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Celebrating Butterfly Project Malaysia 6th Birthday Party

OMG! Butterflies, unicorns, mermaids were all truly showered with blessings last month as Butterfly Project Malaysia celebrated their 6th Birthday Party with the official hashtag #butterflyturns6. So, if any of you would love to bless your eyes with the beauty of other butterflies just find them through that hashtag. 

It was my first time ever attending a birthday party that themed with the most beautiful Garden of Spring. And I kid you not, that most us looked like we were ready to walk down the wedding aisle that day. 

This never-ending celebration was made possible with the utmost efforts and dedication by Tammy Lim, one of Malaysia's top Beauty Blogger. Tammy is very well known in the beauty community, and more often than not, we, her underlings, refer to her as Mamasan. For me, especially, I always title her as Mother of All Butterflies / Mythical Beings.

Of course, credits and applause needs to be given to the butterflies themselves too, simply because each and everyone of us whom attended the party had to chip in to secure the venue. Truth be told, I was initially worried if there will be a hitch with everyone coming together to make this event happen. But I was extremely happy when I saw so many Butterflies all fluttering in. Go Butterflies!

By far, this is the best Butterfly party! Each party organized tops the previous one. If you are also a budding beauty blogger, I would highly suggest for you to join the BUTTERFLY COMMUNITY...there's just so much of fun experiences and opportunities that awaits all its members.

Like I've mentioned earlier, the theme was Garden of Spring, just think of a chic goddess floral wedding vibe and the main colours were nude, soft pink, grass green and white. Coincidentally, I had a sea green/teal gown, without hesitating I decided to wear that for the Butterfly 6th Birthday Party.

Because my gown was pretty plain, I decided to go a little extra with my makeup. Inspired a little bit by Pony's Coachella makeup look, I created my own version of a 'mermaid' goddess.

How do you like my makeup and overall look?

I feel like I blended in pretty well with the whole event's theme and decoration, speaking of which, the decorations that were done by Avantgarde Blooms and The Blossom Balloons, and I must say they did a great job at it! Just look will be mesmerized by the beauty of the floating balloons and the blossoming flowers at every corner.

Seriously, if you were looking for wedding theme inspirations, just keep scrolling through; you'd be amazed by the whole setup.

Before the event even officially kicked off, Butterflies were already receiving so many gifts! Our designated seats were beautifully decorated and prepared with multiple gifts from the sponsors and also from the Mother of all Butterflies too! 

Mamasan Tammy, prepared a simple yet beautiful necklace and handmade all the corsages for the Butterflies. There was also a birthday box that was filled with Yves Rocher products, a cute flower wand acting as our selfie prop that was made by The Blossom Balloons, an individual birthday cupcake with a candle by Jom Party, a handbaked and handdrawn sweet macaron by Macarons by Madeleine and a flower crown kit by Avantgarde Blooms.

Like I said, there were plenty of gifts for us Butterflies all thanks to the generosity of the sponsors.

Our Birthday party kicked off with a continuous wave of laughter thanks to Malaysia's funniest comedian, Joanne Kam. This was my first encounter with Joanne, and I'd highly recommend you to buy a ticket to any of her future shows. Trust me, you'd be laughing your ass off, especially if you dig sexual contexts. You are in for a dirty treat, for sure.

I don't feel like it's right for me to share any of her jokes here, just because I am confident that I won't be able to convey the joke as well as she did. Hence why, you should get in touch with the real deal, herself.

Oh! We weren't the only ones that were receiving all the goods, for making a special comedic appearance, even Joanne Kam was showered with multiple gifts by all the sponsors.

Right after, there was a short but sweet speech by Tammy herself; thanking everyone who attended and even the sponsors who put in a lot for us, the butterflies. She also took some time to brief us about all that went down before the event, what was about to take place during the event and what we need to get down to business to after the event.

Us, Butterflies, got the chance to upgrade our chic floral goddess look by adding our very own floral crown with the guidance of Avantgarde Blooms's queen herself, Emi Goto. 

