Places To Eat: Hadramawt PJ

If you are looking for simple middle eastern food, then do stop by Hadramawt PJ in Paradigm Mall. I simply love having their beef combo kebab! If I'm not mistaken even on the 5th time, my partner and I had our dinner there, I couldn't stop myself from ordering the same thing over and over again.

The only difference in my order would either be a kebab beef combo or just a normal kebab beef. I am actually not 100% sure on what is the dish's real name, but rest assured that it is yummy.

This is how my favourite meal at Hadramawt looks like;

Everything about it is really good, even the garlic sauce is heavenly! I'd usually take two sauce bowls full of it. A habit that I picked up from my other half.

Last time, when I stayed at Cyberjaya, during my uni days, there was a small stall that sold Arabian Kebabs and it was the bomb. Sometimes, my friends and I would order two each just because it was really yummy too, and it was easy to fill the tummy while being extremely affordable.

I really missed those days, and after Paradigm Mall upgraded their Lower Ground Floor into a food heaven, I don't have to miss it anymore since I can always stop by Hadramawt anytime I want.

As for the pricing, you can expect it to be a little more pricey than your regular local dishes. Their pricing begins from RM10-RM30. My favourite beef kebab is priced below RM20 however, when I feel a bit luxurious, I would go for their combo, and that will cost me around RM25.

I have yet to try out the rest of the dishes on their menu, hopefully, the next round my brains and taste buds would want others. If there's more of what I love from Hadramawt, I will surely update this post again.

Till the next update, please do go try out Hydramawt and let me know what do you think of their meals! Worth the try or nah you'll just order a pizza instead.

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