JOUI, The Women's Premium Sanitary Pads

Hi there ladies, yes, this post is dedicated to all the beautiful ladies that drops by to my blog. Men, don't worry, you can stay and read on too because nothing says sexier than a man who knows how to take care of his lady.

Today, I will be introducing you to JOUI, the women's premium sanitary pads. sanitary pads aren't bling-ed up the way you are thinking rather it is about its premium packaging that can not only turn heads of the curious minds but still attends to your womanly needs in the most discreet way.

What am I talking about? Well, have you encountered a situation where you have to sneak out your sanitary pads and quickly hide them in your pockets before anyone else notices it? I have, one to many times, in fact.

With JOUI, you don't have to shy away because unlike other sanitary pads, this pads are packaged in individual packets. And believe it or not, at first I thought it was some tea packets by the looks of it.

This is how each packet look like...

Talk about premium and convenient to carry around, right?!

Now, you tell me if this doesn't look like some food/beverage packaging. These 3 premium packaging also differentiates the purpose of the sanitary pads. Pink (small) packets are pantyliners, white (medium) packets are for day time and black (large) packets are for night time.

Okay, time to spill the beans, who here avoids changing their sanitary pads in public areas like when you are at the mall just because you find it to be a hassle to throw away the used pads? I am totally guilty of it...and this totally sucks; more importantly unhygienic and unhealthy for Miss V.

Once again, JOUI takes that worry out of our hands as the packets themselves acts as a disposable bag for the sanitary pads. So, it won't look (and feel) unpleasant for the next person that is about to use the bin.

Warning T.M.I : Like seriously, why would you just roll your sanitary pad without any tissue or paper and just dump it into the bin? I know and understand that every woman have to go through the Niagara Falls of Hell on a monthly basis, but we don't need to see each other's blood bath.

The reason why JOUI emphasized on the packaging part of sanitary pads is because removing individual sanitary pads from the usual brands' packaging isn't as hygienic as you think. All the usual brands doesn't fully seal individual sanitary pads but JOUI does. And that for me, is another winning point.

For JOUI sanitary pads itself, they have a soft and slim cotton surface, which actually makes you feel like you are almost-not-wearing anything. It is very airy too! In terms of absorption, I would say that it does the job quite brilliantly; I know this because I had my monthly fair share of hell just a week ago, which allowed me to personally test the new sanitary pads in town.

Oh! Before I forget, another winning point is that JOUI sanitary pads have Cozeft Technology which promotes 5 benefits like nano silver, negative ions, analgesia, rejuvenate cells and far infrared. These are too scientific for me to explain, but all I know that JOUI sanitary pads are perfect to use even for those who have skin sensitive issues (down there).

You can check out their website for more info but before I end my praise for JOUI, please do make sure that you are following JOUI on their social media accounts as they will be officially launching this premium sanitary pads on the 17th May 2019 and if you invite fans to register at their website, you will be able to get a 1 month set worth of supply from JOUI! (Terms and conditions applies, of course!)

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Bonus: JOUI literally stands for "Joy of using it" let us all be a fearless and a proud woman with JOUI.


  1. packaging dah tak macam pad dah. nampak exclusive gilak xD

    1. kan kan?! serious nampak macam food packaging..hahahha

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