Beauty Review: Beat The Heat With Freeman Gel Mask

Who else is getting tired with this heat wave? Well, if you are not, I definitely am! That's why I have been beating the heat with two of my newly found saviour, Freeman Water Gel Mask and Freeman Cooling Gel Mask.

No joke, ladies and gents, this heat has gotten my skin way much more drier than before. Like without any exaggeration, the moment I get into my car, I can feel the moisture in my skin (face) evaporating away as my skin gets much tighter after just 2 minutes sitting inside the car.

So, for the past two weeks I have been rushing back home just so that I can enjoy a cold shower and relaxing away after applying a refrigerated gel mask on my face and neck.

No specific reason as to why I chose to use this Freeman Gel Mask range, is just that it was a new range of products that were available at the Watsons outlet that I always visit. And since the price is quite affordable, why not just give it a try, right?

Freeman also have their Clay Mask, Peel-Off Pomegranate Mask, Hydrating Gel Cream Mask and a few more other types of mask. Their prices ranges from RM20 right up to RM27.

I actually prefer using the Freeman Hydrating Cactus + Cloudberry Water Gel Mask as it smells really fruity (almost jell-o like) and it really helps to restore the moisture back into my skin. Plus its a leave-on type, which lessens the hassle of me having to wash off the product.

If you like watermelon salad then you would fall in love with the Freeman Soothing Watermelon + Aloe Cooling Gel Mask, because that's exactly how it smells like. Very refreshing indeed.

Both masks does help hydrate my skin but ultimately, I do love how my skin relaxes right after wearing the mask, be it leave-on or the 10-minute mask.

I would highly recommend for you (both girl and guy) to get hold of any one of the Freeman Masks from any Watsons outlet and beat the heat before it gets the best of you.

Happy staying hydrated!


  1. I'm so happy with these gel mask been using it everyday since I got it on my hands.

  2. Whoa the flavour so cool! I need to try watermelon mask. I have bad experience with freeman mask hope nanti try this one okay la with my skin

  3. first time i'm hearing this product. I never try mask before, but maybe i'll try this freeman product in future. btw, done follow your blog :)

  4. Setuju..Mesti wangi mask dari Freeman ni kan. Musim panas ni bukan kulit muka je kering, rambut i gugur pun lebih bnyk dari biasa. So scary! Btw, nampak skin kulit u cantik sangat. Nak try jugalah nanti. Done follow :)

  5. Semalam baru belek2 freeman ni kat guardian.. Hahaha. Nak beli tapi confuse nak pakai yg mana byk sgt. Nnti nk tgok semula la.. Kat drugstore tgh sales rm19.90 dlm mgu ni...

  6. Wahhh, macam best je produk nie. Mesti sejuk je masa apply tu kan. Teringin pulak nak cuba. Semalam ada nampak dekat watson. Harganya boleh tahan murah. Tengah ada offer lagi

  7. Teringin nak cuba mask Freeman ni. Ramai cakap best. Iza belum pernah try lagi. Nanti nak try tengok dekat watson la. Watson selalu buat offer skincare ni.

  8. Mouse mommy loves hydrating skincare too! Cool and soothing to skin... chill!

  9. I've used this product before very recommended.. Done follow your blog :)
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