Marble Nail Art Done By Capital C. Nails

Now, this is one way to kick start the new year with a positive wave! Getting myself pampered and hands beautified with a set of marble nail art done by Capital C. Nails.

It was definitely a random thought that floated around in my mind, when 2019 was nearing its end. From a simple thought to a random text on an Instagram DM to a confirmed booking. That's all it takes to embark on the journey of Self Love.

And no, Self Love isn't about being selfish! It's about loving yourself first before being truly capable of loving others around you. It's true - ask yourself this, "How am I able to love another when I can't even love myself?"

Self Love is definitely a heavy topic, and it is one topic that I wish to discuss and share with you, some time in the near future. Just give me some time, to truly embrace this new chapter of my life and then when the time is right, I will share my deep thoughts on it.

Back to my pampering session with Capital C. Nails... I got in contacts with this lovely babe, Carris Lee, who recently started up her business as a nail designer and I am proud to say that I was her official first customer of the year 2020!

How I got to know about Carris Lee and her promising new company Capital C. Nails? It was all thanks to Zoelie Mah, who constantly shared all the amazing nail designs that were done by Carris on Insta Story. Seriously, one could mistake her as an Ambassador of Capital C. Nails.

All of her nail designs were up to my taste and if not better at what I could have imagined at this point of time. Needless to say, it was an easy decision to make the call (booking). 

Fast forward to the 1st Day of Self Love; it took me only 7 minutes to get to Capital C. Nails as it is located in Puchong. At first, I was sort of lost, as there wasn't an official signboard leading up to the space, but a quick text to Carris solved the problem. Also, do note that by the time this post goes up, Capital C. Nails would have already setup a beautiful signage to indicate their presence in the area.

What I loved about the service is that, Carris is very accommodating and friendly. She takes a moment to get to know you and understand your needs/wants. Not many places do that and it's especially annoying and frustrating when all they try to do is to rush you to pick a design so that they can get it done and be off to the next customer. 

Trust me, at times you know what you want, but you also know that there's many other possibilities that could result to an equally if not an even more amazing set of nails to flaunt.

And this is also my first time trying out the Japanese way of cleaning up and beautifying my nails. I forgot the exact term of it, but it is very much related to the tools and ways of Japanese manicurists getting the job done.

Yes, you read that right...Carris uses tools or rather light weight electric sets of equipment to clean up, sand, shape and buff the nails. It is definitely an upgraded way of prepping the nails; and may I add that some may not get accustomed to it and that's also fine because Carris does offer the manual/traditional way of going about the same procedure.

Just throwing this out there, because I simply think that you should try the advance way, at least once to see if you are into it or not.

If you are into Marble Art Nails, you should definitely give Capital C. Nails a try as that's what Carris specializes in! She is meticulous and skillful; that's the key to a great set of nails to flaunt.

At the end of it all, I can only say that I am absolutely pleased with my nails and the pampering session. It was a money and time well spent moment on the first day of a new decade. 

And hell yes, I am going back to Capital C. Nails for my next nail art mission!

Anyways, here are the details that you might be interested in:

Capital C. Nails


Location: 1st Floor, 11 Jalan TPK 1/7, Taman Perindustrian Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Book an appointment via Instagram DM

Till the next nail art session, have a relaxing time getting your nails done!


  1. Cantiknya kuku dihias sebegini. Ada juga nampak kuku yang diletakkan blink blink. Nampak sangat menawan.

  2. so cuteeee nail art design by capital c. nails. might consider to book an appointment with them in the future

  3. I love people who have their manicure done. I tried many times but unable to do my usual work because of it. I love the design. Nice

  4. design capital c nails ni memang cantik. Comel pun ye. Boleh la kalau sesiapa yang nak try tu pegi sini.

  5. Actually i really want to try manicure and the same time color my nail.. the color and design suit nice and cute

  6. Wow cantiknya jadi kuku berkilat dan juga berbagai seni yang menarik dan kemas..cuma kita orang lelaki tak ada kuku panjang macam perempuan hehehehehe kalau tidak kita dah buat hiasan bangunan kat kuku wakakakka nice...

  7. So pretty! I always watch nail art videos on IG. They are so beautiful. As beautiful as this one. And I don't know there is even Japanese way? I thought they are all the same technique.

  8. Cantik..akak suka sangat tengok youtube depa buat kuku2 yang cantik macam ni..teringin juga nak buat nanti

  9. Cantik sangat blink2 lagi hehe.. Teknik Japanese lain ye? Sis pon tak berapa tahu ada pelbagai teknik

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