Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Phantom Of The Opera In Malaysia

Hey there! Welcome back!

If you are new to my blog, "Welcome! It's a pleasure to have you here!"

Today, I will be sharing my experience of getting taunted by the Phantom of the Opera last month. Before I begin, allow me to share with you, one deep secret of mine; I wasn't a fan of the Phantom of the Opera back in my schooling days but all of that changed after the iconic musical that took place in Istana Budaya, Malaysia.

Just know that, no matter what I say after this, I am definitely getting myself the novel just to read and immerse myself back into the Phantom's World; as only now, I am able to enjoy "reading".

I was actually given the opportunity to even experience that tauntingly amazing night thanks to my partner...and yes, he is a major fan of The Phantom of the Opera; he was literally in tears throughout the whole show.

Being a lot more older now, as I was watching the show, it triggered me quite a lot because I can say that I relate more to the Phantom than any other of the characters. Like, I finally can understand his pain; being isolated, and even though you exist people tend to turn a blind eye to your existence so much so that they even make fun of you. And sometimes, when you are not even evil to begin with, people just love to portray you in a negative light.

Also, can't miss out the point where you put so much effort into someone and yet they just selfishly leave you because of your certain flaw. Yeap, you can tell by now that I was definitely triggered by the whole show.

I pretty much, summed up the show with that exposure on my life and the triggers...LOL

But I am not going to end the post just yet, because I also need to share with you how the whole amazing set up of the show was. Each change of scene was simply amazing; like it really draws you into a whole new world. 

And yes! There's an actual scene of the iconic chandelier falling from the ceiling. I kid you not, everyone in the theatre screamed a little, when the chandelier was shaking like an earthquake was taking place and I actually raised my feet a little when the chandelier dropped on to the stage. It was intense!

Their singing, obviously, was out of this world! Every note, every word of the lyric, literally was sung with raw emotions that you can feel the pain, the love, the excitement, the stress, the anticipation, the irony, the struggle, and the fear. A ninety degrees respectful bow to all the casts of the Phantom of the Opera for such an amazing performance.

Seriously, if you have missed the show in Malaysia, please please please, book a ticket overseas or something to watch the show. It's like a one-time thing that is a Must Experience.

I won't babble any longer, because I am afraid of giving out too much spoilers although most of us had already read the novel at least once in our younger days...but yea...I really want you to experience it for yourself.

Like, seriously, the moments are so intense that it is way too easy to lose yourself away from the real world. I genuinely, hope that you'll enjoy, your very own Phantom of the Opera musical show!

“Love me - that's all I ask of you.”  - The Phantom of the Opera
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Friday, 12 July 2019

Places To Go: Marvel Studio - Ten Years Of Heroes Exhibition | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

You! Stop right there!

Are you a fan of Iron man, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Thor, Captain America or even Black Panther? Then I'd highly suggest that you quickly make a turn to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur as they are having the Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition, Marvel Studio!

Kid you not, you'd probably even turn into a Marvel fan yourself once you step foot into the exhibition.

I would rate myself as a 7 out 10 Marvel fan, simply because I have enjoyed all their movies. I am pretty sure I did watch the first Captain America and Hulk movies in 2011 and 2008, respectively, although the scenes are pretty sketchy in my head now, I am certain that I enjoyed them nevertheless.

Why the 7 and not 10 out of 10? The answer is simple, I am usually the type of movie goer that enjoys movie on their surface and don't really dig in deep of the characters' or the story line background. So, if someone were to ask me something in detailed about a Marvel character, I'll most likely turn into dust, as I would be blur as hell and probably be unfitting to occupy the space on earth as some hardcore Marvel fans may think of me.

But! I really do enjoy Marvel movies as a whole, and my favourite has still got to be Black Panther! Why? The simplistic reason for it is because " it's a feline"...the long-winded reason is because I was really pulled into the movie thanks to the amazing cinematography, the intense flow of the story line, the absolutely gorgeous futuristic fashion sense, the mind-blowing technologies and the wittiness in their humor. Like are you kidding me? If there's a real city like Wakanda hidden somewhere on this very earth, I would do anything to at least even visit it once in my life.

Ever since, mid of 2018, I have been diligently following (almost - I think) all of Marvel movies. And my movie-going-experience has even heightened after getting to know my partner, as he is a fan of movies. Like the amount of movies that I have watched in the cinema over the past 6 months has absolutely "overpowered" the amount of movies that I have watched in my entire life. That's crazy!

