Whitesoot Masks : New Norm Beauty Must-Haves

 Hi there! It's been awhile hasn't it? We started of 2020 with much excitement, only to be greeted by the pandemic that basically put a stop to the world we lived in.  Everything that we were used to, can no longer be done the same way; which pretty much pushed everyone to adopt to a new norm.

Many had to adjust and change their lifestyle, some had (or probably still having) a rough ride while others somehow managed to swim along with the tides, and eventually we all are functioning on a different level, so to speak.

For me, as I planned to start a new business during the last few days of 2019, I had already switched to everything-home-based lifestyle, so having to "keep" myself at home wasn't such a big change. What did change however was going out while having to constantly wear a mask.

In the beginning, I was totally fine wearing those medical masks however as time passed by, I noticed that every time I went out with the mask, I would always come back home with pimples popping out all over my face; especially at the area where the mask had covered.

Having pimples all over my face, really stresses me out and it drags my confidence down to the gutter as well! I get so out of mood when I don't look my best, till the point that I am unmotivated to do anything, at all! And starting to run a business while having these low/negative moods definitely isn't the best combination of stuff to deal with.

So...one way, that helped me at least to solve half the problem was to wear cotton face mask. I had a red-plaid face mask for years, ever since college days, however that is more for hazy days, to prevent smoke and stuff like that. 

Which isn't really ideal for the current situation that we are all in, right? Then one fine day, Instagram showed me an ad of the brand Whitesoot, that sold cotton face masks; now, we all have been bombarded with tons of face masks over the past months, but what really stood out to me was their designs and pricing!

A lot of other brands that I came across with, had really amazing designs but the price tag that came a long with it was just ridiculous! I ain't going to pay RM80 - RM100 for 1 mask! There's just no way that I would splurge like that especially now when everyone's pocket is pretty much drying up.

That's why when I came across Whitesoot, I didn't even think twice and made my first 2 purchase of cotton face masks. And...and...and I should also mention that they provide additional PM2.5 filters.

Each beautifully designed face masks costs only RM29.00; which is made with 3 layers of pure 100% cotton material that includes a filter pocket, flexible nose bridge wire and elastic straps with adjustable cord stoppers. And each purchase of masks comes with a complimentary PM2.5 filter.

One filter can last up to 1-2 weeks if used occasionally and they also sell these filters separately in a pack of 6 which only costs RM10. And have I already mentioned that their designs are really beautiful??

Just take a look at my face mask collection from Whitesoot!

I am absolutely in love with these masks! Isn't it obvious already? LOL.

So, my first purchase was the Poignant Peonies (honestly, this design was the whole reason why I fell in love with them) and the Noir Black just because we need a basic face mask to go with everything else in our wardrobe.

After that, my boyfriend got to know about my purchase and then wanted to get a face mask for himself,  however, that boy loves flowers, so, we actually ended up purchasing a women's mask and unfortunately it was too small for him. We gave that one to his mom and then we purchased another face mask that fitted and meant for men.

During this purchase, I decided to get one more face mask for myself as well, so we got a pairing design which is the moonlight galaxy face masks. In between all of this, my mom also wanted to get a face mask for herself and my dad, so she too purchased from Whitesoot. It is safe to say, that my whole family now is really into Whitesoot's cotton face masks.

If you guys are also looking for cotton face masks that can last longer, more stylish and functional face masks to suit your style and is more environmentally friendly, then you could check out Whitesoot. I shall leave their details below, just in case. 

And that's it for now, absoluties! I shall catch up with you all again, soon! Take care, be safe and don't spare your style while you are at it.

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