10 Things To Do At Home During "Restricted Movement Order" - Malaysia

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile, but I felt the urgent need to share these tips as almost everyone around the world have to practice self-quarantine during this devastating Corona virus outbreak.

Before that, I would like to take a moment to wish my deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost their loved ones because of this. And also, to wish everyone else a safe time no matter where you may be.

For those who are still taking this matter lightly, kindly do practice self-quarantine for the sake of others. There's way too many people who are being ridiculously oblivious and care-free with this huge pandemic. Trust me, 14 days (the citizens of Malaysia, were advised to obey the "Restricted Movement Order" by the Prime Minister) or no matter how many days you have been set to stay at home by your government, those days will go by just as fast as how it does on a normal working day.

Which is why I felt the urgent need to share these tips, just so that everyone who comes across this post, will be able to fill up their days more mindfully and productively!

Yes, I know that some of us would love to just binge on all of the movies, dramas and series on Netflix but really, you can be doing that and so much more! You'd definitely be proud of yourself after the "Lockdown" or "Restricted Movement Order" dissipates.

This is literally one of the rare opportunities that (was literally given to you) so that you can improve your life within a short period of time!

10 Things To Do At Home
Don't worry, you don't have to finish up all of these "tasks" within a day, you could easily get to them each day, for the next 10-14 days, so you'd still have ample amount of time for your own "me-time"!

1. Clear Your Email

I can bet that there are many of us who are guilty of not clearing our emails and thus leads to 1000+ unread messages which pretty much unnecessarily floods your inbox. Take this time, to sit down and clear all those junk from your inbox, spam and even drafts. Bonus move, unsubscribe to emails which are no longer relevant to your interest!

This process can actually take up anytime from between an hour to 5 hours, if your inbox has been left untouched for the past 3-6 months. So make sure to get yourself a cup of coffee or tea first, before doing this.

2. Clear Up Space In Your Smartphone

This may seem like a small task, well, for some it may be so but for the rest of us....you'd understand. Our smartphones are one of our most essential possessions, therefore, for it to run smoothly and be able to keep up with your hectic lifestyle, the best way to go about it is to delete all the old files, images and apps which are no longer in use.

Trust me, the more your smartphone has space "to breathe", the better it will function in your favor!

I am so guilty of this too, which is why, just yesterday I deleted 7GB worth of files, videos and images that just didn't serve its purpose anymore. Also, I took some time, to change the notification settings for some of the apps that are still on my phone, just so that it doesn't become a distraction.

3. Declutter Your Space

Now, that you have cleared your email and files on your phone, why don't take a day to declutter a space or two in your home. I am pretty sure, most of us have way too many things at home which we don't even use, maybe it's time to get of rid such things that no longer bring joy to you.

Yes, this will absolutely be the perfect time to Marie Kondo your space!

I am still in the midst of Marie Kondo-ing my tiny shoe box room, but I am proud to say that within a day, I managed to DIY a table to my mini work space/storage area. Now all that is left is to rearrange my wardrobe for the third time and then you guys can expect to see my room transformation video up on my Absolute Yana Youtube Channel.

4. Clean Your House

Of course, once you have decluttered your space, now you can official start cleaning up your entire home more efficiently! With less stuff to worry about, you can wrap up the whole spring cleaning within an hour or two (unless, if you have a really huge house then maybe it will take a day). 

Also, this would be the best time to gather the family members to clean the house together and treat yourselves to a great home cooked meal as a reward. Remember those "gotong-royong" days? Such a pleasant memory. 

The feeling of satisfaction will be just over the top!

5. Read A Book

I truly understand that reading a book can be an extremely daunting task for some, but believe me when I say that reading helps your brain to exercise and it is absolutely beneficial for the long run. By reading a book, I don't mean reading tabloid magazines and such, those just fuel your brains up with negativity...you don't need any more of that!

I used to hate reading books, but now I love to read them! Especially, self-improvement / self-help books. And also the occasional, fantasy-genre books. Ever since I have started reading self-improvement books, the way I function and get things done is very different from before.

I don't just complete tasks like a robot daily....I am mindfully and intentionally understanding each of the task, the importance of that task, how does it impact my performance and why am I doing it. I have been loving what I do, instead of dreading the idea of having to work.

Here's some books on self-improvements to read:

Ryder Carroll : The Bullet Journal Method
Lilly Singh : How To Be A Bawse
Robin Sharma : The 5 AM Club

6. Challenge Yourself To A New Habit

Did you know that some researches say that it only takes 14 days to cultivate and stick to a new habit? If you didn't, then it is about time you put that theory up for the challenge! 

