How To Bullet Journal

Hey you! Looking for some neat tricks and tips on how to bullet journal? Then you have come to the right place!

First and foremost, let me be frank that I have only been bullet journaling for the past 1 month, so I am not a professional 'speaker' for this subject matter. However, I'd thought it be great for me to share some of the positive and negative points of bullet journaling that I have come across along the way.

Well, technically, there isn't much on the negative side, but there are things that I would like to address for those who also wishes to dive into the wonderful world of Bullet Journal.

Before I begin, ask yourself first, why would you like to start a bullet journal? If your answer falls along the line of "wanting to organize my life", "I keep forgetting stuff", "I am not motivated enough to get things done" and etc, then with my arms wide open, I will warmly love to welcome you to join in on this Bullet Journal Journey.

It has to become a norm at this point in your life to always ask yourself first "Why" you would like to do something. If you figure out your "Why", may it be to improve yourself or to simply keep track of life, then everything else (should) fall in place the moment you step your foot in to 'it'.

So, at the very beginning, I told myself that I wanted to improve everything that I can about myself, that includes being organized, to stop the 'habit' of forgetting stuff and to keep churning my creative brain juice. Those are my core reasons for starting my Bullet Journal Journey.

Now, that we got the "Why" out of the way, here comes the "How"; which is pretty simple unlike what others might have said. All you'd essentially need is a notebook and a pen.

How to Bullet Journal?

Seriously, all you'd actually need is these 5 steps to conquer your Bullet Journal Journey.

1. Finding Inspirations

No idea what needs to be in a bullet journal? Me neither, at first! The best way to find the answer is by going through Pinterest and Instagram accounts that specializes in Bullet Journal. Just type in "Bullet Journal Ideas" and voilà you have your endless source of inspiration for your fresh bullet journal.

Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled upon, my now Bullet Journal Guru, Amanda Rach Lee. Ever since, I have been religiously following all of her Youtube guides on how to set up a bullet journal in all manner.

I also binge scroll on two Malaysian Instagrammers that blesses all stationary, scrapbooking and bullet journal lovers's soul; Queenie_Abelle and Sky Bambi. Thank me, later. 😉

2. Setting A List Of Spreadsheet Ideas

This is an important step as you'd be able to project what are the things that you would like to highlight in a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily manner. Usually, the spread ideas goes as follows:

Yearly Spreadsheet ideas includes yearly goals, saving goals, and mini monthly calendar to pen down all the future events in a simplified manner.

Monthly Spreadsheet ideas includes events calendar, monthly goals (specific targets to be accumulated into achieving your yearly goals), brainstorm of ideas, task and habit trackers.

Weekly and Daily Spreadsheet mainly includes planning out your activities, prioritizing each tasks according to the days and making sure to get them done on time.

3. Having A Basic Stationary Set

Like I've mentioned above, you don't really need to be fancy if you don't wish to because essentially all you need to start a Bullet Journal Journey is a pen and a notebook. For me, I personally, love dotted notebooks to act as my Bullet Journal because it gives me a lot of freedom to be creative with the space in the notebook.

But if you prefer a lined notebook, a grid notebook or even a drawing notebook to be your Bullet Journal, so be it. You do you! 

In my opinion, to start a bullet journal, what you'll need, is a notebook, a good quality pen (best if there's a variety in sizes), a few coloured markers and a roll or two of washi tapes; just so that we can be fancy with minimal efforts.

The stationeries that I use for my Bullet Journal are the Dotted Notebook that I got from Shopee, Sakura Pigma Micron set and Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighters from Stickerrific and a few washi tapes from Kaison.

4. Get Creative

No matter what we do, we always have to find creative and different ways to do something. Same principles applies to Bullet Journaling! Writing down notes and creating tasks for the next day, can get pretty repetitive and boring after sometime, and it will kill your interest in Bullet Journaling if you don't start getting creative with your contents.

One way to make you feel pumped up about your own bullet journal is to start by implementing themes into your monthly spreadsheets. Themes like butterflies, cats, desserts and etc. This not only allows you to be expressive in penning things down but it also helps to squeeze your brain juice to come up with something fresh every month; keeping your journal alive.

5. Don't Try To Be Perfect

Being a perfectionist in bullet journaling can be a pain at most times, because this will be the reason why you'd end up at a road block and essentially make you not wanting to continue bullet journaling. Learn to let loose, and enjoy the process of creating.

For me, I don't even bother to use the ruler to make lines in my bullet journal because if not it kind of beats the whole purpose of making the journal look very personalized. Perfect lines are factory made.

Fun fact is that, as you practice to draw your straight lines, along the way, you wouldn't even reach out for a ruler to create straight lines as you've probably mastered them already by then.

Like I said, enjoy the process of creating!

Where to Get Supplies?

Believe it or not, I actually love sourcing for stationeries, online! Yes, there are a few physical stores in Selangor, Malaysia that I would love to introduce you to, but (to me) I find them to be on the pricier side, hence why I tend to shop for most of my supplies online.

My go-to online source is Shopee! They have everything there and their price point is way more cheaper than most physical stores that I have been to.

For physical stores, besides Stickerrific, Jaya One, I have not explored other similar stores that specializes in Bullet Journal, however, I do have alternatives and you'd probably be a little bit surprised once I start mentioning them.

My go-to physical stores for really adorable and cool stationeries are mainly Daiso, Typo and Kaison; just recently I have been attracted to Ryo, Paradigm and Muji outlets for their collection of stationeries too and I am already in plans of getting an item or two from Ryo, Paradigm. (Will share pics of it here, once I get my hands on them)

If you'd still like to check out more specialized stores, here's a few that were suggested by Google:

Cziplee Bangsar
1 & 3, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

15-1, First Floor, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Pipit Zakka Store
11-12, Jalan Menara Gading 1, Taman Connaught 56000 Kuala Lumpur 

How To Get Creative In Your Bullet Journal?