I was surprised at how the party quickly turned into a flower flee market when all of us were asked to pick our own favourite bunch of flowers that were prepared by Avantgarde Blooms. Everyone were busy picking up their own set of flowers and meticulously creating their own versions of flower crowns at the dining table.

How do you like my crown? I did a reverse crown as I felt it would look more sea-creature like; just like the axolotl. 

These were some of the other floral crowns that were customized and created by the Butterflies. 

Aren't they all just so pretty? Both the queens and their crowns, I mean.

What's a party without a variety of food, right? Well, we were in great luck as Mamasan got in touch with Lydia, the founder of Jom Party. Jom Party literally filled the long buffet table with not only yummy finger food but also took some time to make sure they were beautifully presented too.

My favourites were the cheese spread and bread sticks, pasta in a cup and the grilled garlic breads topped with seafood spread.

Also joining in the food and beverage section was a special pop-up booth set up by T-Sticks Malaysia. Now, this is for the tea lovers, because gone are the days of tea sachets, tea spills, using a spoon to stir tea. 

Each and every one of us Butterflies got to smell-test their variety of T-Sticks and essentially picking out our favourite flavour/scent to be brought back home. My instant favourite two were the Minty and Fruity ones. Although I had a really strong pull towards the Minty one, I felt like it was meant for a once-a-week-wind-down tea session, hence why I went for the Fruity one, so that I could enjoy every day while spiking up my energy.

What makes T-Sticks different from other tea-producing companies? The fact that you'd simply have to tear off a clear plastic cover and then place the T-Stick into your cup of either plain/cold/warm/hot water and watch the tea fuse out of the packet. The packet itself also doubles as a stirrer so you need not take out another kitchen utensil just to make your perfect cup of tea.

I feel like it's a perfect solution for lazy tea lovers like me. 😉

Lastly, allow me to give out a special shoutout to Yves Rocher for being so generous not only to me but also to my followers, as we were able to enjoy 50% discount on a single receipt of product purchase from any of the Yves Rocher outlet.

The discount was like a cherry on top of a cake, as Yves Rocher had already gifted us with 3 full-sized products; an Anti-Pollution Detox Micellar Shampoo, an Hydra Vegetal Ultra-Fresh Cleansing Gel and a Concentrated Shower Gel.

As I make my way to close this beautiful event, I would like to thank, once again, Yves Rocher, T-Sticks Malaysia, Avantgarde Blooms, The Blossom Balloons, Jom Party, Joanne Kam, the Butterfly Project Community and, the biggest thank you, to Tammy Lim for making our Birthday Party the most precious event in the year of 2019.

Here's to wishing that the community will continue to blossom beautifully. *Cheers*

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Monday, 13 May 2019

JOUI, The Women's Premium Sanitary Pads

Hi there ladies, yes, this post is dedicated to all the beautiful ladies that drops by to my blog. Men, don't worry, you can stay and read on too because nothing says sexier than a man who knows how to take care of his lady.

Today, I will be introducing you to JOUI, the women's premium sanitary pads. sanitary pads aren't bling-ed up the way you are thinking rather it is about its premium packaging that can not only turn heads of the curious minds but still attends to your womanly needs in the most discreet way.

What am I talking about? Well, have you encountered a situation where you have to sneak out your sanitary pads and quickly hide them in your pockets before anyone else notices it? I have, one to many times, in fact.

With JOUI, you don't have to shy away because unlike other sanitary pads, this pads are packaged in individual packets. And believe it or not, at first I thought it was some tea packets by the looks of it.

This is how each packet look like...

Talk about premium and convenient to carry around, right?!

Now, you tell me if this doesn't look like some food/beverage packaging. These 3 premium packaging also differentiates the purpose of the sanitary pads. Pink (small) packets are pantyliners, white (medium) packets are for day time and black (large) packets are for night time.

