Answering Your Questions - 1st Year Stream Anniversary Edition

Friday, 15 April 2022

Hi there Boopies! Today I will be sharing a written down version of answering your questions during the 1st year stream anniversary that took place on the 9th of April 2022.

Before that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, Boopies, who have supported the stream unconditionally throughout the journey. I truly treasure and appreciate each Boopie!

So without further ado, let's get into these juicy questions;

1) Through this year of streaming so far, what have you learned?

I have learned that no matter who we thought we knew a person is, they may not actually be the person that you imagine them to be. They may treat you kindly but to another person they may treat them poorly and that may not sit well with your moral values which could lead to a certain amount of disappointment.

"How one person treats you, could just be how they treat you but how they are with other people may not sit with your moral values"

The second thing is, everyone has their own opinion, and their opinions are formed based on their life circumstances, so it is best to be open about everyone's point of view. Whether or not one agrees with them, that itself is a different question, but just be open enough to have a discussion as there's always different ways to solve an equation.

Most importantly, not to shove down an opinion to others who may have views that differs from others!

Thirdly, getting better at tech issues that comes with streaming for a year. Lots of Googling up stuff and having our amazing mods problem solve issues. Oh! And getting to know other streamers with how they run their streams and how each community plays its role.

Then there's also the part where I got to expand my knowledge about other people's culture because Boopies are super you guys spawn from everywhere around the world.

Super glad to have e-meet you all!

Lastly, mistakes are bound to happen, if mistakes don't happen then there's little progress. Still trying to fix the need to "overthink" hopefully by the time we hit our 2 years anniversary, I will be better at handling things without overthinking and being afraid of making mistakes.

2) What are your best & worst memories on stream?

One of the best memories is growing the community to where it is now. No lie... And then, I would say that the trust that you guys put in me by sharing your own stories, makes me really happy and motivated in many aspects of life.

And the other best memory would be our first/second Overcooked II stream where Boopies and me were just losing our minds and laughing till we could not even breathe properly. It was such a simple memory, but the joy and serotonin boosts that we had that night was just off the roof!

The worst (not really the worst) memory will probably be having misunderstandings with some viewers. It hurt me when they thought of me negatively. It really caught me off guard but like I mentioned earlier, some people may have different views and ways of interpreting things, so misunderstandings are bound to happen. I am glad however that we still managed to talk and clear the murky waters.

3) What would you change about yourself if you could?

I really want to change how easily I am affected by my surroundings and circumstances. I would love to be more stern with my actions and dedications regardless of whatever external issues that is taking place. My soft-heart would probably be my downfall one of these days, so I am hoping that my personality and actions to achieve my dreams will have a good balance. Whereby, I am still intact with myself, my emotions and my life goals.

More things that I would love to change/fix are probably my procrastination and overthinking issues. LOL

4) What really makes you angry?

Not really angry angry, but I do get annoyed easily. I, for one, do not like to be told what to do (even if it is for my own benefits). Still trying to fix this temperament though. Also, there's the part where if I have to repeat myself more than two times, I get annoyed. Like it is all fun and games, but when we need to get things done and other parties are not does get frustrating. Oh! I really do get angry when I see someone else getting stepped on. There's that!

5) Have you ever had a secret admirer?

Yes, but it wasn't that secretive. I had 3, but I only can remember 2 stories. Both were back in secondary school and both were my classmates. It was like the clash of classmates, pretty dramatic scene but thanks to whatever that happened, I didn't dare to confess my feelings to anyone (even if I had a crush on someone at that time) because I was afraid that something bad might happen to them.

6) What is the biggest achievement you made throughout the 1 year streaming?

Boopies! Boopies (the community) is my biggest achievement in my streaming journey. Who would have thought that a little old me, could build a community that is so supportive and wholesome? If anyone asks me, my biggest achievement would be growing this community.

7) What makes you the happiest?

Compliments, a sense of approval for the things that I have done accompanied with some loving head pats. Yes, I am a cat stuck in a human's body.

8) If you had one day left to live, what would you do first?

Ask for forgiveness from my mom, my sister, my close family members and my partner. Then, sell off a kidney or two to travel to South Korea to meet MAMAMOO. Then, I can die, peacefully.

9) Do you have any regrets? What’s your biggest one?

Two biggest regrets would be succumbing to my friends "bullying" and betraying my grandma and the other would be not going all the way through with a K-Pop dance audition because if not, there's a 50% possibility that I could be in South Korea now.

10) If you could go back to any age or time of your life, what age or time would it be?

Early twenties, when I had the chance to audition for that K-Pop industry.

11) Which was your favorite island in making?

I swear, it has to be the Japanese Island. That build pushed my imagination to a whole other level and ever since then my builds have been getting better (or at least that's what I think). On that note, I would say my absolute favourite build would be the current Shino's Shrine.

12) Favorite villagers? For each personality?

