Places To Go: VAR Live Mytown Cheras

Where's my weekend fun squad at?!
Seriously, if you have not been to the VAR Live Mytown in Cheras, KL, you must definitely gather up your best team and go there this weekend!

I had an amazing time there with my partner and his close friends. Not only was our group enthusiastically hyped but the whole VR experience was incredible.

At first, the group wanted to try out the haunted room...thanks to all the ads that kept popping up on Facebook, but after walking around the whole VAR Live outlet in MyTown, we collectively decided to try out the zombie killing game; Zombie Jail 2.

All of us, chickened out when we saw how the haunted room looked exactly like in the VR. And the fact that we had to stare into the ghost's eyes to win...Nope! Nope! Hell No!

I have tried the VR Lab in Publika before (which by the way, has already closed down...however they are renting and selling their VR sets, if you are ever interested to start your own VR station...go ahead and contact them) but the experience, excitement and thrill-factor was on a whole different level with VAR Live MyTown.

In VAR Live Mytown, the reality setup is pretty much similar if not exactly made up to be like in the virtual setup. Which was why, we were all sweaty by the end of a round in Zombie Jail 2.

Just imagine this, well, screw that...just take a look at this! This lorry right here, is the same lorry that appears in Zombie Jail 2. In order to play the game, you'd literally have to climb up the lorry and position yourself strategically to kill the zombie before they successfully get a hold of you.

Also, let's not forget to mention that the weapons that we were shooting to glory with was almost as heavy as the real guns. Technically, if there weren't wires dangling from the ends of the guns, I am certain you can fool the policemen and get arrested for illegal weapon possession. 

Trust me, one round of Zombie Jail 2, and you are done with your arms workout for the day.

The price ain't too bad either...can't remember the exact price, since my partner "sponsored" my experience ; but allow me to look it up quickly and share with you the info that you'd need.

VAR Live MyTown
Operating hours: 10.00am -10.00pm
3 VR Games at RM98.00 (individual price)
1 VR Game at RM38.00 (individual price)

For me, I feel like it's worth the experience and bonding moments with your close friends. Since each game roughly measures up to 15-20 minutes, so I'd say, why not try out this VR experience, right?!!

It's fun, exhilarating, mind boggling and you can actually burn some fats without actually exercising. Trust me, these VR games really gets your blood pumping!

If you have tried or would like to give VAR Live MyTown a shot, let me know about it in the comment box below. Till the next zombie outbreak, have a fun time blasting their heads wide open! And also..if you have any other VR places that you'd like me to try out, do let me know!


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