Okay, time to spill the beans, who here avoids changing their sanitary pads in public areas like when you are at the mall just because you find it to be a hassle to throw away the used pads? I am totally guilty of it...and this totally sucks; more importantly unhygienic and unhealthy for Miss V.

Once again, JOUI takes that worry out of our hands as the packets themselves acts as a disposable bag for the sanitary pads. So, it won't look (and feel) unpleasant for the next person that is about to use the bin.

Warning T.M.I : Like seriously, why would you just roll your sanitary pad without any tissue or paper and just dump it into the bin? I know and understand that every woman have to go through the Niagara Falls of Hell on a monthly basis, but we don't need to see each other's blood bath.

The reason why JOUI emphasized on the packaging part of sanitary pads is because removing individual sanitary pads from the usual brands' packaging isn't as hygienic as you think. All the usual brands doesn't fully seal individual sanitary pads but JOUI does. And that for me, is another winning point.

For JOUI sanitary pads itself, they have a soft and slim cotton surface, which actually makes you feel like you are almost-not-wearing anything. It is very airy too! In terms of absorption, I would say that it does the job quite brilliantly; I know this because I had my monthly fair share of hell just a week ago, which allowed me to personally test the new sanitary pads in town.

Oh! Before I forget, another winning point is that JOUI sanitary pads have Cozeft Technology which promotes 5 benefits like nano silver, negative ions, analgesia, rejuvenate cells and far infrared. These are too scientific for me to explain, but all I know that JOUI sanitary pads are perfect to use even for those who have skin sensitive issues (down there).

You can check out their website for more info but before I end my praise for JOUI, please do make sure that you are following JOUI on their social media accounts as they will be officially launching this premium sanitary pads on the 17th May 2019 and if you invite fans to register at their website, you will be able to get a 1 month set worth of supply from JOUI! (Terms and conditions applies, of course!)

JOUI Official Website:
JOUI Facebook:
JOUI Instagram:

Bonus: JOUI literally stands for "Joy of using it" let us all be a fearless and a proud woman with JOUI.


Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Book An Underwater Mermaid Photoshoot with Clarah How

OMG!!! Finallehhhh...I am living up to my dreams of becoming a mermaid with my recent underwater mermaid photoshoot with Clarah How.

Yes, it is also possible for you, mermaid lovers, to finally wear a beautiful mermaid tail and swim around the pool! Thanks to Clarah's latest passion and hobby in shooting underwater/mermaid concept, I was able to dive in deep into the world of the mermaid fantasy.

If you are wondering who is Clarah, she is a freelance photographer that I have known for the past 4-5 years, ever since I started modelling. Friendly and highly accommodating, she is. Definitely, one of the easiest bunch of photographers that I can work with.

I was lucky enough to test-run two underwater sessions with Clarah; one was a casual underwater photoshoot and another was a mermaid photoshoot. Please don't ask me to pick a favourite between the two sessions because it's impossible to do so.

My close friends and family knows how much I love playing in the water; so much so there were countless times where I would even play in the rain. As long as I am in the water, I would love it!

Since, I started off with the casual underwater photoshoot, allow me to share a few pictures that I really fell in love with, during that session.

Casual Underwater Photoshoot

For this shoot I was given the freedom to wear anything I wanted and so I decided to wear a white long top with a black corset. Why specifically this outfit? No particular reason, just that I saw Gigi Hadid wearing a similar combo before and I thought that it looked really cool. I also did change to a sheer swimming top (borrowed from Clarah) for the second half of the shoot.

I was also able to play and swim around with long pieces of coloured-sheer-cloth that was prepared by Clarah herself, as prop.

 Aren't these pictures super cool? I believe they are.

Mermaid Photoshoot

For the mermaid photoshoot, I just D.I.Y-ed a little bit on my existing pink swimming top by sewing a necklace on it. When I saw the variety of mermaid tails that Clarah had, I instantly made my decision to put on the black mermaid tail. There is just something about black mermaid tails that gives off the mystery vibe; to me that is.

