Places To Eat: KyoChon 1991 @ One Utama

If you love Korean drama, artists, idols, culture and food, then you should not miss out trying South Korea's famous fried chicken restaurant chain, KyoChon.

I know, I am late as there were a super hype about it when it first opened its outlet(s) in Malaysia, but the crazy long lines always turned me off.

Yeap! Here's the truth, long lines doesn't make me curious and want to try their food. There are, however, many others whom I know that gets triggered (in a good way) with long lines at any restaurants; they'd actually queue up even if it takes them an hour or more.

No can't do that. I am the kind of person that would like to eat in peace, and crowded areas makes me feel suffocated. I'd rather skip the line and find something else to eat.

So, if you are truly into KyoChon, you would have already thought by now, "Then, how/why did I wait to eat at Kyochon; since there's always a long line for it?!"

Well, the answer is simple...

There wasn't any line at One Utama's outlet, although, it was almost full house. Thank our lucky stars that we were 15 minutes ahead of lunch hour. Also, I noticed before, that the KyoChon at Ikano has barely any queue; not sure if they just newly opened and many people don't know that they exist there, or Ikano-neans don't really fancy KyoChon.

Either way, I finally got to try the much raved about South Korean fried chicken. My other half helped me order, since he has already been there a couple of times.

This is what we ordered; 8 Soy Garlic Wingette and Drumette, 8 Red Pepper Wingette and Drumette, 1 Kimchi Fried Rice with Egg, 1 Steamed Rice, 2 Clear Soup, 1 Coke Zero and 1 Coke.

All in all, we paid RM67.30 for that whole set.

Do you want to my favourite out of the whole meal? Trust me, it is something that you would least expect! I know it's going to be weird, but my favourite dish out of the whole bunch is actually the Kimchi Fried Rice. How many of you saw that coming? Leave "I did" at the comment box below.

The rice was so flavourful and rather than having a heavy kimchi taste, it actually tasted more like sambal-fried rice with chunks of kimchi. The burst of heat, sour, salty and occasionally sweet taste really delighted my mouth and tummy.

Next in line, would undoubtedly be the Red Pepper Wingette and Drumette; just because you all know how much I love spicy food. It's actually a very tight race with the Soy Garliv Wingette and Drumette. But spicy food always wins me over.

Both tastes really nice, surely beats the regular fried chicken that we know of. Personally, I prefer these kind of fried chicken, simply because I easily get sick of flour-fried chicken or any meat for that matter.

Now, if only, KyoChon wasn't that pricey, I could probably enjoy this every other day. But since a medium meal upgrade would cost RM40 on its own, I would only be able to go there twice a month.

Don't get me wrong, the price is actually quite relevant to its meal; it's just that I am trying to cut down on expenses as I am trying to save up for a better future. So, if you are trying to do the same, then maybe keep KyoChon as a reward meal for your hard work after every two weeks.

No harm at enjoying and treating yourself to a good meal every once in awhile.

Do let me know if you think that KyoChon is overrated or it is worth the buzz in the comment box below. For me, the answer to that will definitely be worth the buzz to at least try once!

Happy eating!


  1. Alaaaaa...saje jer yana ni tayang ayam goreng Kyochon yang sedap ni...akak dah lama tak makan dekat sini...akak suka ayam goreng dia tapi yang pedas skit..hehehe..nasi goreng kimchi dia ok la..not bad

  2. Terliur pulak tengok hidangan kat sini. Ayam goreng tu nampak sedap sangat..dah lah sis ni suka ayam. Nanti nak pergi lah sana..:)

  3. I never tried kyochon fried chicken before. it looks delicious and the price quite expensive. But it worth to try right?

  4. Try 4 Fingers. Best gak. Kyochon ni selalu je queue panjang kat One U ni. I dulu suka gak makan Kyochon but now many other choice. So I try lain la.

  5. Never try and eat Kyochon chicken. Looks delicious. My sis memang penggemar makanan Korea ni .Memang addicted betul tapi saya kurang sikit. Tenfok orang lain makan nampak sedap dan menyelerakan saja Tapi bila sendiri nak makan teragak agak boleh ke tak masuk kan

  6. I really love kyochon. The fooda there are so good! I already tried similar style chicken at other restaurant but still i will come back to kyochon if i craving for fried chicken.

  7. Wow! It is good for me when reading this entry. I've got a new knowledge about this kimchi set at kyochon. I never try this before. Maybe ine fine day, I will try it by my self.

  8. Better late than never babe. And I agree with you - I would rather forgo the experience than to line up for so long. Hehe. I have tried Kyochon a few times already and I know that they have new recipes now.

  9. i memang nak sgt makan dekat kyochon.. ramai kata sangat sedapfoodsdia dari korean food shop yang ada in KL.. yang i nak cuba sangat is the chicken drummet/wings tu.. tapi ramai sgt org yang beratur..

  10. Omo ! sodapnya menu tu, kalau bab makanan saya memang minat sangat, sebab tu badan saya agak ceria dengan lemak-lemak ^^ opss hehe

  11. Sedap kan ayam dia.. Nad dah rasa dekat sini.. Memg sedapp.. Nanti nak repeat lagi.. Hehehe. .Haritu beli 8 ketul tak cukup.. Hhaha

  12. Been seeing this but yet try. So many good review about this delicious food and make me wanna try so much!!! Best if, I can have it with beers... Lolz

  13. Kyochon is my go-to place when it comes to korean cuisines. I love how tasty the dishes there. Kyochon is probably the best korean food restaurant ever exist in Malaysia. Plus, it is just nearby my home.

  14. My family loves KYOCHON 1991 too. but the ONE UTAMA branch always very crowded. so we always go to the Mont Kiara one hehe

  15. I have tried once eating here. But it was at MyTOWN. Not bad, I love the taste. Kfood is not bad though. I love the spicy one. No need to fly to South Korea now, lots of Korean food on Malaysia nowadays. I love it

  16. I didn't get the chance to eat kyochon yet. Haihhh, i keep on planning to go eat kyochon bu cancelled hahah

  17. Sedapnya.. Kalau la kita boleh rasa menu tu semua. Mesti best kan.
    Walaupun bukanlah fanatik dengan makanan korea ke, tetap rasa tergoda. Hehe

  18. Memang best la their fried chicken sometime i get addicted also. I always go for the spicy ones, the Red Pepper Wingette and Drumette also my favourite.

  19. makin byk korean restaurant yg offer menu ala-ala kyochob bi. Kalau ikutkn harga agak pricey..tapi sekali sekala ok la kan


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