Celebrations Begin With Hearty Party Malaysia

We are at the middle of 2019 and I would like to make an announcement that I have made a big leap in my career to where celebrations begin with Hearty Party Malaysia.

 Since a year ago, I have been juggling multiple jobs and as contracts expired along the way, I had to find ways to keep my head above water. Of course, this also meant working at companies which weren't anywhere near my dreams or goals.

Thankfully, all that changed with the grace of Allah and connections that I have made back when I was actively modelling. My now boss, Nicholas, called me up about a month ago to visit his new company, Hearty Party; that's where and when everything took a turn to the right path of my dream job.

As you all know by now, or if you are new to my blog, I am an art lover. Everything and anything that has some sort of connection to art, I will always put my 200% in it. Same goes to 'writing/blogging' as I see it as a form of art; an art of communicating and inspiring.

My dream came true, when I was hired as an Arts & Crafts Manager at Hearty Party Malaysia. Yes! I finally get to not only create props and decorations for events but I also get to conduct art classes, or what we prefer to call our session as Painting Party.

It's not a typical Painting or Art Class, simply because we legitimately throw a mini party themed with the subject matter. You probably won't even feel like it's a class! There will be music, a room fully decorated according to theme; that you can bet that it would be totally Insta-worthy, lots of paint and plenty of fun people.

P.S: No artistic or painting skills needed to join in on the fun. Like I said, we will be playing with paint and I will be there to guide you. 

If you are wondering, this is how I know how much I love my current job at Hearty Party Malaysia; The minutes and hours would just fly by, as our team plays and preps for the props and decorations. It's an absolute amazing feeling.

Now, I  would really love to share this joy with you by giving you a little more information about Hearty Party that could really come in handy when in times of need.

Before I share in detail what we do here in Hearty Party Malaysia, do take time to enjoy this short video showing all the fun areas that you could play around with.

So...Hearty Party Malaysia is a company that truly believes and lives up to its name by inserting the "party spirit" into the hearts of everyone who walks through our door.

Services we provide at Hearty Party Malaysia

1. Event Space

We have 4-floor event spaces ready to be filled with you and your party guests. Our highlight floor is, of course, the roof top garden (3rd Floor) which is a semi outdoor event space. The kind of parties, workshops and even product launches you can throw here are endless!

Going down one floor (2nd Floor), we have a classroom-like event space that works perfectly for a workshop or even a cozy intimate group gathering.

On the 1st Floor, there are a lot of fun and exciting 'props' to play with; as there are rotating  showcases, arrange-to-suit-your-need showcases, a neon room and a little play area for the bachelor/bachelorette's night.

For the Ground Floor, although usually used as a greeting space, it can also be turned into a mini gathering spot for a smaller group. There's also a really cool Balloon Bar that will surely bring out your inner child!

2. Props Rental

Besides renting out our space for variety of events, we also provide props renting services. If you'd like to rent, perhaps, our tables and chairs, or our themed decorations, or our huge teddy bears and etc, you are more than welcomed to do so. Heck! We even have a gorgeous bath tub that you could rent!

And yes! We have a lot of other props that you could definitely use for your own home-made-party.

3. Workshops

Just like my "Painting Party" sessions, Hearty Party also warmly invites brands and companies to do their own product launch or even team bonding workshops at our space. You can also conduct your beauty workshop, art shows, pet day, yoga class and the list of events goes on and on.

If you are wondering what other events that can be done at our space, then allow me to burst some ideas in here:

Movie Night, Hens Night, Product Launch, Yoga Class, Food Truck Festival, Press Conference, Proposal, Wedding, Magician Show, Stand Up Comedy Show, Birthday Party, Tea Party, Mini Pool Party, Pyjama Party, Halloween Party, Art Classes, Flower Arrangement Classes and etc.

Now, that's a whole long list of events, give a thumbs up in the comment section below if you managed to read all of that in one breathe. 

Our Location

We are located at Setia Alam; just Waze or Google "Hearty Party Sdn Bhd"

Now, I know many of you would have flinched at the word "Setia Alam" simply because it feels far away. Trust me, I travel from Petaling Jaya to Setia Alam using NKVE every day and it only takes me 20 minutes or less to reach Hearty Party Malaysia. 

Personally, I'd rather travel the distance with clear traffic than to travel to a nearer place but gets stuck at multiple jam spots and traffic lights.

Just do me a favor and don't let that fear of distance overcome your excitement to join in on the fun. 

Contact Us

If you are interested to know more or even to make a booking with us:

💖Give a call or Whatsapp to Vincent at 017-3378182
💖Or you can drop your inquiries or bookings here: emailus@heartypartymalaysia.com

I know that was a very long introduction to Hearty Party, but I am truly delighted that you've made it this far; because I am totally excited about my new journey and I am really hoping that I can bring all of you along with me.

For me, art has been an outlet for everything! Art is like my therapy and I strongly believe that it can benefit you as well in ways that you may not even have the slightest thought that it will affect your life. 

So let's share our positive and empowering moments together. I sincerely hope to see you at my Painting Party sessions in the near future.

Till the next post, celebrate every morning like it's your birthday!


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