I know some of you are wondering what other coloured-mermaid-tails are there, allow me to enlighten you for a bit. She has black (obviously), red, purple, green, blue, rainbow, pink and blaze coloured mermaid tails.

I must add in that I am unsure if she has added more mermaid tails to her collection or not, but feel free to ask her that yourself on her Instagram handle:

Here it is people...the Mermaid Yana!

Honestly, it is not easy to swim around with a huge tail (unless of course, if you are already used to it), while making sure that you can hold your breath for as long as you can without drowning yourself, and still keep a calm/curious/sweet face for the camera.

One thing for sure is that after that session, I kept practicing on my 'body waves' to make sure that I can swim more smoothly underwater.

Don't worry, even if you don't know how to swim with a mermaid tail, Clarah can guide you about the basics. That's how I learned to swim in the mermaid tail quickly.

If you are looking for a photographer that focuses in underwater photography, then Clarah How is the person to go to. I am not sure if I should drop her contact number here but like I mentioned above, you can contact her through her Instagram or Facebook account.

Oh! And also, if you are just looking to rent or buy mermaid tails, you can contact Clarah too!

I hope I can shoot one more time but for the next round with my very own mermaid tail. It would be another dream come true to actually own a mermaid tail. So till my next underwater mermaid photoshoot, happy swimming all my dearest mermaids! 


Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Travel To Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort

It's been awhile since I last updated a travel post, and my last year's trip to Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort wasn't as impressive as I'd thought it will be. Read on that you'll know what exactly to expect if you are going to choose Avani as your stay.

Don't get me wrong though, the view and the shower (yes...the shower) is amazing. Indeed it was very therapeutic. But what bothered me just a little bit was the fact that the walls had many spots of paint peeling off and curtains weren't changed to newer ones; as there was visible cigarette burnt marks.

Now, normally these little defects won't affect me or my experience of staying at a place, but I just thought of pointing it out as I do realize that there are travellers which are more 'particular' when it comes down to even the smallest details.

When I walked into my room, I was greeted by a beautiful swan couple. A little bit awkward since I was alone, but hey, at least you'd know how it would roughly look like when you come in for a honeymoon stay. Or maybe they will do a little more in terms of decoration, I don't know, it's best for you to call them personally and check what do they offer for Honeymoon deals.

The bathroom was what turned my perspective around; although I am usually not picky, I hate to admit that I get very agitated if the toilet isn't well taken care of (my experience in Thailand, was horrible as the hotel my parents and I stayed at had horrible bathrooms! Can you imagine, you had to squat in the tub to take a proper shower, and if you were big in size you'd probably had to squeeze yourself into the tub. My father even hit his head multiple times with the shower head. The flush weren't properly working and neither were the sink taps --- the horror that I wish will never befall any of my readers). Thankfully, Avani's bathrooms were well-maintained. Even the shower felt like I was playing in a rainfall.

The highlight of my stay at Avani was the sea view that my room came with. Be it, sunrise, sunset or even the night view, I was always accompanied by beautiful sceneries, the calming sounds of the waves hitting the beach and the occasional birds flying by. 

It was so therapeutic that I could definitely stay in my room while enjoying the breeze at the balcony for 3 days straight with just a novel and some yummy food.

Speaking of food, Avani's breakfast buffet is delicious. Simple meals were prepared but definitely full of flavour. There were the classic Malaysian breakfast meals and really good taste-bud-tingling pastries. It's been awhile, but I remember filling up my plate with all their pastries; F.Y.I I don't enjoy sweet food as much; but I went all out because they were good.

During my 1 day stay, I didn't manage to dip myself in the pool, as there were too many people in the pool by sunset. Some, were swimming but I noticed that most of them were staring at the beautiful sunset. I did the same too, the only difference was that I was out of the water. 

Oh! Before I forget, if you do choose to stay at Avani please don't forget to visit HM Sri Bagan Sepang! You will enjoy the whole trip even more with all the mouthwatering seafood delicacies that they serve. It was my third time dining in at HM Sri Bagan Sepang, as I've been there twice with my former colleagues from Limkokwing.

