Places To Eat: Belgische Chocolatier

Hello there my fellow sweet tooths! 

Seriously, who doesn't love chocolate, right? Well, of course, unless you are allergic to it then maybe might hate it. But thankfully! Majority of the human population get to enjoy the heavenly taste of chocolate; including my dear self!

Just two weeks ago, I got to try my very first chocolate "buffet" thanks to the generous team of Belgische Chocolatier Designer Chocolate Cafe. It was a chocolate party, for sure! And that party was organized by The Butterfly Project Malaysia. Endless gratitude for both of the key players, Belgische Chocolatier and The Butterfly Project Malaysia, that turned my devastating week into a week that was worth working hard for.

I shall share my sorrow in the next post, but for now, let me make you envious of my greatest delight in enjoying all the yummy chocolate lineup that I had.

Right off the bat, as soon as we, the Butterflies, took our seats, we were briefly introduced to this chocolate heaven by Dee Leonard (at this point, I see him as the designated MC and spokesperson for Butterfly events) and the founders of Belgische Chocolatier themselves.

Would you believe it that the whole idea of setting up an authentic yet affordable chocolate cafe came about after a glass or two of liquor? Honestly, for me, it's rather easy to believe it as, I for one, know that brilliant ideas always comes at the times were it is least expected. 

Anyways, my conclusion on the Belgische Chocolatier team is that they are very accommodating (you will know exactly why, shortly) and down to earth.

Ya...ya...but what about the chocolate dishes, you ask?

They are absolutely delicious! My personal favourite is the Belgium Finest Waffles that is generously coated with Belgian White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. It's like the perfect starter pack to get a taste of their signature chocolates.

I actually remade my piece of waffle petal by drenching it with Belgian Dark Chocolate, drizzling it with the Belgian Milk Chocolate and fancying it out with quick stripes of Belgian White Chocolate. I also sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top of the waffle. As amazing as this description sounded like and as absolutely delicious as it tasted when I had my soulful bite, I didn't take get to snap a picture of it while it was presentable; I legit only thought of it after sloppily chowing down its savoury goodness. So here it is, a sloppy Yana that you all will probably continue to see, if I am downing desserts to glory.

We actually had the chance to try out Belgische Chocolatier's signature chocolate dishes line up! God forbid me from having diabetes...please~~~~!

Well, here it goes...brace yourselves as I am about to share with you, the Belgian Chocolatier delicacies that will trigger your sweet cravings!

Absolutely fresh fruits that were ready to be showered by the 3 Tall Towers of Belgian Chocolate Heaven.

Brownie Crepe

Designer Chocolate Crepe

Three Musketeers - I honestly, wanted to try this! Unfortunately, all I got was to take a stunning picture of it. Well, I am going for round two soon with my partner, so that's definitely in the order list.

Triple Heart Doughnut - Someone frantically stole a heart because it was that yummy!

Fettucine Crepe

Chocolate Sushi Crepe - Also missed my chance in tasting this. Crying my eyeballs out!

Finally, we got to try their 2 highlight chocolate dishes which were;

Sizzling Brownie - Yes! It literally came sizzling! And a mere bite of it gave the shizzles up and down my spine. Oh! So yums....

Volcanic Lava Cake - Although, it wasn't as 'eruptive' as we expected it to be, the taste and texture of the chocolate cake was still superb. In my opinion, at the very least.

I might have missed out on a dish or two simply because I was too busy enjoying each bite that satisfied my chocolate cravings...but nevertheless, you can totally check out their full menu at here >>> Belgische Chocolatier Menu

As I've mentioned somewhere in between the lines up there, that I will be heading over to Belgische Chocolatier for my second round of satisfying my chocolate needs and I'd highly suggest that you do to. Who knows if you might just fall in love with them!

Besides, they aren't merely a cafe. They also throw themed parties in there and they are more than happy to cater for your private functions at your own space. Want to get down on your knees and pop the question or even throw your baby's birthday party? You could definitely do all of that at Belgische Chocolatier!

Just in case, if you'd like to know more about Belgische Chocolatier just before heading to their outlet; you can definitely check out other patrons' feedback and recommendations at here:


Belgische Chocolatier
Location: 1F-16, 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: Everyday, 10am-10pm

Now that I have shared all of which I have experienced at this chocolate cafe, it's time for me to begin a new adventure! Till the next post, enjoy your chocolate bites!


  1. I'm craving all the chocolate again after reading this!

    1. Hahhaha....yes my mission is complete then...which was your favourite tiff?

    2. I didn't get to try it...T.T can we go back again?!

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