The Phantom Of The Opera In Malaysia

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Today, I will be sharing my experience of getting taunted by the Phantom of the Opera last month. Before I begin, allow me to share with you, one deep secret of mine; I wasn't a fan of the Phantom of the Opera back in my schooling days but all of that changed after the iconic musical that took place in Istana Budaya, Malaysia.

Just know that, no matter what I say after this, I am definitely getting myself the novel just to read and immerse myself back into the Phantom's World; as only now, I am able to enjoy "reading".

I was actually given the opportunity to even experience that tauntingly amazing night thanks to my partner...and yes, he is a major fan of The Phantom of the Opera; he was literally in tears throughout the whole show.

Being a lot more older now, as I was watching the show, it triggered me quite a lot because I can say that I relate more to the Phantom than any other of the characters. Like, I finally can understand his pain; being isolated, and even though you exist people tend to turn a blind eye to your existence so much so that they even make fun of you. And sometimes, when you are not even evil to begin with, people just love to portray you in a negative light.

Also, can't miss out the point where you put so much effort into someone and yet they just selfishly leave you because of your certain flaw. Yeap, you can tell by now that I was definitely triggered by the whole show.

I pretty much, summed up the show with that exposure on my life and the triggers...LOL

But I am not going to end the post just yet, because I also need to share with you how the whole amazing set up of the show was. Each change of scene was simply amazing; like it really draws you into a whole new world. 

And yes! There's an actual scene of the iconic chandelier falling from the ceiling. I kid you not, everyone in the theatre screamed a little, when the chandelier was shaking like an earthquake was taking place and I actually raised my feet a little when the chandelier dropped on to the stage. It was intense!

Their singing, obviously, was out of this world! Every note, every word of the lyric, literally was sung with raw emotions that you can feel the pain, the love, the excitement, the stress, the anticipation, the irony, the struggle, and the fear. A ninety degrees respectful bow to all the casts of the Phantom of the Opera for such an amazing performance.

Seriously, if you have missed the show in Malaysia, please please please, book a ticket overseas or something to watch the show. It's like a one-time thing that is a Must Experience.

I won't babble any longer, because I am afraid of giving out too much spoilers although most of us had already read the novel at least once in our younger days...but yea...I really want you to experience it for yourself.

Like, seriously, the moments are so intense that it is way too easy to lose yourself away from the real world. I genuinely, hope that you'll enjoy, your very own Phantom of the Opera musical show!

“Love me - that's all I ask of you.”  - The Phantom of the Opera

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