Anyways, coming back to the Marvel exhibition, if you'd love to dig in deep to the history and flow of all of the Marvel movies or even to simply see up-close and personal with the "highlights" of each Marvel heroes then this exhibition will be the answer that you have always been looking for.

Or...or...or even to bust your bank account wide open, you'd definitely enjoy the merchandises sold at the Marvel Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition. Even in my broke-ness, I still got myself the Black Panther Mighty Muggs which costed RM59.90. Not too bad of a price right?!

I took the opportunity to also get my partner his Spiderman Might Muggs and a Spiderman jersey. Yes, he is an absolute fan of Spiderman! (In my world, of all the people I know, he is definitely the no.1 fan of Spiderman).

Obviously, burnt a whole in my purse, but it was totally worth it! Hey, I even get to walk away with an Avengers ID...what's not to love about the whole experience. Oh! And you can start calling me "Lady Absolute" - that's my new superhero name now. What are my superpowers? No idea, yet... Let me come up with a background story and character development of some sort then I'll share that with you too, somewhere in the not-so-near-future.

Spoilers Alert!

So, what can you find at the exhibition? A dedicated space showcasing the whole timeline and synopsis of each Marvel movie, life-size models of the Marvel Heroes that are ready for an Insta-worthy spam,  a "wardrobe" walk through with Iron Man, experience the advance technologies of Marvel universe first hand and a whole space devoted to make your bank account go zero.

[Trying my best to keep the spoilers at minimal..hence why the very limited pictures]

Isn't it simply amazing?! I'm not sure about how you feel but I definitely loved every moment that was spent in the Marvel Exhibition.

We went straight to the Marvel Exhibition at Pavilion to purchase our entrance pass, and since we had our MyKad with us, we only spent RM48 for each ticket (if I am not mistaken, if you use Maybank debit card or something you'd get further discount on your tickets)

The Marvel Exhibition is at level 10, by the way!

Go have fun, you guys! The exhibition will be ongoing till October 2019. So, you'd have plenty of time to plan out an outing with your fellow Marvel-heads too!

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Monday, 8 July 2019

Places To Go: HauntU Malaysia

Hi everyone!

Omg, last weekend was full of activities! One of them being my horrifying experience at HauntU Malaysia. I am not even dissing, people. It's like a purely horrified emotion of having to step into a 'haunted' hotel right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

So before I go in further sharing my full experience of Hauntu Malaysia allow me to briefly introduce you guys to, in my opinion, one of the best team building activities ever!

HauntU Malaysia is an immersive horror experience with amazing theatrical actors, special effects, stages and scenes that literally fully utilizes all your five senses! Believe me, it gives you the CREEPS! 

Oh! Before I forget to mention, HauntU Malaysia is brought to you by Breakout. You'd probably have to Google up Breakout separately, because this is my first time experiencing any kind of "escape room" or even "horror maze". So, I, myself, am not sure what is Breakout all about, but I hope to find out for myself real soon, so that I can share that experience with you here, too!

Currently, HauntU Malaysia have prepared 3 episodes of horror; all revolving around the story of Colle Eastern Hotel in the 3 different eras of 1950s, 1980s and the mid 1990s. Each episode runs for a few months, not sure exactly how many months, but to find out about that you can follow them on all these social links:

Official Website:

I went for the second episode "The Tourist" which was set in 1957, the day that us Malaysians proudly chanted wildly "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!"

I was supposed to go for the first episode the week prior, unfortunately, my partner and his friends had planned to go on that Saturday; which I obviously can't make it since I work on Saturdays. Oh well, I still got to experience HauntU Malaysia, so that's good enough.

Is it really good enough though? Because right now, our whole team really wants to know what are the other 2 alternate endings. Yes! each episode have a different outcome depending on the choices you make during your stay at the Hotel. So....not sure, if the whole gang is going to go for another two rounds or will we just patiently wait for the 3rd episode to come out.

(There's a little cafe at the waiting area, just so that you can indulge before scaring the shit out of yourself)

I, for one, would love to 'die' over and over again, experiencing the horror. I kid you not...I am as faint hearted as the sole definition of it can be. And for some 'miraculous' reason, I was chosen to be "Aidil" of the day. Aidil is the main character that gets linked to the hotel.

Do you know, how terrifying it is, to walk in to a hotel that is so dark at 1 in the morning, and for some reason, every one you meet in the hotel recognizes you and you for all the reason don't know why or how they can actually know who you are??!!

