Painting Party: Raining Galaxy

Hi there! Welcome back to another post for Hearty Party. If you do not know what or who is Hearty Party please do check out this post >>>  CELEBRATIONS BEGIN WITH HEARTY PARTY MALAYSIA

So now that you know who is Hearty Party, I am sure you would've also found out about the Painting Party. Painting Party is basically a fun learn-how-to-paint session that I conduct, on a weekly basis at Hearty Party. For June, our first class was focused and themed around galaxy.

I got to admit that I wasn't expecting compliments to flood in like a tsunami; although our team did notice a few things that we need to improve and upgrade.

These were some of the compliments that our team received:

"It was really fun and easy to learn how to paint"
"The whole class was super cool"
"I love how you've decorated this place"
"You're a really good teacher"
"You made it easy to learn"
 "This class made me want to pick up painting back again"
"The session was so fun"
"Wow, didn't know you guys will be serving so many refreshments"

Honestly, if I wasn't too tired that night, I would have probably cried when one of the students hugged me and gave a compliment. It was really heartwarming and it gave me an amazing boost of positive energy just knowing that I could inspire others to do things they are not used to.

It's really something I have been trying to do on my blog here and now I can even do it in my workplace. Truly blessed!

This whole Raining Galaxy Painting Party came to be with the extreme coordinated energy and mindset of the Hearty Party Team! Sincerely, for me, this is the absolute dream team. Even though for now there are only 5 of us, we still managed to make everything we do, successfully.

A week before the class, we prepared all the decorations and some of the decorations were even being finalised on the morning of the Painting Party itself. It was really a fun process even before the Painting Party started, I swear!

Raja, my colleague, who is the Event Manager of Hearty Party and myself had so much fun creating all the decoration pieces from the hanging galaxy, the backdrop, the chairs, the personalized name tags, table pieces and many more items throughout the week that we didn't even notice our lunch breaks and at times even our off-hours.

And it is safe to say, that the both of us including Aisyah, Admin and Secretary of Hearty Party, we will be having loads more of fun preparing for the second class which is the "Patternfull Delight" Painting Party which will be revolving around abstract and geometric decorations.

After setting up everything for the Raining Galaxy, we took our time mesmerizing or rather adoring our own hard work, all the sweat, climbing up and down ladders, painting, and crafting.

For the Raining Galaxy Painting Party, we prepared a Blue Soda Lemon drink accompanied with a Swiss Roll Cake, Muffins, individual ice cream tubs and a mountain of snacks just to make sure everyone was well fed at the end of the night.

The session did go a little over the time, but as long as everyone was enjoying themselves, we had no issues.

Just as the Painting Party was about to begin, I had to give a welcoming speech and some reminders, which tore me inside out, because I was so nervous to the point that you could probably see my heart beating out of my chest if I wasn't wearing anything.

But the party people that joined the session was so supportive that it killed my nervousness within the first 5 minutes. I am truly thankful towards everyone who were there that night, for that. πŸ’–

Throughout the whole process of explaining and showing how to paint the Raining Galaxy, we also had time to interact individually, just so that everyone could really learn on how to paint their own masterpieces. Some needed extra help in adjusting, so there was I ready to help.

You all should really take a look at their galactic masterpieces! They were all incredible! Do take note that none of them who participated had art background, and yet they still managed to achieve this level of amazingness.

All in all, it was an absolute remarkable night! And I really wish that you too could feel and enjoy the experience in my future Painting Party sessions at Hearty Party.

The next two sessions set for June will be taking place on the;

Theme: Patternfull Delight 
Date: 22nd June 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 10am-12pm

Theme: Dandy Land
Date: 29th June 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm-10pm

If you are interested to book a slot/session please do send me an email at

If you are wondering who can join these Painting Party sessions, everyone from all walks of life are welcomed. If you would like to make a Birthday Painting Party Session, a Team Bonding Painting Party Session or anything at all, everything can be made possible. Just drop me an email!

Till the next Painting Party post, do stay healthy and happy!


  1. Now this looks exciting. I've joined a similar shoe painting workshop by MTMT Studios ( It was pretty fun!

  2. Ohh woww it’s good to know that we do have this kind of session here! I always watch this kind of class in movies yet haven’t get the chance to know more or being in one, yet it’s really are seems interesting despite I can’t paint or draw any haha. And looking at the painting that you guys did, I must that they’re all beautiful! Great job and congrats to you and your team! Keep it up! πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

  3. wah.. i never know there are painting party like this.. may i know any age can join or is only for adult?

  4. seronoknya kalu weekend free tak tahu nak buat apa boleh join painting class nie. boleh generate income jual hasil lukisan kan. cantik betul hasil karya team blogger tu. boleh la BBL register jugak tuk belajar skill painting ni

  5. wahhh. as a kid i always wanted to learn painting and art by watching Art Attack program on disney channel but never get chance to do it. btw, by looking at the picture, i remember one scene in one of mr bean episode where he paint a nude person. hahaha. thanks for sharing ya :) good job :)

  6. first time heard 'PAINTING PARTY' . Nampak seronok. Really interesting and maybe boleh join next class.

  7. Wow. seronok! Memang nampak macam angkasa dah bumbung tu. Terus dapat idea if I invite kawan2 satu geng join aktiviti painting ni. Seronok juga. Ada theme, book slot for a team. Takdelah segan sangatt dgn hasil lukisan memasing nanti. Hiks.

  8. Wah nmapak seronok bila join painting party ni. Party yang berbeza daripada party lain yang lain. You and your friends boleh belajar painting bersama sama. Semua painting nampak awesome. Tangan i tak berseni nanti i nak anak anak join kelas painting macam ni jugak

  9. Ainy bukan jenis berseni bab melukis2 ni tapi sukaaa sangat pergi pameran lukisan dan seni macamni. Btw cantik sangat hasil lukisan tu. Kalau ainy buat, jadi apalah agaknya kan.

  10. Good menarik juga untuk buat painting macam ni hehehe tapi kita memang tak pandai harap kalau masuk kelas macam ni boleh lah hasil karya yang berguna dan mengisi masa lapang good...

  11. Cantik sangat decoration painting party ni! Suka tengok kalau theme galaxy or stars. Tak sangka hasil karya diorang cantik sangat walaupun takde yang study dalam arts. Nampak wow sangat.

  12. I saw this on Instagram, the workshop seems like a great choice for those who love arts and craft. Will share this around.

  13. Wow... bestnya.. first time dgr about painting party and such a party.. mavam best je.. tapi tu la i tak pandai party2 ni.. if dpt join ni mmg seronok sgt.. boleh meet up ramai org dan learn something happening

  14. Glad that you have fun dear! The class looks like alot of fun and I'm really happy and excited for you =)

  15. Wow hats off for you Yana. You did an absolutely amazing job. Your passion for art will surely lead to more unexpected and fulfilling pleasant surprises for sure. :D

  16. Wahhh the outcome is so amazing. I wish i was a part of this too. Looks so fun doing this.

  17. So great, babe! I'll definitely sign up for a class one of these days!!!

  18. kreatif ni. yuran pun murah. bagus join aktiviti begini. Australia pun selalu ada kelas begini. terbaikk

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