Althea A'Bloom Launch Party & Collection Review

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Today I will be sharing a post about Althea A'Bloom launch party and collection review. In April 2019, I was actively attending a few beauty events and this was one of it. As you all know by now, that I am a big fan of Althea; almost all of my beauty supplies are bought from there.

If you are new to my blog, a warm welcome to you, and if you didn't know about Althea or the fact that I am absolutely in love with Althea products and their endless promotions, then do allow me to briefly introduce Althea to you.

Althea is basically a one-stop shop for all of your K-Beauty needs. Previously, Althea was just an online platform that you could buy your favourite Korean-branded-beauty-products, but after a few years down the line, Althea started to produce their very own line of products; and just recently, a new sub-line of products which we will focus on in just a bit.

I will be honest, I have literally tried all of their own product line, most of them are hits for me. Except for one product which was the Althea Fixer Cream, this specific product was a miss for me, just because it didn't go well with my skin composition/type. It always caused me to have breakouts, so I stopped using it.

Anyways, if you are also into K-Beauty products, I'd highly suggest for you to click on this link - there's a lot of promotions and awesome deals to be grabbed.

Now, let's get straight into the Althea A'Bloom Launch Party!

The A'Bloom launch party a.k.a Althea Angel Tour, took place at Softsrve Ice Cream, Dessert & Balloon Bar, Plaza Arkadia. It's my first time even entering a Softsrve outlet, so I wasn't too sure what to expect, but no regrets as I was happy with the food, desserts and drinks that were served.

With the theme that Althea was going for, with the whole introduction of their new line A'Bloom, the whole place was very well set up by Softsrve and Brrloon. It kind of felt like a pop-up Althea A'Bloom store; if I were to speak truthfully.

Besides me, there were probably more than 50 Althea Angels (ambassadors of Althea...Yes and I am proud of it), which honestly turned up the "literal" heat of the store. So much so that I eventually took off my knitted cardigan.

There were a lot going on in the party and I am so lost with words because I don't know where or what to begin with. But since I've already mentioned Softsrve, I am just going to continue with it because I would like to personally thank them for filling up my tummy with really yummy ice-cream, waffles, simple finger food (by which kept having me going in for multiple seconds) and a thirst-quenching soda drink.

Also, thumbs up for having to deal with the crowding Althea Angels; I know it wasn't easy to scream on top of your lungs to get our personalized orders to every single one of us. But, nevertheless, you all did an amazing job at accommodating us!

The party kicked off with a few speeches from the members of Althea Creative Communications Team, and immediately after a very loud cheer, every Angel dispersed and was off to the beauty stations to try out products and to take beautiful pictures of the whole line up.

Before I jump into reviewing the beauty products, I would also like to mention that there was a pop-up Althea A'Bloom Retro Kitchen which gave us, Angels, the chance to personalize our own Althea Petal Velvet Powder by hand-decorating them.

This is how my "icing skills" came to be...

Do you like the outcome of it?

Okay okay, party launch activities will be put aside for now, so allow me to jump straight into the A'Bloom Collection.

Of course, everyone was extremely excited for the (I would say) hero product which was the Meringue Puff. Unlike the other beauty blenders around in the market which mostly are tear drop shaped, Althea's A'Bloom beauty puffs are meringue shaped. 

They have two different sizes to their Meringue Puffs, one which they call it a Giant Meringue Puff while the other smaller ones are called as Baby Meringue Puffs. The Baby Meringue Puffs actually comes in a set of 3, and I would say that they function exactly the same as the Giant Meringue Puff only smaller in size.

The thing about these puffs is that when placed in a bowl of water or when it has been placed under running water, it doubles in size. This, not just, elevates its cuteness but it also helps to put on makeup products on our face more easily, smoother and making our makeup last longer throughout the day.

If you did not know this, one of the beauty hacks that most Beauty Gurus in the industry does, is to wet their beauty blenders/puffs/sponges/whatever you name it, and only after that use it to apply foundation or other beauty products on to the skin, because it is highly believed (and proved) that it helps to get the products onto your skin more effectively and it holds in your makeup for a much longer period.

Now, I have tried using the Giant Meringue Puff to put on my foundation, once without water and once with water, clearly when the Meringue Puffs are soaked in water it really helps to sort of makes sure that the product goes onto my face rather than getting all soaked up into the puff itself.

