Beauty Review: PIXY UV Whitening 4 Beauty Benefit Series

Hi there! Welcome back to another beauty review; this time I will be reviewing the latest PIXY UV Whitening 4 Beauty Benefit series.

Previously, I was a fan and probably still am a fan of their compact's just that I have another favourite. The one thing that I loved about their previous compact powder was that it gave a really good coverage and it lasted really long.

So how does that compact powder compares to their latest Two Way Cake Perfect Last? I'll be honest...the coverage is amazing! And it really does last longer than their previous compact powder. I am not 100% sure if it is waterproof, but as I tried to wash my face off with just water, it was hardly budging.

It would be safe to say that you could go underwater and still look like you are wearing makeup; at least from my experience and opinion.

There's another blogger friend that also pointed out that the texture of the Two Way Cake Perfect Last is smooth and fine, by which I do agree with her. If you are looking for a compact powder that has a good coverage, you could definitely go for this!

However, there was one product in this series I didn't like. I just wasn't into it, because I felt like it whitened my face 3-4 tones lighter and ended up making me look cakey; that or I was just ready for Halloween.

The product that I am talking about is the PIXY UV Whitening 4 Beauty Benefits Concealing Base. I felt that it was too sticky on my skin which caused the areas that I applied the product to become cakey after the layering of the Two Way Cake Perfect Last.

Not my cup of tea...basically.

Moving on, is the review of the 12 Hours BB Cream with SPF30 & PA+++. I rarely use BB Cream, but this has gotten me really into using BB Creams. I am the kind of person that doesn't like to layer too many products on my face, so using the BB Cream eliminated the process of applying foundation and sunblock.

It has a good coverage and it somewhat felt like it did moisturize my skin as my skin didn't turn oily towards end of the day. My pores didn't even enlarge that much, which is a damn good sign.

I actually did a video on Instagram showing how I applied the products on; you can check it out by clicking this link:

Will I recommend this series? Not the whole thing...just the BB Cream and the Two Way Cake Perfect Last. For those who have been a fan of PIXY products do let me know what do you think of this series, if you have tried it, in the comment section below.

Till the next post, be beautiful both internally and externally!

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