OMG! I was at the 2019 Hyolyn 1st World Tour "True" in Kuala Lumpur which took place on 28th June at Menara PGRM. This whole experience that I am about to share with you was all made possible thanks to We Media Malaysia collaborating with Jazel Lim to find a lucky winner to attend the concert for free!

You guys, I am absolutely blessed in so many ways...and this just proves one of that moments! Honestly, my heart skipped a beat when I got a DM from Fritz, We Media Malaysia. I swear, I didn't even know about her world tour let alone to have the knowledge that she was coming down to KL last week, so when I saw Jazel's post, without thinking I just pounced on to the comment section and as I was typing out my plea, I was praying that my tiny comment will get noticed in the sea of comments.

"What are the odds?...Like seriously Yana...what are the odds?"

That sentence was constantly replaying in my mind that I just told myself to not be too hopeful because I really didn't want to bring myself down. Remember, the lower your expectations are the higher the chance of embracing the outcome when it is on the brighter side.

So, after I got the DM, now I had to scramble to find a partner to take with me to Hyolyn's 1st World Tour, because Dayana (the person who I tagged in the post comment) wasn't able to accompany me on that night as she had to fly off to Hatyai for a business trip.

I literally spammed quite a bunch of people whom I thought were into Hyolyn or the very least were into K-Pop, but unfortunately they were mostly misses. Until, I texted my ex-colleague, Haz, who wasn't only free on that night, BUT she is also a major fan of Hyolyn!

Double WIN!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Everything else... on the night of the concert, was simply PERFECT!

I will try my best, not to ruin the experience or fun for others who have yet to see Hyolyn singing her heart out with the mini spoilers that are in this post.

BUT OMG...her voice is just out of this world! Her raspy voice has captured my attention since 7-8 years ago and it's even that much more amazing when you hear it live. On the concert night, it was really hard for me to not close my eyes and just enjoy her voice even when it was in a fast track song let alone completely being swept away in the waves of her voice when she sang her slower songs.

Like the struggle was REAL! Here on one end, I am trying to absorb and enjoy all the amazing visuals of her gorgeous hour glass body, dancing moves, her little "hehe" chuckles and antics on stage; and on the other end, I am just trying to fully submit my soul to her voice.

No joke you my opinion, Hyolyn is definitely one of the world's best talents and if you don't know who is she yet, please do yourselves a favor and Google her up!

Hyolyn, started off the night by performing a very catchy remix version of "Paradise" and it was an amazing opening act! Right off the bat, I was mindblown. Her energy, her smiles, her dance moves, her incredibly strong and stable vocals were just on point!

Of course, in her concert that day she performed "Dally" and the crowd went absolutely bonkers because everything about that performance was just pulling you into a whole other universe. You'd really have to be in one of her concerts to feel what I felt, because you can tell that the crowd were anxiously waiting for it.

And she also performed snip bits of "Touch My Body" and "Shake It" for the SISTAR fans, obviously.

It was a little bittersweet moment for me, as I had once really wished to attend at least 1 of SISTAR's concerts, but that never happened so I kind of teared a bit when she performed those two songs. Nevertheless, hearing her perform it live was amazing! Crap, I don't know how many times have I already said "amazing".

On top of Hyolyn's "See Sea", "One Way Love", "Lonely", "Bae", the Queen also performed two of her own favourite OSTs, which 1 of it is also my favourite, and you wouldn't believe me but I literally cried when she sang my favourite OST "Crazy of You".

I completely immersed myself into that whole song...Haz was like giggling looking at how I was tearing up. There are multiple reasons as to why I cried; 1. I am a cry baby 2. I love that drama a lot! 3. Hyolyn's voice and way of conveying the song as a whole is like ripping your soul into pieces.

That two hours of my life is something that I will treasure forever...that's for sure! You know what's even more memorable about this concert? It hit me a week right before I turn 28. Who would've thought that I will be able to attend one of my favourite idol's concert before I hit 28.

After getting to experience Hyolyn's 1st World Tour "True" concert, now I am even more so ready to save up and experience Mamamoo and Hyuna's concert too! Wish me luck, you guys. Saving up requires a lot of sacrifices, so I really hope I am strong enough to resist all the temptations that comes my way.

Oh! Before I end my post, I will also like to encourage you to listen to Hyolyn's latest song titled "You Know Better". She sang it beautifully on stage that night, and the lyrics will just cut through your emotions for sure.

I really hope that whoever that is going to Hyolyn's World Tour will truly enjoy themselves throughout the whole experience. And not forgetting to count their blessings, because believe me, you will be blessed with her voice.

Happy touring the world Hyolyn!


  1. Omg lucky you the concert looks happening.. I am so in love with her white color too.. hope you had a lot of funn

    1. I did babe! It was really amazing....definitely one of the most treasured moments in my life.

  2. Babeee the whole experience sounds amazing!! I'm so happy for you and grateful that you considered asking me along! :D

    1. Hahahah thanks will be a night that will forever be embedded in my heart... <3 hope one day we can watch a concert together babe.

    2. Hahaha that sounds like fun!

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