It was also much easier to blend the foundation to my skin which I felt good about, however, I got to be honest with you, that the puffs does absorb (probably half?) the foundation. So, you are only getting like half of the product on your face. 

This is purely, my opinion, I've seen others who have posted their videos using the Meringue Puffs and it seems like it does a better job for them, than for me. So, I might be doing something wrong or the kind of foundation really dictates the outcome? I don't know exactly why, but I will be doing a full video review on it (very soon!) so that you can judge it by yourself.

I think I would prefer to use the Baby Meringue Puffs, because I feel like the Giant Meringue Puff is quite 'giant' for my face. I also want to point out that the shape of the puffs makes it easier to cover areas of your face even at the corners and 'deep area'. So that's a plus point for me.

The texture is really soft on the skin, it almost feels like you are using a silk puff to blend in the makeup. When the puffs are filled with water, obviously, they increase in size and weight but also it's not as soft/easy to squeeze; making it a really good stress ball too lol. On the contrary, when the puffs are dried up, it is very easy and much softer to squeeze.

Like I've mentioned earlier, I would be doing a full video review/makeup on my Youtube channel with all the Althea products, so do stay tuned for that.

So, that's moving on to the Althea A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster. I have seen many people doing video reviews on it, and it works (for them at the very least). I have yet to try them because like I said, I really want to do the full video review and so I am trying to make sure that I don't "loose" all my blackheads just yet, at least until the video review.

Because if this Blackhead Blaster is really good as what others have said, then I am afraid I won't have any blackheads to show on the video.

For now, I am just going to share my first general thoughts on the Blackhead Blaster. One, its scent is a very familiar one because the Tea Tree Oil in this product is definitely prominent. At first, I thought it was a smell of a detergent but it quickly made sense that it was the Tea Tree Oil scent.

The texture is very no joke it glides on my skin (back of my hand) effortlessly! And yes, it does come off black on your skin. I am not sure how the others got the product to look so prominently black on their skin because I have glide it like 5 times, back and forth, but it doesn't appear to be that black.

So, once again I can only confirm this when I do the video. But not to worry, it won't stain your face. That I can guarantee.

Next in the line up of products under A'Bloom is the 4 different types of sheet masks that has absolutely adorable taglines. Like I kid you not, the person that came up with these taglines deserves  the "2019's Best Puns" award.

These are the names on the sheet masks, Water-Me-Long, Avo-Cuddle-Me, Sparkle-Me-Bright and Ac-Me-Peach. As you might have guessed, these 4 types of sheet masks focuses on 4 different main fruit ingredient which is the watermelon, avocado, lemon/lime and peach.

I have not opened any of the masks just yet because I only have these four that was gifted to all the Angels during the A'Bloom launch. I totally missed out on the special promo during the launch on Althea's website itself, which I am really bummed out about, but I guess I would just have to wait to "re-stock" when the masks are available back again.

FYI: The last time I checked their website, sometime last week, all of these sheet masks were out of stock. It was like Thanos needed the masks so badly till he just snapped his finger and all of the masks were out of the website.

You may not know this, but I am struggling to not open any of the sheet masks yet just because I really want to make that video, it's been a really long time since I have uploaded any videos on my Youtube channel, so I feel like I owe it to my followers. Hence, why I have to go through the agony of not 'unboxing' the masks just yet.

If you are wondering what are the prices for all of the products that I have mentioned above, I will list them down here with their respective store links, so just in case, you can go ahead and purchase them right away after reading through this post.

A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff (1 piece) : RM8.00
A'Bloom Baby Meringue Puffs (3 pieces) : RM11.00
A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster (8 gram): RM16.00
A'Bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask (1 sheet) : RM2.00
A'Bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask (1 sheet) : RM2.00
A'Bloom Brightening Lemon Lime Mask (1 sheet) : RM2.00
A'Bloom Nourishing Avacado Mask (1 sheet) : RM2.00

Also, I just want to point out that there is a reason why I have been producing very less posts on my blog, but I will probably talk about it in my next post. I hope that after this I will be able to focus on producing more contents on, not only, my blog but also for my Youtube channel, Facebook page and Instagram.

I just really, got to sort out a few things first and hopefully I will be more organised and able to produce more contents that benefits or at least bring something fresh on to the table for you.

That's all for my post about the Althea A'Bloom Launch and a (partial?) review of the collection. Till the next post, do stay healthy, pretty and happy.

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