Lazy - Beau
Smug - Raymond
Cranky - Fang
Jock - Rudy
Snooty - Olivia/Whitney
Peppy - Felicity
Normal - Pekoe
Sisterly - Fuchsia

13) What do you wish that Nintendo would’ve added to the last major update?

More villagers! Like maybe 5 more? Or even a bigger island, possibly? And I honestly wish that they added Kapp'n boat into the list of furniture items instead of just the yacht!

14) If you could, who do you wish to have a collab stream with?

Naive Mushroom! She is my favourite streamer on Twitch. Like I literally binge on all her streams in the morning, so if I ever could collab with another streamer, it would definitely be Naive.

15) Will there be any future plans for other gaming series if let say you have been burned out on ACNH?

I would say Genshin Impact, maybe? But I am really not sure if I could ever get burned out from ACNH as I really love to decorate and the aesthetics of ACNH is right up my alley. So, if there is any other game that has similar vibes and aesthetics, I just might give it a try.

16) What is your goal you want to reach by your 2nd year anniversary?

Double up on everything? Does that count? Basically, if numbers were the factor, then double up in the amount of viewers per stream, followers in the channel, Boopies who are subbed. Also, to add on more content for the community, like live painting or even getting up and personal with how my daily life looks like or even just getting ourselves organized with some Marie Kondo-like content.

17) Does your mods piss you off during stream / community night / off stream?

No, they do not. I only have 3 mods, 1 is over the other side of the world, so time zone plays a factor there, the other mod is more of a silent killer as he mainly lurks and then, unfortunately, another mod is stuck dealing with my clinginess. So, if at all, I am probably the one pissing off my mods. LOL (I hope not)

18) As viewers have we pissed you off? This is excluding trolls, if so go through one instance with Who? What? Where? When?

This question was asked by Kavindu, so I am going to use him, as the example, just for funsies. No one has ever pissed me off by the way. When he kept pestering me about kicking off Billy when I had a hard time doing so. I was annoyed up to a point. LOL

19) What's a really popular game everyone seems to love but you don't like?

Probably Apex Legend? I just can't with super fast-paced games like that. I would just end up puking. But then again, I do not know many games, what is and isn't popular, so I am kind of limited in knowledge for this question.

20) What's a game you didn't expect to enjoy but ended up liking?

To be honest, ACNH. Back in 2020, when the game first came out, my partner was playing it and he was so hooked on it for two weeks that he (almost) completely forgotten that I existed. But once, he had finished the Museum tasks, his drive for the game diminished, and that's when he passed the game to me. I didn't know terraforming was a thing, I was just trying to get by with the second character and doing the dailies. Then when I found out about the ability to terraform and hunt for villagers, I was completely hooked ever since!

21) Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of something so you could play a game?

Nope, I have not. I was never a big gamer most I was an addict to Mobile Legends but even then I did not had the need or the want to call in sick just so that I could play the game or any other game at that fact.

22) What is the longest amount of time you have sat playing games non-stop?

Probably 18 hours? When I was obsessively hunting for Raymond in ACNH.

23) Would you give up video games for life and receive $500,000 in cash, or would you refuse the money?

Yes...because art is my main drive in life. Video games, are just extra form of entertainment for me. So if you were to say that I'd have to give up art for life and receive that amount of cash then I would reject the cash. And yes, I do realize that, that also means that I won't be able to play ACNH anymore, but I still have art and I can make art around it. Like turn ACNH into a board game, maybe?

24) If video games didn't exist anymore, what would you do?

Play with art! And maybe be more active outdoors, because I love hiking or just taking a walk in the park, so I might have more time for outdoor activities.

25) Has your family ever negatively judge you when you suddenly drop from your stable job (even though if its stressful) to suddenly selling crafts and be a streamer?

The answer to this will be no. My family especially my parents has been very supportive throughout all my career choice. In fact, whenever I decided to dive into something both my parents would be extra encouraging and sometimes even making sure that I go through it all the way.

Can't say the same for my other relatives, but they all knew that art or anything related to art would be my go-to choice of career. So, both them and me have to just deal with it.

26) Have you ever fart in an elevator?

No...I have not...I have burped..but not fart in an elevator. If I did, I would probably just hardcore blush and excusing myself in a panic mode.

27) What is your most used word when you are angry?

You b**ch? Maybe? Honestly, I don't even know.

28) If you were a criminal, what sort of criminal would you be?

A killer, maybe? Don't need to explain further....

29) If you wrote a song one day what would that song be about?

1 it would be like a memoir of my dad and then the other song would probably be about me, my personality like a fun-diss song maybe?

30) Where do you see yourself 30 years from now?

Reaping the benefits of all my hardwork! Just enjoying life and taking things slowly. Probably exploring the world with the money I have by then.

And that's all the questions that I had to answer this time! If any Boopies feel like they want to get to know me more, feel free to drop your questions in the comment section below or join us on Twitch at and ask your questions at there.

Till the next time, the curious minds of Boopies are triggered, I shall leave this Q&A as it is for now. See you Boopies! Love ya!

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