Most of us, are just too caught up with our busy lifestyle so much so that we neglect our well-being and sometimes even our self-worth. Since now, you have been given the rare opportunity of "14 days freedom" might as well fully utilize this.

Now, I understand that this whole semi-lockdown situation is the perfect time to just laze around at home and catch up on all those deprived sleeping hours but WHAT IF you can make full use of your time and still get that much needed sleep that your body have been begging for?

It's going to sound crazy...but a new habit that I would like to suggest to you is waking up an hour earlier. Some of you may already have the routine of waking up at 5am to go to work and etc...but if you can add an extra hour to your day in the morning, you can set yourself in a positive mood and highly functioning mode just before you head out to work.

This has a lot to do with "The 5AM Club" book that I am reading. A lot of us, tend to rush through our mornings just to get from point A to point B, then come back home later in the evening only to feel completely miserable at the end of the day. So, now what I am suggesting is to wake up an hour earlier and make your life more purposeful.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do with your extra hour in the morning:
- Read a book, to oil your brain gears
- Do some yoga or light stretches, to help the blood flow better
- Meditate or pray, to help ground yourself and centered with your intentions
- Exercise, to pump up your endorphins, giving you a better boost of energy
- Bullet journal, to mindfully prepare yourself for the day ahead
- Make your own cup of coffee or tea, to enjoy the stillness of the morning
- Start working towards your dream job, an hour a day brings you that much closer to achieving it

Personally, on most mornings, I focus on "me-time" whereby I read a chapter of a book or exercise but on some days, I tend to spend that early morning filming for my Youtube videos as it is really quiet and there isn't anyone to disturb me. So, if you have plans to startup your own business or would like to produce more content for your social media platforms, you may want to efficiently use this additional "1 hour" to do those things.

Of course, this also means to wake up an hour earlier, you do need to go to bed an hour earlier too! 

7. Pick Up A New Hobby

In the line of challenging yourself with a new habit, you could also try to use this period to pick up a new hobby (any of which that doesn't require you to go out). 

Most people will suggest crafting ( I would too), but there are more range of hobbies that are just laying around waiting for you to discover them. You could try playing board games, DIY-ing or upcycling some home decors, growing plants and etc.

There's like an endless list of new hobbies that you could pick up...and if that hobby of choice can be carried out together with your partner, that's a bonus!

8. Learn Something New

If work has been keeping you busy all this time till you are unable to "upgrade" yourself, then this is the perfect moment to seize the opportunity! Upgrade yourself by learning something new; whether it is something that will help you to grow your own business, or to simply pick up a new set of skills. Do it! Do it now!

There's plenty of tutorial videos lurking all around the internet, even podcasts that teaches you how to run a business and learning apps that you can simply download to your phone. It is time to make use of all of these resources! 

Recently, I have been learning how to draw digitally and I must say that I've already gotten the hang of it, and soon you'll be able to see my works!

9. Exercise

Yes! We finally have no more excuses to not exercise. You literally have 24 hours each day for the next 10-14 days to start working out! Spend at least 30mins to do some home-friendly workouts. Your body and mind will definitely thank you for your efforts.

Also, did you know that when you workout during the day, it helps you to go to sleep easier at night? This is just something that I've come to realise, it is especially obvious on the days when I don't exercise, I end up having a hard time going to sleep at night.

There's a bunch of exercise that you can do with just your sofa and bed, so even if you are that lazy, you can still move your butt just a little to kick start your own exercise session. 

10. Bullet Journaling

This is something that I have picked up over the past year, and I am absolutely loving the transformations that I have been seeing. Bullet journaling is not only about writing tasks down and ticking them off (although that's what essentially what you do for the most part of it), it is also about wanting to improve your life values and self-worth.

With my bullet journal, I have been able to pick up new healthy habits and slowly getting rid of the bad ones that I have failed to notice them before I started penning them down into my journal. Now, I am more motivated to start off my days because I know that there is a purpose to it.

Also, it helps me to keep my artistic side alive! I will go into this topic in more depth soon, so do keep an eye out for it.... and just so you know 'this' also has a lot to do with me being somewhat absent in here. 

Time to wrap things up! There you have it, 10 things to do at home during this Covid-19 pandemic. Once again, I'd like to remind you guys to always be safe and take precautions wherever you may be. I do sincerely hope that you will take this "time off" from work to really focus back on what's important to you and your family.

Let's all pray and hope that a vaccine will soon be developed and cure this pandemic. 


  1. 7mb of files in your phone? Or u mean 7gb? ��

  2. Hahaga it is GB! Sorry about that!

  3. That's fantastic tips, Yana!!

    1. Thanks Tiff! Which will you start working on?