Places To Go: Marvel Studio - Ten Years Of Heroes Exhibition | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

You! Stop right there!

Are you a fan of Iron man, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Thor, Captain America or even Black Panther? Then I'd highly suggest that you quickly make a turn to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur as they are having the Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition, Marvel Studio!

Kid you not, you'd probably even turn into a Marvel fan yourself once you step foot into the exhibition.

I would rate myself as a 7 out 10 Marvel fan, simply because I have enjoyed all their movies. I am pretty sure I did watch the first Captain America and Hulk movies in 2011 and 2008, respectively, although the scenes are pretty sketchy in my head now, I am certain that I enjoyed them nevertheless.

Why the 7 and not 10 out of 10? The answer is simple, I am usually the type of movie goer that enjoys movie on their surface and don't really dig in deep of the characters' or the story line background. So, if someone were to ask me something in detailed about a Marvel character, I'll most likely turn into dust, as I would be blur as hell and probably be unfitting to occupy the space on earth as some hardcore Marvel fans may think of me.

But! I really do enjoy Marvel movies as a whole, and my favourite has still got to be Black Panther! Why? The simplistic reason for it is because " it's a feline"...the long-winded reason is because I was really pulled into the movie thanks to the amazing cinematography, the intense flow of the story line, the absolutely gorgeous futuristic fashion sense, the mind-blowing technologies and the wittiness in their humor. Like are you kidding me? If there's a real city like Wakanda hidden somewhere on this very earth, I would do anything to at least even visit it once in my life.

Ever since, mid of 2018, I have been diligently following (almost - I think) all of Marvel movies. And my movie-going-experience has even heightened after getting to know my partner, as he is a fan of movies. Like the amount of movies that I have watched in the cinema over the past 6 months has absolutely "overpowered" the amount of movies that I have watched in my entire life. That's crazy!

Anyways, coming back to the Marvel exhibition, if you'd love to dig in deep to the history and flow of all of the Marvel movies or even to simply see up-close and personal with the "highlights" of each Marvel heroes then this exhibition will be the answer that you have always been looking for.

Or...or...or even to bust your bank account wide open, you'd definitely enjoy the merchandises sold at the Marvel Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition. Even in my broke-ness, I still got myself the Black Panther Mighty Muggs which costed RM59.90. Not too bad of a price right?!

I took the opportunity to also get my partner his Spiderman Might Muggs and a Spiderman jersey. Yes, he is an absolute fan of Spiderman! (In my world, of all the people I know, he is definitely the no.1 fan of Spiderman).

Obviously, burnt a whole in my purse, but it was totally worth it! Hey, I even get to walk away with an Avengers ID...what's not to love about the whole experience. Oh! And you can start calling me "Lady Absolute" - that's my new superhero name now. What are my superpowers? No idea, yet... Let me come up with a background story and character development of some sort then I'll share that with you too, somewhere in the not-so-near-future.

Spoilers Alert!

So, what can you find at the exhibition? A dedicated space showcasing the whole timeline and synopsis of each Marvel movie, life-size models of the Marvel Heroes that are ready for an Insta-worthy spam,  a "wardrobe" walk through with Iron Man, experience the advance technologies of Marvel universe first hand and a whole space devoted to make your bank account go zero.

[Trying my best to keep the spoilers at minimal..hence why the very limited pictures]

Isn't it simply amazing?! I'm not sure about how you feel but I definitely loved every moment that was spent in the Marvel Exhibition.

We went straight to the Marvel Exhibition at Pavilion to purchase our entrance pass, and since we had our MyKad with us, we only spent RM48 for each ticket (if I am not mistaken, if you use Maybank debit card or something you'd get further discount on your tickets)

The Marvel Exhibition is at level 10, by the way!

Go have fun, you guys! The exhibition will be ongoing till October 2019. So, you'd have plenty of time to plan out an outing with your fellow Marvel-heads too!

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