Let me make a public service announcement, because if you are planning to stop by the beach near the seafood restaurant you'll need this fair warning. There are way too many beach bugs at there and ever since they started digging up the place to add more land, the bugs and every other insect had multiplied in number. 

I only went to the beach to take, more or less, 10 shots of the sunset, and I came back to my room (after dinner) with more than a dozen insect bites all over my legs. So its best to wear fully covered clothing if you were to go there or better yet, just skip the beach part.

Even though it was a really brief stay, I still managed to calm my mind and block out all the stress. If you are looking for a short getaway from the city, then you could also book a room for yourself at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort. 

I do sincerely hope that you will enjoy your stay at Avani and that their management will pay a little more attention to details especially the up-keeping of their rooms.

Till, my next travel post, have a good trip to all my fellow travellers!


Saturday, 20 April 2019

Beauty Review: NOVU Aesthetics Treatments x Butterfly Tea Party

On 30th March, I had the opportunity to join the Butterfly team for a little tea party while enjoying and receiving NOVU aesthetics treatments. Honestly, I was rather nervous because it has been months since the last I met the other Butterflies and of course, this was my first time getting a series of aesthetic treatments (after an extremely horrible experience of getting a facial treatment years back; which took me 6 months to recover).

Being a member of The Butterfly Project for more than 4 years now, it gave me the boost of confidence to actually give NOVU Aesthetics a try. Dare I say that I became a little more brave since there were other Butterflies around, some who were also trying out facial treatments for the first time.

If you'd like to virtually meet some of the Butterflies that attended this exclusive tea party with NOVU, don't worry, I've prepared their Instagram handles with our selfie moments.

P.S: Their handles are mentioned from left-to-right .

Of course, what's a tea party without a little refreshments, right? The super friendly and accommodating NOVU team prepared these cute little pastries, yummy finger foods and a very refreshing drink.

As each Butterfly took their turn to try out the treatments, some were busy chit chatting away while a few more were constantly snapping pictures and even 'interviewing' each other after they were done with their session.

We were truly blessed as we got to try 3 of their treatments on that day itself; whereby 1 of it was their newest treatment which is the Eye Revital Treatment. In my case, I got to try another one of their treatment which was the Ion Infusion when I visited them for the second time.

On top of that, us Butterflies, were also gifted with 1 Enliven Eye Gel which was worth RM193 and yes it is the same cream that is used in the Eye Revital Treatment. 

If you'd like to know more about all of NOVU Aesthetics Treatments, keep on reading...

NOVU Aesthetics Treatments

Based on the 3 main skin conditions; Colour (uneven skin tone and pigmentation), Consistency (skin roughness, enlarged pores and blemishes) and Contour (loss of skin firmness and wrinkles), the NOVU 360 Solution was invented. 

Once you go through a comfortable 1-to-1 session with the NOVU experts, you will be advised to a combination of different treatments to help eradicate your skin problems.

These are the aesthetic treatments that NOVU provides:

1. Eye Revital Treatment

This is a brand new treatment that was recently launched by NOVU. This treatment that focuses on the usage of energy contouring technology, stimulates collagen and lifts the skin around the eye area.

If you have fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes, saggy eyelids or even dark circles under your eyes, then this treatment will do great for you.

For me, the results were instant! Some of the wrinkled lines near my tear duct had reduced by at least half of what it was before, my eyebrows and the outer corner of my eyes were also lifted. This was quite easy to notice especially since my left eyebrow is usually flat (straight line), however, after the Eye Revital Treatment my left eyebrow became more arched. 

2. P+ Phyto Laser

This is a non-ablative laser treatment; which also means that it is a far less invasive treatment that works by heating up targeted tissue without actually destroying it. This treatment helps to stimulate your own collagen production to fill up unwanted skin imperfections. 