Besides relying on washi tapes, stickers and fancy highlighters, you can also opt to put your sketching skills to good use; or at least train your sketching skills. For me, I am still trying to find the style that suites me best, and so far the only one that is sticking best with me is the black and white theme.

I love simple layouts, so, I am still exploring all the minimal spreadsheet ideas and over time, I will surely be adding more sketches and doodles into my Bullet Journal just to spill my creative juice into it.

Like I've mentioned in the beginning, you can start off small by adding simple themes into your monthly spread, this will keep you hooked up with your journal. Remember I did say that repetitive actions can cause you to burn out or lose interest rapidly.

Trust me, if you'd hit a road block, just Pinterest for a good 10 minutes on the subject matter and you'll be inspired right back!

Additionally, I have also created a new spreadsheet for July that consists of 4 pages for me to purely doodle my heart out. This is just a section I added on to my Bullet Journal to kick start my Creating Characters goal. I am starting off really small here, as I am doodling by themes, since I have yet to find my own style in art.

It's a good practice, for sure.

Try Digital Bullet Journal!

This is on my bucket list of things to do too. Last week, I saw Amanda Rach Lee trying out Digital Bullet Journaling and I thought it was pretty awesome. It's really fascinating to watch her play around with it, as it was definitely 100 times faster than your regular bullet journal as most of the steps could be done in a simple 'delete', 'copy', ' paste' action.

If you are a strong believer in going green, maybe this would be the better alternative for you. As much as I love going green, there's just something about writing down on paper that gets me going rather than a screen of a phone or tablet.

I will also explore Digital Bullet Journal soon, so there will be updates for sure on this post.

Just to give you a little glimpse of the beauty of Digital Bullet Journaling, I shall share Amanda's video here.

Finally, here are my thoughts on Bullet Journaling:

1. Does a bullet journal really help in better management of your life?
Yes, if only you stick to your goals. If you are merely just writing stuff down but not checking them off the list, then in a way you are simply wasting paper.

2. Does your financial management improve?
It definitely will if it didn't already. For me, the first month was to track my expenses to know where do I spend my money the most, and this month I am able to allocate a specific amount of money for different categories of expenses after I had analyzed my previous expenses and earnings.

3. Is Bullet Journaling a bore?
Hell no! I get excited to check off stuff on my pages every night before I go to bed, I get really enthusiastic about it because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. And waking up the very next morning to spill out ideas that popped up in my dream or thoughts while I was in hibernating mode, feels really good.

4. Do you become less of a gold fish with a bullet journal?
Actually yes...I have lessen my forgetful habit by a whole lot! Since I am always with my journal, I barely miss out on things.

So that's it people! Thank you for reading all the way until here. I really hope that this post will inspire you to explore your own creativity and start your very own Bullet Journal Journey.

Till the next note, happy bullet journaling! 😍


  1. I've been bujoing since August 2016! Has truly made a big difference to the way I plan my life and schedule and I find it so easy to brainstorm with well.. myself, with nothing but a pen and paper!

    1. I am 3 years late, but better to start than never. Yea, I can only imagine how much you must have improved over that course period. Really hope I can make a big difference too over time.

  2. I tried bullet journaling. Both using notebook and digital. Butttt, being me, I do it half way. So nope. Bullet journal or journalling to be exact is really not for me hahaah

  3. I want to try my first bullet journal too. Thanks for the steps and the benefits of it and would like to start mine soon.

  4. This sounds great to get organize. I tend to forget things too. But still when I started something it's exciting at first but then I will forget again. Love the template.

  5. Pernah buat benda ni. Macam ada kepuasan. Tapi kena ada masa baru boleh nak fokus. Sekarang ni dengan komitmen kerja dan keluarga, semua dah jadi kenangan. Buku tu kosong tak dihiasi dengan gambar dan pen kaler2

  6. such a lovely journal... it's great way to record down and get organized.. nice one..

  7. I think I prefer digital bullet journal than manual one cause I don't have a lot of time. Haha if I have more times, I love to DIY my own bullet journal

  8. Dulu memang minat bab2 creative design or art ni. Habis buku nota diconteng dilukis. But sekarang mmg tak sempat dah nak buat. Main tulis je la dlam 1 buku khas. Tapi lawolah pulak tgk cth2 bullet book tu. i think not for me lahh. Tak terbuat.

  9. Wow menarik penangan bullet journal ni. Tapi betul kan memang kena fokus untuk design bullet journal tu. Marsha kalau nak cuba bullet journal ni kena cuba betul-betul sebab kena cari masa.

  10. Thinking going digital bullet journey sounds great! I prefer in digital because writing and planing can be much faster. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

  11. Rajinnya buat bullet journal and cantik serta kreatif.

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  16. omg i love this....last 2-3 years memang i beli yang dah siap...i try many times tulis banyak and get creative tapi for yang instant ni i rasa macam tak best...i rasa, better beli yang plain and i will deco using my own creativity. That one much better and of course akan lebih rajin buat plan

  17. I love doing it ! it is fun tapi kadang-kadang kekangan masa buat kita lupa pada journal kita hehe

  18. I memang suka bullet journal tapi tak pernah berjaya buat secara konsisten. Tapi i will try every year tukar according to my routine

  19. Mouse mommy only save To-Do-List in my iphone. As for kids, manually write and paste on the wall.

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