Beauty Review: NOVU Aesthetics Treatments x Butterfly Tea Party

On 30th March, I had the opportunity to join the Butterfly team for a little tea party while enjoying and receiving NOVU aesthetics treatments. Honestly, I was rather nervous because it has been months since the last I met the other Butterflies and of course, this was my first time getting a series of aesthetic treatments (after an extremely horrible experience of getting a facial treatment years back; which took me 6 months to recover).

Being a member of The Butterfly Project for more than 4 years now, it gave me the boost of confidence to actually give NOVU Aesthetics a try. Dare I say that I became a little more brave since there were other Butterflies around, some who were also trying out facial treatments for the first time.

If you'd like to virtually meet some of the Butterflies that attended this exclusive tea party with NOVU, don't worry, I've prepared their Instagram handles with our selfie moments.

P.S: Their handles are mentioned from left-to-right .

Of course, what's a tea party without a little refreshments, right? The super friendly and accommodating NOVU team prepared these cute little pastries, yummy finger foods and a very refreshing drink.

As each Butterfly took their turn to try out the treatments, some were busy chit chatting away while a few more were constantly snapping pictures and even 'interviewing' each other after they were done with their session.

We were truly blessed as we got to try 3 of their treatments on that day itself; whereby 1 of it was their newest treatment which is the Eye Revital Treatment. In my case, I got to try another one of their treatment which was the Ion Infusion when I visited them for the second time.

On top of that, us Butterflies, were also gifted with 1 Enliven Eye Gel which was worth RM193 and yes it is the same cream that is used in the Eye Revital Treatment. 

If you'd like to know more about all of NOVU Aesthetics Treatments, keep on reading...

NOVU Aesthetics Treatments

Based on the 3 main skin conditions; Colour (uneven skin tone and pigmentation), Consistency (skin roughness, enlarged pores and blemishes) and Contour (loss of skin firmness and wrinkles), the NOVU 360 Solution was invented. 

Once you go through a comfortable 1-to-1 session with the NOVU experts, you will be advised to a combination of different treatments to help eradicate your skin problems.

These are the aesthetic treatments that NOVU provides:

1. Eye Revital Treatment

This is a brand new treatment that was recently launched by NOVU. This treatment that focuses on the usage of energy contouring technology, stimulates collagen and lifts the skin around the eye area.

If you have fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes, saggy eyelids or even dark circles under your eyes, then this treatment will do great for you.

For me, the results were instant! Some of the wrinkled lines near my tear duct had reduced by at least half of what it was before, my eyebrows and the outer corner of my eyes were also lifted. This was quite easy to notice especially since my left eyebrow is usually flat (straight line), however, after the Eye Revital Treatment my left eyebrow became more arched. 

2. P+ Phyto Laser

This is a non-ablative laser treatment; which also means that it is a far less invasive treatment that works by heating up targeted tissue without actually destroying it. This treatment helps to stimulate your own collagen production to fill up unwanted skin imperfections. 

So not only this treatment will promote skin rejuvenation it will also reduce pigmentation and acne making your skin looking more brighter and clearer. Don't worry, although laser treatments may sound scary and the little prickly heat from the laser may make you shiver in fear, this treatment is gentle enough to treat a wide variety of skin types.

Plus! The NOVU experts will always ensure that you are comfortable throughout the whole procedure; even from before you start the treatments right up to after you are done.

3. Radiance Light

Now this is a treatment that will let you feel like a superstar being haunted by scary and obnoxious paparazzis, as the bright flashes will help to stimulate collagen production, kills surface bacteria while preventing acne and pimple formation.

And yes, this treatment also helps to lighten, brighten and even out your skin tone.

I kid you not, I was constantly squeezing both my eyelids together just to make sure I could enter a dark abyss as the 'flashes' were shining light upon my whole life. So, do make sure that you'd close your eyes shut too when you are receiving this treatment.

Note: The P+ Phyto Laser and Radiance Light Treatment is a duo treatment session which costs RM168.

4. Ion Infusion

This treatment I got to try during my second visit, and I can vouch that this is the most calming and cooling treatment in their book. Not only did it improve my skin's hydration but it also instantly calmed my skin making it smooth, supple and much more radiant.