So not only this treatment will promote skin rejuvenation it will also reduce pigmentation and acne making your skin looking more brighter and clearer. Don't worry, although laser treatments may sound scary and the little prickly heat from the laser may make you shiver in fear, this treatment is gentle enough to treat a wide variety of skin types.

Plus! The NOVU experts will always ensure that you are comfortable throughout the whole procedure; even from before you start the treatments right up to after you are done.

3. Radiance Light

Now this is a treatment that will let you feel like a superstar being haunted by scary and obnoxious paparazzis, as the bright flashes will help to stimulate collagen production, kills surface bacteria while preventing acne and pimple formation.

And yes, this treatment also helps to lighten, brighten and even out your skin tone.

I kid you not, I was constantly squeezing both my eyelids together just to make sure I could enter a dark abyss as the 'flashes' were shining light upon my whole life. So, do make sure that you'd close your eyes shut too when you are receiving this treatment.

Note: The P+ Phyto Laser and Radiance Light Treatment is a duo treatment session which costs RM168.

4. Ion Infusion

This treatment I got to try during my second visit, and I can vouch that this is the most calming and cooling treatment in their book. Not only did it improve my skin's hydration but it also instantly calmed my skin making it smooth, supple and much more radiant.

For this treatment, they use their very own NOVU's Iontophorosis to infuse moisture and nutrients deep into the skin. If this treatment could last for a much longer period it would also be the perfect face massage there is in town!

Oh! Wait, I think I did not mention earlier that most of these treatments don't take long and even with a combination of treatments you'd most likely to be done within 15 minutes.

It's almost like Aesthetic Treatments On-The-Go.

5. RF-Fibrotaut

This is the only treatment that I have yet to try; but we were given a little bit of guidance of how this treatment works. Basically, the RF-Fibrotaut uses Radio Frequency technology to promote collagen production to lift and tighten the skin while plumping it from within.

This treatment also helps to expel toxins and improve skin micro-circulation at the same time.

I would probably try this on my next visit to NOVU; but my main focus is to make sure that my skin receives the hydration that it needs because I do have dry skin issues, and the current state of our weather isn't helping to ease my condition either.

Bonus point!

After each session, they would also apply calming cream just in case for those who have slight redness after-effects but more importantly they seal all the benefits of their treatments and protect your skin from the environment by putting on a generous amount of sunblock from one of the NOVU series.

According to Lisha (the second NOVU expert that attended to me), she normally uses this sunblock as her base for makeup as she doesn't even put on foundation and what not. So, I'd safely guess that you could do the same too.

I had the absolute privilege of being taken care of with much care and attentiveness by both NOVU experts, Rachel and Lisha. Both of them made sure that I was always at ease whenever they were doing any of the procedures; be it before, during and even after.

I became really enthusiastic after my first visit, so much so that I actually bought a set of skin care from NOVU under their Active series. Besides the Body Contouring Gel, I went ahead purchased the rest of the four products. It was also highly recommended by Rachel for my dry skin type.

And I have never regretted my investment in it as my skin has remarkably changed over the course of lesser than a month! No joke, I just added these products into my skin care regime and my skin stopped being oily, it is almost never dried out and my skin looks and feels much healthier now.

I am already excited for my next visit - definitely looking forward the next Ion Infusion Treatment. What about you?

If you are equally as excited to try out their treatments and see the instant changes for yourself, then please do make your booking with NOVU Aesthetics at Sunway Pyramid. [inside Parkson]

For more info, check these links out:


Sunday, 14 April 2019

Beauty Review: Althea Waterful Green Bamboo & Skin Relief Calming Cream

Hi there everyone! Remember the last time I introduced two products that could help you win against the extreme heat we are suffering from? Well, I have even greater news to unfold as I have two more products that can help you calm your skin and boost moisture while you are it!

It's no other than the much loved and praised Althea's Waterful Green Bamboo pads that helps to quickly boost the level of moisture in your skin and the Althea Skin Relief Calming Cream which moisturises while soothing your skin.

