Loving My Short Hairstyle

I'm not sure whether it was the build up of stress or the intense heat that Malaysians are suffering from now or it was just a spur of the moment decision to cut my hair short; but I definitely am loving my new short hairstyle.

Actually, two months back I had already cut my hair short a day after my partner showed me a picture of Japanese model, Hikari Mori rocking her bold short hairstyle. Even though I did not follow her hairstyle exactly, I just felt like I could change up my look by cutting my hair.

Then came 3 days back, when I just had the 'determination' in me to actually trim my hair even more shorter; hence the look that I have now.

In comparison to the previous hairstyle, I am actually loving this short hairstyle even more. The only thing that is bugging me is the part where I got my fringe chopped, and the person did it too short, so much so that I have to spray my hair to the side nowadays or sometimes I'd follow the fashion trend by clipping on several hair clips to secure my fringe to the side.

Besides the fringe, I am really digging the new look. Are you liking my new look too?

Don't worry if you have a different opinion about it. I have encountered a few people/followers who messaged me demanding me to "undo" it. If they are not demanding they are probably complaining asking me why did I do such a thing. According to them, "You look so beautiful with long hair, now look so ugly". [Well, not in that exact words, but that's exactly what they were implying]

I can just laugh out loud at these people. Just because you think I look beautiful with long hair doesn't make me feel beautiful about myself. And only by doing the things that I want to do, makes me feel beautiful and empowering.

Anyways, a day after I re-styled my hair, I got to be vain and spent a good 10 minutes in front of my phone camera and snapped all these pictures. Just sharing, because I felt it will be a waste if I didn't.

Let me know what do you think about this new look. You can drop all your honest opinions below at the comment section. 

Oh! And if by any chance you are looking for the eyelashes that I am wearing, check this post out;  BEAUTY REVIEW: WISPIES EYELASHES


  1. Short hair = younger cuter bold cool looks tho.

    That's the looks that we should get sometimes to get the new vibes. And you do look too young in fact here! (boleh tipu umur untuk dapat student price, hehehe)

  2. Your short hairstyle looks smart! Would you be consider some highlights too? Haha... just my suggestion ya 😊

  3. Cantiknya..dah macam barbie doll akak tengok..sesuai sangat dengan muka adik..tiba2 akak pon teringin nak rambut pendek macam ni

  4. wow you looks like a doll. i guess short hair cut really suitable for you. unfortunately this kind of look doesn't good for me. i tried once, and it looks weird heheh. so now i stick to long hair.

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