I Am A Streamer

Monday, 10 January 2022

Boop! On 9th April 2021, I took the plunge and decided to go full-time streaming; not like 24 hours streams, but more like 5-6 days a week-kind of streams, that is considered as a full-time streamer, right?

My first stream was a complete mess, that's for sure! But, according to many by my second stream I was already getting the hang of it. Talking to strangers, narrating my thoughts, trying to make sense of it all was just a learning process, I would say. And it's a process that I am absolutely in love with.

If you are wondering, I am mainly an Animal Crossing New Horizons streamer and on community days (nights) we play Overcooked II, Pokemon Unite and recently we've added Dead By Daylight into the mix.

Oh! Some days, I also stream about my crafts and bullet journaling.

I used to stream on Facebook but in October 2021 I decided to switch to Twitch because my goals for streaming was to build a community that shares the same interests and I felt like being on Facebook was just not working out.

I would like to believe that after I made the switch to twitch (yes I love saying that), now there is a stronger bond within the community, streams have been much more enjoyable and interactive. We just love bouncing ideas off each other, don't we, Boopies?

Absolutely looking forward to see what does the future hold for the Boopies community and you literally get to not only watch me grow as a person but you'd also be able to see your own growth within yourself and the community.

So, let's cheers to that, shall we?!

Just in case, if you would like to know what are my stream schedule like, here it is;

Monday : 10pm-1am [ACNH]
Tuesday : 10pm-1am [Community Games]
Wednesday : 10pm-1am [ACNH]
Thursday : 10pm-1am [Community Games]
Friday : 10pm-1am [ACNH]
Saturday : 10am-1pm [Dead by Daylight]

And if you'd like to catch any of my streams, feel free to follow me at Absolute Yana Twitch

I'll be posting more about streaming stuff as I feel like it would be helpful for anyone who is new to streaming or what's to learn anything about streaming, but of course, do keep in mind that I am also very new to this, so, I am essentially sharing what I have learned throughout my streaming journey.

Till the then, hope to catch you in one of the streams! Love ya, Boopies!


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