It's Time To Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game!

 Whether you are a small startup business owner or a big corporate company, it means nothing if your digital marketing game isn't on point! With all that has been going on this year, the pandemic and stuff, it is now more than ever evident that the digital world is taking over.

How to step up your digital marketing game, you ask? Well, of course, you can set it all up on your own but why would you want to split yourself so thin to the point where you are constantly stressing out on the nitty gritty stuff when you should be focusing on your products and services while bringing in the moolah.

My best advice for you is to get help; A friendly, highly experienced and professional help! And there's one digital agency that comes to mind, immediately, Red Panda Network.

Now, if you are anything like me, don't know much about the tech stuff, fickle minded, and always just in need of some sort of branding help, then I can guarantee you that the team in
Red Panda Network will be able to sort your things out, in matter of moments.

They are superbly friendly and efficient, exactly the kind of team that you'll need to be working with, especially when conveying your ideas, concerns and suggestions about your "baby" (in other words, your company).

Red Panda Network provides digital marketing services as well as web/app development, e-commerce, advertising, social media marketing and creative design services. Yeap! It's a one-stop agency for all your business growth needs.

At this point, you must be wondering how did I ever get to know about Red Panda Network? Well, I am very blessed to have known the founder of the Red Panda Network, Mark Javed. since 2013. A brilliant man, that is very friendly, a great supporter, and the kind of friend that you'll go to when you are in a slump. 

Back in 2016, I was also given a chance to take part in the "Be Good" campaign run by them.

And couple years down the line, with such a rapid growth to his company; expanding all the way to the US and UK, Mark still manages to maintain that value with his friends, team members and his clients (to which he also refers to as friends).

You wouldn't believe it, but this is true story. A company owner that worked closely with Mark to develop and market their business online became one of Mark's close friend, even after Red Panda Network has accomplished their mission with that company. 

If you'd ask me, that's exactly the kind of people/team that I would gladly trust my business with.

Go Digital, Grow Digital that's the highlight of 2020, wouldn't you say so? And that's exactly the Red Panda Network's tagline; which they absolutely live and breathe by.

Starting from humble beginnings, to owning a physical office in the heart of KL, to branching out their wings to Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, USA and Germany, while being in the midst of bringing Sabah to the modern-digital era and also not forgetting to mention, bagging in 3 notable awards, the Malaysian Website Awards 2017, Best Digital Marketing Agency KL 2018 and Best Digital Marketing Agency KL 2019...what else can I say but of how proud I am to have even cross paths with Mark and his amazing team of Red Panda Network.

I bet some of you are wanting to have a look at Red Panda Network's clientele, so I am going to be a little bit generous and drop some links down here, for your reference:

BUT OF COURSE, you can just get in touch with Mark and his team if you'd like to take the next (much needed) step in growing your business.

👉 Chat on WhatsApp with Mark  +60 16-292 8012

And may I remind you, that any business is still a business regardless of the size of the company. So don't worry about the budget and what not, make that first call to see how you can work things out. 

Also, if you'd like to know more on their success stories click here:

Before I take my leave, I shall recap on the ways you can get in touch with the team of Red Panda Network!

WhatsApp: +6016-2928012
Red Panda: Level 4, Sunway Putra Mall, 100, Jalan Putra, 50350, KL.

What are you waiting for? The rest of the world and myself included wants to see what wonders can your business achieve!


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