My Favourite Bubble Tea!

OMG! I am super late to join this Bubble Tea bandwagon. One sip is all it took for me to crown the signature Brown Sugar Deerioca by The Alley as my ULTIMATE favourite bubble tea drink!

Something about the whole combo of their freshly handcrafted tapioca, the yummy brown sugar mixed with the fresh milk, is not only refreshing but tastes absolutely yums!

I didn't even gave The Alley a shot when it first opened because there were many other bubble tea brands and shops opening and conquering streets like popping daisies. And yes, I did not go to try out the others too.

Ironically, as much as I am supposed to be "on trend" as I live my life almost 70% on social media, I am totally not into jumping on bandwagons. If at all, I'd probably end up avoiding it. (Yeap, that's the introvert Yana showing up)

Just like how, only recently I've joined TikTok (just because I miss dancing...and that I was "strongly advised" to have a TikTok account). Do follow me, Absoluteyana, if you have a TikTok account, I don't post much but when I's all fun times!

I am really not into long queues. Period. I just can't. It feels really stuffy. 

So, when my boyfriend took me and his one other friend of his to The Alley, Bandar Puteri Puchong a couple months back, I took the chance to try out their signature bubble tea.

Like I said, one sip is all it took for me to crown it as the ultimate bubble tea of mine!

Let's not forget to mention that their interior design a.k.a brand identity is my aesthetics! Like, just take a look at this wonderful place.

The wood and metal combo is just right up my alley. (you definitely saw what I did there...)

I even told my boyfriend, that in the future when we get a place of our own, this is the exact style that I'll be going for, and luckily he loves the concept as well; rustic yet modern, industrial yet cozy.

And I have been repeating this like for coming 2 months now, that once this movement control order is done and over with, this is the first thing that I am going to order. Yea, I know you can get it delivered to you now, even with the MCO going on. But I just feel like, it's not a necessity like I think I can hold my cravings for a little while longer.

At this point, the MCO is only about a month in, the reason why I said 2 months was because my boyfriend was taking up the no sugar challenge in February. To support his efforts, I too, avoided sugar stuff whenever I was with him.

Anyways, I do hope that everyone one is staying safe at home and for the front liners, thank you so much for risking it all to keep this whole nation and world alive for another day. You guys and ladies are the real heroes of the earth.

Till this pandemic is over, hope everyone stays active at home, cranking up those creative brain juices, working on improving your lifestyle and getting those "backlog" tasks done while you have all the time in the world, now.

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