For this treatment, they use their very own NOVU's Iontophorosis to infuse moisture and nutrients deep into the skin. If this treatment could last for a much longer period it would also be the perfect face massage there is in town!

Oh! Wait, I think I did not mention earlier that most of these treatments don't take long and even with a combination of treatments you'd most likely to be done within 15 minutes.

It's almost like Aesthetic Treatments On-The-Go.

5. RF-Fibrotaut

This is the only treatment that I have yet to try; but we were given a little bit of guidance of how this treatment works. Basically, the RF-Fibrotaut uses Radio Frequency technology to promote collagen production to lift and tighten the skin while plumping it from within.

This treatment also helps to expel toxins and improve skin micro-circulation at the same time.

I would probably try this on my next visit to NOVU; but my main focus is to make sure that my skin receives the hydration that it needs because I do have dry skin issues, and the current state of our weather isn't helping to ease my condition either.

Bonus point!

After each session, they would also apply calming cream just in case for those who have slight redness after-effects but more importantly they seal all the benefits of their treatments and protect your skin from the environment by putting on a generous amount of sunblock from one of the NOVU series.

According to Lisha (the second NOVU expert that attended to me), she normally uses this sunblock as her base for makeup as she doesn't even put on foundation and what not. So, I'd safely guess that you could do the same too.

I had the absolute privilege of being taken care of with much care and attentiveness by both NOVU experts, Rachel and Lisha. Both of them made sure that I was always at ease whenever they were doing any of the procedures; be it before, during and even after.

I became really enthusiastic after my first visit, so much so that I actually bought a set of skin care from NOVU under their Active series. Besides the Body Contouring Gel, I went ahead purchased the rest of the four products. It was also highly recommended by Rachel for my dry skin type.

And I have never regretted my investment in it as my skin has remarkably changed over the course of lesser than a month! No joke, I just added these products into my skin care regime and my skin stopped being oily, it is almost never dried out and my skin looks and feels much healthier now.

I am already excited for my next visit - definitely looking forward the next Ion Infusion Treatment. What about you?

If you are equally as excited to try out their treatments and see the instant changes for yourself, then please do make your booking with NOVU Aesthetics at Sunway Pyramid. [inside Parkson]

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  1. Good review, yana...
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  2. I am loving their treatment. Its my 4th visit now. Hopefully can reduce my hyperpigmentation problem.

  3. lelaki boleh cuba tak treatment nie? BBL ingat nak cari klinik boleh cerah sikit muka nie.. dah sunburn asyik expose dengan matahari

  4. Takut kita tengok P+ Phyto Laser tu hehehehe seram juga tapi nak buat macma mana nak cantik kena lah berkorban sikit sebab tengok hasil lepas buat semua rawatan tu nampak jauh berbeza hehehehe ok laki boleh juga kan... tapi kita bukan Butterfly hehehee..

  5. Nampak hasil ya jelas juga ye after treatment. But nak tahu satu je. Laser tu rasa panas tak ye bila kena kulit. Teringin nak laser kan parut jerawat n larut chicken pox ni tapi till now masih teragak agak sebab takut haha

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  7. Bestnya, kita suka buat treatment macam ni. Seronok manjakan diri. Sebelum ni ingatkan buat laser tu sakit. Tak sakitpun. Cuma mcm kena gigit2 semut manja2 je pastu xrasa apa dh kalau dh biasa. So far kita buat treatment laser blackdoll untuk kurangkan minyak dimuka. Ada juga buat led mask. Apatah lagi. Lupa dh mana. Buat di naarabelle face spa. Tapi tengok yang yana post ni cam best juga yang phyto tu. boleh lah try nanti. Godek2 kocek dulu tengok bajet hahha.

  8. bestnya bila dapat buat treatment macam ni...kita akan rasa macam dimanja2 wajah. nampak macam sakit yang laser tu tapi sebebnarnya tidak ya..bolehlah nanti nak datang cuba buat treatment kat sini

  9. I missed this event... I Really would love to try this treatment, seems like Great one

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  15. Wow such a great and fun parties. I also want to try their services, will check it out ya.

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  17. Untung ya dpt try treatment best mcm ni... Akk Teringin gak nk buat treatment mcm ni utk skin akk ni.. Maklum lah dah 30an dah

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