Places To Eat: JIBRIL SS15

Are you a fan of anything "Salted Egg"? If yes, then you should absolutely try out Jibril SS15! Countless patrons have vouched that by far this is the best Salted Egg Butter Chicken that you can find in Selangor - including myself, of course!

If you think it's all [just] about the saltiness and egginess of the dish that got people hooked on Jibril, then you are wrong. In my opinion, the spiciness that kicks around in the dish, makes it even more of a glorious dish. Yes, there is a powerful spicy kick in their Salted Egg Butter Chicken.

It's pretty much a combo of flavours that would get your tongue tingling, mind blown and heart contented. 

I can't simply ignore the ambience and interior design of Jibril SS15 either! If you are new to the place, you might think that you have arrived at the wrong place, because it's literally like a mini bakery shop on the outside. Even on my first visit, I was like mind blown at the 'secret door' that leads to the real Jibril restaurant.

After entering, some might get a little claustrophobic as the restaurant's ambience is dark and tight spaced. Just think of it as a secret society gathering space. There's even a narrow spiral metal stairs that takes you upstairs to another dining area.

I kid you not, even till now, I have a fear climbing up that staircase - but totally worth it for the Salted Egg Butter Chicken.

I have not personally tried any of their other meals on the menu, so I can't vouch for their other dishes to be equally amazing. Why don't you try and let me know?

Oh! If you think it's expensive because of how the place is made up, it really isn't. It's quite decently priced; RM15.90

Just make sure, that you aren't going there on peak hours, because there are a lot of people that know about this place, despite the fact that it is pretty 'top secret'. Best bet, will be to go on a weekday, I would safely assume.

You can check out their menu at here: JIBRIL SS15 Menu

Every time I go over to JIBRIL SS15, I would secretly imagine myself as part of the secret society that existed way back in the days, like those vampire society. If you would like experience something similar to that era, maybe this could be your other reason to give JIBRIL SS15 a try.

Till I find another secret-society-like restaurant, hope you will enjoy the meals here in the meantime.

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