Introducing The Little BuJo Steps

Hi there! How have you been doing? Hope you are having a productive and safe time staying at home. Really wish this pandemic was over with; but on hindsight, it is amazing to see how mother nature have improved a lot in just a week! Pollution is down and nature is rising high up back to its glorious days.

Anyways, today I wanted to take some time to introduce my new baby "The Little BuJo Steps". You probably have been reading, hearing, or even seeing me talk about Bullet Journaling A LOT for this couple months and that is because I am healthily obsessed about it!

Just so you know, BuJo is the short term for Bullet Journaling. Going to use "BuJo" more often in here, so just thought I should give you a heads up before that.

BuJo is really a lot like planning in your usual planner but it is just an upgrade of that, essentially. For me, I see BuJo as your own storybook; mainly because it's more than just a planner, it also a place for you to pen down all your thoughts, ideas, memories, goals and etc.

I won't go too into deep with the BuJo topic because you can literally visit to read all about it there! Rest assured, I will be adding more articles related to Bullet Journaling over there, these includes how to setup your Bullet Journal, samples of monthly and weekly layouts, the different kinds of habit trackers and the list goes on and on.

If you'd be so kind and if this does interests you, do also follow "The Little BuJo Steps Instagram", I share a lot of inspiring and uplifting stuff over there.

I will also soon be adding "The Little BuJo Shop" where I will be selling self-designed stickers that can help spice your journal. I have used this "semi-lockdown" time to its fullest potential, by preparing all the reading materials that you'd need and also designing stickers that you'd want.

As I am running The Little BuJo Steps/Shop on my own, I am doing a lot of things rather manually, so if you'd like to buy something from there, transactions will be done in the old fashion manner (as I can't afford an e-commerce platform just yet).

I am totally excited to venture into this, both as a hobby and a business, because I feel that Bullet Journaling can really help you to organize yourself better and also to elevate your life with the right intentions without much (or better yet, without ANY) distractions.

I have become like a complete new person once I started Bullet Journaling on my own. I am more positive, energetic, motivated, organized and above all, I feel like I am at peace with who I am.

Of course, I am still in the progress of making myself better and bringing my fullest potential out to inspire everyone who crosses path with me. What I mean by I am at peace with who I am is that the fact that I don't bash myself up for the tiniest mistakes that I make along the way, instead nowadays I embrace them, understand them, work on them and as a result improving my thoughts and actions all together.

I really hope that by sharing my Bullet Journal Journey with you, it will spark a motivation in you to steer your life in the direction that you'll like/want/need.

Also, just as a side note, I do design custom BuJos upon requests, however, like I mentioned above, I am doing this alone, so at any one point, I can only take up two BuJo requests per month. Currently, I am working on my second project that was requested by Nigel, who is a friend of mine.

I will update more on how I design a BuJo that caters to your need, soon! So, do keep an eye out for that...and for now that's all the update that I have regarding my new baby "The Little BuJo Steps".

I would absolutely love your support on this new journey; not necessarily buy anything from me, but just sharing the word out would mean a lot to me. I wholeheartedly thank you in advance! 💖

Till the next update, see you soon!

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