlm travel kit ni berguna ketika disana. Dengan masalah sakit perut, pening kepala, nak muntah semua ada. Kalau sis tahu awal sis dah beli travel kit ni

  11. Hehehe comelnya bekas camtu. Akak ada beli kat Daiso bag zip transparent. Semua akak masuk. Koyok, panadol, panadol actifast, panadol menstrual, minyak angin kecik, dan segala vitamin. Hehehe. Nak travel ni kena bijak. Tambahan kalau jenis mudah food poisoning dan demam. Memang kena bawa bekalan ubat. hehe.

  12. I think rescue kit is a must thing to bring when you go for travel. Must standby with the medicine that you need most or urgently

  13. Penting ni ada rescue kit ni. Tapi ramai orang tak ambil berat tentang benda ni kalau nak travel. Btw good sharing. Nanti boleh p cari.

  14. Sebolehnya, setiap orang wajib ada travel kit macam ni kan. Yela, nak berlaku apa apa kita tak jangka. Jadi nak selamat sediakan dari awal. Mudah. Kat mana boleh didapati ya?

  15. This is so cool. It ease your journey when down with fever flu or anything. I do bring PCM when travelling but well, just take when I want to. This kit is even more complete and comes with prescriptions some more. Nice!

  16. Wow its so cool. Pergi mana mana memang kita kena ada travel aid kit ni sebab kitabtau malang tidak berbau .Mana tahu kita travel sana sini kita terluka dan sakit so travel aid kit ni ada mudahkan kita

  17. Looks cool! The traveler rescue kit that states the drug name, usage for what condition and dosage! Must beware of the expiry date of the travel medicine too!

  18. Wahhh this one is so nice. This is a must have item for me because i easily get headache, migraine, etc. So normally i will bring so many kind of medicines when travel. This one is more convenient i guess

  19. Omg I love the cute small box . Yes we need those medicine when we travel . I should have one in my bag.

  20. Yes!!! definitely need it for my India trip next week. Now busy packing.


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