Allow me to introduce these products, I shall first begin with;

You can use this bamboo pads as a toner and/or a facial mask. I personally prefer to use this as a mask, although as of 3 days ago, I have been using it as a toner, since I do not own a toner in the first place.

To use it as a toner, all you'd have to do is to pull out a pad with the plastic mini tong that is provided, and gently wipe the pad on your face; starting from the middle and working your way outwards.

I realised that this bamboo pad helps to smooth my skin texture allowing it to become a flawless base for my makeup. Of course, it also keeps my skin well hydrated throughout the day. My face has been producing much lesser oil in comparison to before. 

Which is a great sign; that shows my skin is sufficiently hydrated.

To use it as a mask ,like how I'd prefer to, I will use 3 pads (like the above image) targeting all my dry areas. I will usually leave on the bamboo pads on my skin for 10 minutes, right after I get back from work, when it's midday and the heat is just atrocious. 

And despite the heat, my skin will always feels much supple and moisturised, right after. You know how Korean artists usually have that dewy skin? Yeap! That's exactly how my skin feels and looks like after the short moisture-reboost-session.

If you'd interested to know, this Althea Waterful Green Bamboo contains Bambusa Vulgaris extract as its key ingredient along with Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark extract and Centella Asiatica extract.

  • The bamboo extract helps with the deep hydration.
  • The Willow bark extract has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that helps to gently treat your mild-troubled skin.
  • The Centella Asiatica extract helps to treat and repair damaged skin while soothing it.

Do not worry, all the ingredients used to make this product are EWG grade; meaning that they are safe ingredients tested and chosen by American environment NGO.

One tub of the Waterful Green Bamboo comes with 80 sheets of pad and it costs RM54.00. I would say that it is a good deal as each pad relatively only costs about 70 cents.

Will I be re-purchasing this product? Of course, I will. My skin has already improved so much thanks to this product addition into my skin regime. Even my partner agrees with me.

Now, for this product, it actually took me by surprise mainly because of the cooling minty effect that it left on my skin.

So, this calming cream is meant to be used right after your toning. It has a watery-cream like texture (or I would say a lotion-like texture) that absorbs really quickly into the skin. Not only does it help to moisturise my skin but it also helps to repair damages and irritations caused by the high-polluted air around us.

I would say that this cream really helps to lock down the moisture beneath while creating a barrier-like protection from all the harmful particles.

This cream is a little more complex in terms of its composition as it has more than 5 key ingredients; which is the Eclipta Prostrata Leaf Extract, Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract, Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract, Ficus Carica Fruit Extract, shea butter, hydrogenated lecithin, chamomile water, seawater, and Panthenol. 

  • Panthenol is a special substance that transform into Vitamin B when absorbed into our skin, keeping it hydrated and soothed, while it strengthens our skin barrier function.
  • Seawater has anti-aging properties that helps our skin to have the radiant glow.
  • Shea butter and the hydrogenated lecithin is known to have rich hydrating properties that nourishes the skin and forms a protective moisture barrier.
  • The Chamomile water helps to soothe and improve moisture retention in the skin.
  • The extracts that were mentioned above is the key factor in strengthening our skin, overall.

I would highly recommended this product for those who are dealing with troubled skin. For me, personally, on the days, when I am having to deal with the rise of pimples, I would add to this skin relief calming cream in my skincare regime.

This Althea Skin Relief Calming Cream comes in a 80ml tube and it costs RM44.00. Since, I am only using this product when there are signs of pimples about to pop up, I can definitely say it is worth the purchase as it would probably take a much longer time for me to finish this product.

Will I repurchase this? Probably, especially when I need it to calm the irritations on my skin.

If you'd like to try these products for yourself, you can purchase them by clicking on the respective links below;

If I do stumble upon more products that can help to re-hydrate and beat the heat, I will share them in future posts as well, so do make sure to subscribe to my newsletters to stay in the loop. 

Alrighty then, till next post, make sure to keep yourself hydrated from inside out!

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