Places To Eat: Pho Street @Paradigm

Hi there, food lovers!

Today, I will be sharing another Vietnamese restaurant that could really treat and quench your Vietnamese cravings! This time, I will be sharing about Pho Street, Paradigm.

Before I go any further, let me warn you that you will not be able to find Pho Street in Paradigm Mall anymore, as they have closed down. Well, I am not sure if they are closed down, or they just decided to change name or someone bought over that outlet; because right now, there's another Vietnamese restaurant under renovation at the same spot.

*But there are plenty of Pho Street around, although I should remind you to check out whether that outlet you are heading to is HALAL or not. As I have noticed, that majority of the Pho Street outlet aren't HALAL.*

To be truthful, for God knows how many months or years, I have always thought that the Pho Street in Paradigm Mall wasn't HALAL, but then when my best friend, Michelle, took me there for lunch one day, then only did I notice that all the workers were Muslim workers and that their menu didn't have any pork inside. Yes, silly me...I know!

Anyways, it wasn't too late because I have found another Absolute Favourite Vietnamese dish of mine which was the Vietnamese version of "popiah". As my first and last visit to the restaurant, I literally fell in love with their Fresh Summer Rolls with Prawns and Herbs!

It tastes super yummehhhh! How do I explain this in words...give me a sec...

The chewy "wrap" envelopes the fresh prawns, lettuce, carrots and a few other vegetables with herbs. Each bite, gives you like a burst of refreshing, fragrant and an absolute flavourful delight. Seriously, it's something that you'd probably just need to try out on your own to fall in love with.

I, honestly, did not notice if the previous Vietnamese restaurant that I went to, Super Saigon Pho Cafe, actually had this in their menu...but I am really hoping that they do because I can sense that there will be a near-to-the-future visit to that restaurant, thanks to my cravings getting heightened up because of this post.

I also had a main dish which was the Pho Beef Tender Slices. It did taste okay, sadly though, I have to admit that Super Saigon Pho Cafe's beef noodle soup tasted much better. Not sure, if this post is a bummer to you or not, because I am like legit just hyping over 1 single dish, wait not even a dish rather a street snack.

But, I just felt that it was worthy of a mention, simply because I am excited to try and make my very own "Vietnamese Popiah" in the near future, for simple reasons such as, it is easy to make, it does fill up your tummy quite fast, and of course, it is a healthier food choice.

So, till my next Vietnamese restaurant visit, do enjoy all your meals and just be happy!


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