Beauty Review: Althea Makeup Collection

Before I begin introducing and going in depth of the latest Althea Makeup Collection, kindly choose a side, Sunrise or Moonrise makeup, and leave your choice and thoughts in the comment section below.

So, here I am yet again amazed by Althea's progress in conquering the beauty industry! On top of releasing skincare solutions, Althea has made its way up in the makeup section as well; with their latest collection which includes, 4 different shades of concealer, 4 different shades of lip cream tint, 2 spotlight eye glitters and an eyeshadow palette that consists of 8 highly pigmented colours.

Using the Althea's eyeshadow palette's name, Sunrise & Moonrise, I have created two different looks using all of Althea's makeup collection, which also includes the Petal Velvet Powder #23 Warm Beige and the Petal Velvet Sunaway as the base for my makeup.

Here's a short clip of how I used all of these items to create my Sunrise & Moonrise look.

Now, let's break it down to individual products on their application, pricing and my personal thoughts about them.

#1 Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer

It comes in 4 different shades; Vanilla, Ginger, Honey and Mocha. Each costs RM15 only for a 6gm tube!

This is probably one of the smoothest concealers that I have ever come across with. Best part, it isn't patchy! And I tend to use it both for concealing blemishes and as highlighters [a.k.a for face contouring].

Well, just so you know, I have tried like 5 concealer brands before and most of them didn't really leave a good impression for me, hence why, I stay away from even buying or having any concealer. I'd just stick to my foundation. But I guess that's about to change now, right?

But but but, I do think this line of concealer is mainly made for Asians; like fair to tanned skins. Allow me to explain why, I find that the shades are more on the lighter side, so probably even if a person who has tanner or darker skin tone than mine, would probably not be able to pull off the concealer as well as it will on my skin tone.

FYI, I am using the Honey shade for my skin and occasionally, I use Mocha to contour.

#2 Althea Watercolor Cream Tint

These babies also comes in 4 different shades; #1 Plum Cream, #2 Strawberry Cream, #3 Peach Cream and #4 Marron Cream.

I kid you not with its tinting effect! These babies lasts for a whole day long! Doesn't matter if you are eating oily-greasy food...the tint doesn't get off your lips as easy as you think it will. Yes it gradually fades, but it doesn't completely go away.

When I was done swatching these amazing vibrant colours on the back of my hand, the colours just simply refuse to come out [completely] even after using a cleanser with some force, may I add.

If you look closely at the next picture [spotlight eye glitter swatch, you can see the faded tint on the back of my hand]

And you know what? Each tint only costs RM20! So, even if you plan to get all 4 colours, you'd still probably be spending way lesser than getting lip tints from 3CE, Peripera, Etude House, Sephora and etc.

#3 Althea Spotlight Eye Glitters

If you love sparkles, then this eye glitters is a must-have in your makeup collection. There's two colours that you can choose from; #1 Gold Light and #2 Pink Light.

For me, I can't pick a favourite so I'm just going to have to buy both again when it runs out.

Usually, adding glitters near the tear duct adds on a little more definition and glow to your eyes. But you can always play around by using them as an eyeliner too or even as a highlighter. 

Each of these 4.5ml tubes costs RM24. Is it worth the price? For me, I think it does, simply because I won't be using it much, at least not on a daily basis, but more for special occasions. So these two bottles of Althea Spotlight Eye Glitters would last very long for me. And hey, the glitters are damn vibrant why not get it for some shimmering delight, right?

#4 BCL x Althea Sunrise Moonrise Eye Palette

Looking for a highly pigmented and zero-fall-out eyeshadow palette? This is your answer right here, of course, it would be great if they had more colours on their palette or is in the planning of producing more colours; because frankly speaking 8 colours ain't enough when you are this good of an eyeshadow.

The colours are definitely wearable for day and night occasions, you just got to be playful enough to mix them together. And don't worry of the need of using too much of the product for it to ''show" itself. A single swatch across your eyelids is all you need.

Trust me, you will fall in love head over heels with this Sunrise & Moonrise Eye Palette. Eyeshadows are never exactly cheap, because when it is cheap that's when you'd have to battle with a lot of fall-outs and no one has that much of time on their hands to keep wiping off the "mistakes". So, I do understand why Althea would price this amazing eyeshadow palette at RM140.

However, if you are quick enough, they are offering 30% discount for the limited eye palette. Just use their BCL30 code when making your purchase.

P.S: If you are wondering what or who is BCL, then you should go and Google up "Bunga Citra Lestari".

There you have it, my full insight of Althea's latest makeup collection. What do you think about this? Would you go on a shopping spree for them or would you rather not? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. Alaaaaalalala.. so cute la yana ni.. cantik makeup tu.. TB pun suka dengan Althea Makeup Box ni.. nampak elegan je siapa-siapa yang makeup guna Makeup item dari Althea ni.. Yana Makeup lagi la lawaaa..

  2. Cantik la Yana mekap macam ni...akak just basic mekap jer guna mekap Althea ni..tak pandai sangat nak mix and match,nanti nak main conteng2 muka lagi laaa

  3. Love both looks, but if I were to choose, I'd go with Sunrise. Hehe. Best la pandai mekap. Boleh main2 color for all different looks

  4. cantik semua warna warnanya. sesuai untuk gaya yg simple dan menarik. anyways, u tak great photos.

  5. Cantiklah dua2 mekap Yana. Fav moonrise tu nampak macam anime sangat!

  6. Althea again. hehehe. I fall in love with Althea products already. I have seen many people wear and review. The colour is neutral and i will buy Althea product for my future wife.hehehe

  7. yupp, still can see the lip tint. i guess it needs double cleansing to get rid all the color. but anyway, the color range is very nice. look good on you. well, red lipstick is sexy anyway.

  8. Banyak juga rangkaian koleksi makeup dari Althea ni ya. Semua nampak bagus bagus tu. No wonder la ramai yg guna.

  9. Wow eyeshadow dia cantik. Tapi tak reti nak pakai. Tengok yana buat tu nampak senang dan terus lekat warna dia. Bestnya!!!

  10. Yana mmg pandai mekap lah! Cantik.

  11. Cantiknya Yana make up..dua2 versi cantik..terbaik laa Athea product

  12. I suka dengan koleksi althea makeup ni.. Concealer dia leh thn full coverage juga malah tidak mengeringkan pon.. Althea sentiasa mengeluarkan produk yg org senang & suka utk gunakannya..

  13. I suka semua new makeup range ffrom Althea ni, memang best gila dan puas hati. I pun ada review gak berkenaan makeup from althea ni, jemput la komen jugak :D

  14. Sukala make up dia. Sangat cantek. Warna lipstik althea semua menarikla.. ramai yg dah review mmg sy pujii semua tertor make up

  15. Honestly so far you make up is the most mind-blowing ones I have come across, it is really unique and special. :)

  16. pandainya yana apply mekap..suka tengok ....mesti kena ada perbezaan kan antara mekap siang dan malam , akak pun sedang membeli sedikit2 barang mekap lepas tengok tutorial dari yana

  17. Love your makeup idea! Looks great on you! Mouse mommy also loves the Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter , gold light and pink light. Can put under the eyelid and as makeup art too! Love the bright glitter colour!

  18. Love your makeup idea! Looks great on you! Mouse mommy also loves the Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter , gold light and pink light. Can put under the eyelid and as makeup art too! Love the bright glitter colour!

  19. Cantik la yana make up..
    Akak memang suka gila nengok nya... Yana ada bakat besar dalam make up ni