Book An Underwater Mermaid Photoshoot with Clarah How

OMG!!! Finallehhhh...I am living up to my dreams of becoming a mermaid with my recent underwater mermaid photoshoot with Clarah How.

Yes, it is also possible for you, mermaid lovers, to finally wear a beautiful mermaid tail and swim around the pool! Thanks to Clarah's latest passion and hobby in shooting underwater/mermaid concept, I was able to dive in deep into the world of the mermaid fantasy.

If you are wondering who is Clarah, she is a freelance photographer that I have known for the past 4-5 years, ever since I started modelling. Friendly and highly accommodating, she is. Definitely, one of the easiest bunch of photographers that I can work with.

I was lucky enough to test-run two underwater sessions with Clarah; one was a casual underwater photoshoot and another was a mermaid photoshoot. Please don't ask me to pick a favourite between the two sessions because it's impossible to do so.

My close friends and family knows how much I love playing in the water; so much so there were countless times where I would even play in the rain. As long as I am in the water, I would love it!

Since, I started off with the casual underwater photoshoot, allow me to share a few pictures that I really fell in love with, during that session.

Casual Underwater Photoshoot

For this shoot I was given the freedom to wear anything I wanted and so I decided to wear a white long top with a black corset. Why specifically this outfit? No particular reason, just that I saw Gigi Hadid wearing a similar combo before and I thought that it looked really cool. I also did change to a sheer swimming top (borrowed from Clarah) for the second half of the shoot.

I was also able to play and swim around with long pieces of coloured-sheer-cloth that was prepared by Clarah herself, as prop.

 Aren't these pictures super cool? I believe they are.

Mermaid Photoshoot

For the mermaid photoshoot, I just D.I.Y-ed a little bit on my existing pink swimming top by sewing a necklace on it. When I saw the variety of mermaid tails that Clarah had, I instantly made my decision to put on the black mermaid tail. There is just something about black mermaid tails that gives off the mystery vibe; to me that is.

I know some of you are wondering what other coloured-mermaid-tails are there, allow me to enlighten you for a bit. She has black (obviously), red, purple, green, blue, rainbow, pink and blaze coloured mermaid tails.

I must add in that I am unsure if she has added more mermaid tails to her collection or not, but feel free to ask her that yourself on her Instagram handle:

Here it is people...the Mermaid Yana!

Honestly, it is not easy to swim around with a huge tail (unless of course, if you are already used to it), while making sure that you can hold your breath for as long as you can without drowning yourself, and still keep a calm/curious/sweet face for the camera.

One thing for sure is that after that session, I kept practicing on my 'body waves' to make sure that I can swim more smoothly underwater.

Don't worry, even if you don't know how to swim with a mermaid tail, Clarah can guide you about the basics. That's how I learned to swim in the mermaid tail quickly.

If you are looking for a photographer that focuses in underwater photography, then Clarah How is the person to go to. I am not sure if I should drop her contact number here but like I mentioned above, you can contact her through her Instagram or Facebook account.

Oh! And also, if you are just looking to rent or buy mermaid tails, you can contact Clarah too!

I hope I can shoot one more time but for the next round with my very own mermaid tail. It would be another dream come true to actually own a mermaid tail. So till my next underwater mermaid photoshoot, happy swimming all my dearest mermaids! 


  1. Wow nice photo! Now everyone can be a mermaid. I love the photos so much. How about man if they interested? Did they provide any Dugong custome. hahaha

    1. hahahaha.. yang ni rasa nak tergelak baca.. part dugong tu.. hahaha

  2. Surely your photo looks nice! Good imperation and to be honest you are the superb modelling if somebody hire you in this section. Hehe..

  3. TB suka tengok hasil photoshoot ala-ala mermaid ni.. cantikk.. sebab Yana pun cantik.. mermaid yang cantik dan comel.. hehe.. yang ni utnuk yang pandia berenang je kan yana.. hihi

  4. Cantiknya tapi memang tak lah nak photoshoot macam ni Yana sebab nak tahan nafas tu memang fail. Baru selam dah menggelupur nak oksigen balik

    Farhana Jafri

  5. the idea is very cool. makeup, costume, and the photos. you guys are nailing it big time here. look forward to see more.

  6. The photos are beautiful! Nice shoot.

  7. Wow.. Nice shoot babe.. Suka tengok org yg buat photoshoot underwater.. Bkn senang nk shoot kalau xtau steps kan.. Tp skrg dh ramai pengantin shoot underwater...

  8. Wahhhh cantiknya gambar2 dalam air ni. Kalau sis sure tak jadi punya. Sis ni takut sikit nak menyelam..setakat swim biasa2 tu ok lagi...bab menyelam tu fail sikit..hehehe

  9. All the shots look awesome to me. I wish I can take some underwater photos too. But I dun think I cam pose as gracefully as you did. I am just not good in posing like a professional model. Most likely i would look stiff in the water

  10. U look superb! Nampak cantik sangat semuanhasil gambar ni. Terpegun i tengok. Nampak macam you duyung sebenar pulak .Nice and beauty tail .Kalau saya entah cantik ke tak lah gambar macam ni

  11. Wow.. Bestnya photoshoot mermaid. Ni versi mermaid lawa dan comel la ye. Hehe
    Seronoknya merasa jadi mermaid.
    Tak semua orang boleh dapat pengalaman macam ni kan..

  12. Underwater mermaid photoshoot? Wow! I don't dare beacuse i don't know how to swim, hahaha. But the concept is interesting, can be a mermaid.

  13. Wow nice to have photoshoot in the water tapi I tak tau berenang. Kalau masuk kolam pun maybe terus tenggelam. Cantik la hasil gambar ni. Nanti I bagitau kawan-kawan yang nak bergambar macam ni.

  14. wow, that is quite extreme photoshoot ! hahaha. but it was nice experience, i bet ? susah kan nak compose muka dengan mata terbukak dalam air. x sabar nak tengok gambar official nanti. jgn lupa cerita okay !

  15. Wow nice photos! I wish i could swim too, but i penakut hahaha. Tried learning but failed huhu. So nice u get to experience this kind of photoshoot.

  16. Alamak kita tengok pun takut sebab kita tak pandai nak berenang hehehehe nak masuk kolam renang pun yang catek jer wakakakakak tengok mereka beraksi dalam air siap ambil gambar memang kagumlah...

  17. Wow..u look so amazing, like a real mermaid. First time i hear about this kind of photoshoot. Very interesting

  18. cantiknya gambar dalam air tu. kalu guna kain mesti cantik lagi. boleh tengok hasil gambar tu. teringin jugak nak bergambar dalam air tapi risau tak boleh tahan nafas lama-lama

  19. Wow this is so cool and you look very stunning in the mermaid suit. Will check it out and thanks for sharing this.

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