Celebrating Butterfly Project Malaysia 6th Birthday Party

OMG! Butterflies, unicorns, mermaids were all truly showered with blessings last month as Butterfly Project Malaysia celebrated their 6th Birthday Party with the official hashtag #butterflyturns6. So, if any of you would love to bless your eyes with the beauty of other butterflies just find them through that hashtag. 

It was my first time ever attending a birthday party that themed with the most beautiful Garden of Spring. And I kid you not, that most us looked like we were ready to walk down the wedding aisle that day. 

This never-ending celebration was made possible with the utmost efforts and dedication by Tammy Lim, one of Malaysia's top Beauty Blogger. Tammy is very well known in the beauty community, and more often than not, we, her underlings, refer to her as Mamasan. For me, especially, I always title her as Mother of All Butterflies / Mythical Beings.

Of course, credits and applause needs to be given to the butterflies themselves too, simply because each and everyone of us whom attended the party had to chip in to secure the venue. Truth be told, I was initially worried if there will be a hitch with everyone coming together to make this event happen. But I was extremely happy when I saw so many Butterflies all fluttering in. Go Butterflies!

By far, this is the best Butterfly party! Each party organized tops the previous one. If you are also a budding beauty blogger, I would highly suggest for you to join the BUTTERFLY COMMUNITY...there's just so much of fun experiences and opportunities that awaits all its members.

Like I've mentioned earlier, the theme was Garden of Spring, just think of a chic goddess floral wedding vibe and the main colours were nude, soft pink, grass green and white. Coincidentally, I had a sea green/teal gown, without hesitating I decided to wear that for the Butterfly 6th Birthday Party.

Because my gown was pretty plain, I decided to go a little extra with my makeup. Inspired a little bit by Pony's Coachella makeup look, I created my own version of a 'mermaid' goddess.

How do you like my makeup and overall look?

I feel like I blended in pretty well with the whole event's theme and decoration, speaking of which, the decorations that were done by Avantgarde Blooms and The Blossom Balloons, and I must say they did a great job at it! Just look around...you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the floating balloons and the blossoming flowers at every corner.

Seriously, if you were looking for wedding theme inspirations, just keep scrolling through; you'd be amazed by the whole setup.

Before the event even officially kicked off, Butterflies were already receiving so many gifts! Our designated seats were beautifully decorated and prepared with multiple gifts from the sponsors and also from the Mother of all Butterflies too! 

Mamasan Tammy, prepared a simple yet beautiful necklace and handmade all the corsages for the Butterflies. There was also a birthday box that was filled with Yves Rocher products, a cute flower wand acting as our selfie prop that was made by The Blossom Balloons, an individual birthday cupcake with a candle by Jom Party, a handbaked and handdrawn sweet macaron by Macarons by Madeleine and a flower crown kit by Avantgarde Blooms.

Like I said, there were plenty of gifts for us Butterflies all thanks to the generosity of the sponsors.

Our Birthday party kicked off with a continuous wave of laughter thanks to Malaysia's funniest comedian, Joanne Kam. This was my first encounter with Joanne, and I'd highly recommend you to buy a ticket to any of her future shows. Trust me, you'd be laughing your ass off, especially if you dig sexual contexts. You are in for a dirty treat, for sure.

I don't feel like it's right for me to share any of her jokes here, just because I am confident that I won't be able to convey the joke as well as she did. Hence why, you should get in touch with the real deal, herself.

Oh! We weren't the only ones that were receiving all the goods, for making a special comedic appearance, even Joanne Kam was showered with multiple gifts by all the sponsors.

Right after, there was a short but sweet speech by Tammy herself; thanking everyone who attended and even the sponsors who put in a lot for us, the butterflies. She also took some time to brief us about all that went down before the event, what was about to take place during the event and what we need to get down to business to after the event.

Us, Butterflies, got the chance to upgrade our chic floral goddess look by adding our very own floral crown with the guidance of Avantgarde Blooms's queen herself, Emi Goto. 

I was surprised at how the party quickly turned into a flower flee market when all of us were asked to pick our own favourite bunch of flowers that were prepared by Avantgarde Blooms. Everyone were busy picking up their own set of flowers and meticulously creating their own versions of flower crowns at the dining table.

How do you like my crown? I did a reverse crown as I felt it would look more sea-creature like; just like the axolotl. 

These were some of the other floral crowns that were customized and created by the Butterflies. 

Aren't they all just so pretty? Both the queens and their crowns, I mean.

What's a party without a variety of food, right? Well, we were in great luck as Mamasan got in touch with Lydia, the founder of Jom Party. Jom Party literally filled the long buffet table with not only yummy finger food but also took some time to make sure they were beautifully presented too.

My favourites were the cheese spread and bread sticks, pasta in a cup and the grilled garlic breads topped with seafood spread.

Also joining in the food and beverage section was a special pop-up booth set up by T-Sticks Malaysia. Now, this is for the tea lovers, because gone are the days of tea sachets, tea spills, using a spoon to stir tea. 

Each and every one of us Butterflies got to smell-test their variety of T-Sticks and essentially picking out our favourite flavour/scent to be brought back home. My instant favourite two were the Minty and Fruity ones. Although I had a really strong pull towards the Minty one, I felt like it was meant for a once-a-week-wind-down tea session, hence why I went for the Fruity one, so that I could enjoy every day while spiking up my energy.

What makes T-Sticks different from other tea-producing companies? The fact that you'd simply have to tear off a clear plastic cover and then place the T-Stick into your cup of either plain/cold/warm/hot water and watch the tea fuse out of the packet. The packet itself also doubles as a stirrer so you need not take out another kitchen utensil just to make your perfect cup of tea.

I feel like it's a perfect solution for lazy tea lovers like me. 😉

Lastly, allow me to give out a special shoutout to Yves Rocher for being so generous not only to me but also to my followers, as we were able to enjoy 50% discount on a single receipt of product purchase from any of the Yves Rocher outlet.

The discount was like a cherry on top of a cake, as Yves Rocher had already gifted us with 3 full-sized products; an Anti-Pollution Detox Micellar Shampoo, an Hydra Vegetal Ultra-Fresh Cleansing Gel and a Concentrated Shower Gel.

As I make my way to close this beautiful event, I would like to thank, once again, Yves Rocher, T-Sticks Malaysia, Avantgarde Blooms, The Blossom Balloons, Jom Party, Joanne Kam, the Butterfly Project Community and, the biggest thank you, to Tammy Lim for making our Birthday Party the most precious event in the year of 2019.

Here's to wishing that the community will continue to blossom beautifully. *Cheers*


  1. You know you slay the whole party with your stunning angelic look, costume and make up right. Bahaha 😁👍😎

  2. U look so gorgeous yana.. really jealous that you guys can attend to this party.. hope someday will be my day.. stay beautiful girl!

  3. Love how you worte this blogpost Yana. The pictures are lovely too. I'm still in the midst completing mine. Hope to get it done by tonight too. It was such a great party, hope to have something like this every month so we could all gather and catch up. Probably release a bit of stress too.

  4. bestnya dapat attend butterly project birthday party. cantik mekap tu siap tema macam princess lagi. harap lepas ni butterfly buat project untuk blogger lelaki pulak. kami pun nak have fun macam korang semua!

  5. Love the post and the pictures! Are there any products for men? Haha. If i were a woman surely i will buy the products :) Thanks for share :)

  6. You look so gorgeous. I never attend this kind of event tapi teringin sangat nak join jumpa other blogger.

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    Wanna start planning for the outfit? Hehe

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