I was literally in tears towards the mid-end. Laughing and crying at the same time, purely because I felt so terrified and I kept laughing, not being able to say a word due to the realization in my head that I was being ridiculously sh*t scared.

Every person you meet along the way besides your team members, literally looks fishy as hell...and you don't even know whether you are supposed to believe them or not, because after meeting them awhile, they keep changing from normal human beings to beings of the paranormal world, that you can only pray and hope that you will not meet any of "them" in the real world!

I cannot leave anymore spoilers in this post, just because I don't want to ruin the experience for you; but just know that, holding or blocking doors are not going to keep you safe!

The theatrical cast of actors and actresses in HauntU Malaysia are simply amazing! Big applause for all of them and the whole team behind HauntU Malaysia that made this happen. Seriously, a definite must to visit, even if it's just for one time sake!

If you are really curious to try HauntU Malaysia out for yourselves, I am going to leave some details below that'll be helpful.

Entree Charges
RM58 per player
*There's also a separate early bird and group pricing, so do check out their website or Instagram for more info on that.

Booking Limit
Up to 10 players per booking and maximum of 10 players can enter at any one time. If you have more than 10 players, you'd need to make a separate booking. (Which is what we had to do with our group of friends last week)

If let's say you have lesser than 10 players, then you'll be mixed with strangers during the session.

2-9, Level 2, The LINC KL,
360 Jalan Tun Razak,
50450, KL
Nearest LRT station: Ampang Park LRT Station

Operation Hours
MONDAY - FRIDAY(11am - 11pm)
SATURDAY (11am - 11pm)
SUNDAY  (11am - 11pm)

Yeap, that's all of the horrifying experience and info that I have for you. Do bring your friends or even office-mates along for this horrifying experience. You'd really get to know which friends of yours are worth to keep and who are just in it for themselves..LOL.

Once again, thank you HauntU Malaysia for scaring me guys are amazing!
[P.S: This isn't a sponsored post, we literally went on our own accord]

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

How To Bullet Journal

Hey you! Looking for some neat tricks and tips on how to bullet journal? Then you have come to the right place!

First and foremost, let me be frank that I have only been bullet journaling for the past 1 month, so I am not a professional 'speaker' for this subject matter. However, I'd thought it be great for me to share some of the positive and negative points of bullet journaling that I have come across along the way.

Well, technically, there isn't much on the negative side, but there are things that I would like to address for those who also wishes to dive into the wonderful world of Bullet Journal.

Before I begin, ask yourself first, why would you like to start a bullet journal? If your answer falls along the line of "wanting to organize my life", "I keep forgetting stuff", "I am not motivated enough to get things done" and etc, then with my arms wide open, I will warmly love to welcome you to join in on this Bullet Journal Journey.

It has to become a norm at this point in your life to always ask yourself first "Why" you would like to do something. If you figure out your "Why", may it be to improve yourself or to simply keep track of life, then everything else (should) fall in place the moment you step your foot in to 'it'.

So, at the very beginning, I told myself that I wanted to improve everything that I can about myself, that includes being organized, to stop the 'habit' of forgetting stuff and to keep churning my creative brain juice. Those are my core reasons for starting my Bullet Journal Journey.

Now, that we got the "Why" out of the way, here comes the "How"; which is pretty simple unlike what others might have said. All you'd essentially need is a notebook and a pen.

How to Bullet Journal?

Seriously, all you'd actually need is these 5 steps to conquer your Bullet Journal Journey.

1. Finding Inspirations

No idea what needs to be in a bullet journal? Me neither, at first! The best way to find the answer is by going through Pinterest and Instagram accounts that specializes in Bullet Journal. Just type in "Bullet Journal Ideas" and voilà you have your endless source of inspiration for your fresh bullet journal.

Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled upon, my now Bullet Journal Guru, Amanda Rach Lee. Ever since, I have been religiously following all of her Youtube guides on how to set up a bullet journal in all manner.

I also binge scroll on two Malaysian Instagrammers that blesses all stationary, scrapbooking and bullet journal lovers's soul; Queenie_Abelle and Sky Bambi. Thank me, later. 😉

2. Setting A List Of Spreadsheet Ideas

This is an important step as you'd be able to project what are the things that you would like to highlight in a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily manner. Usually, the spread ideas goes as follows:

Yearly Spreadsheet ideas includes yearly goals, saving goals, and mini monthly calendar to pen down all the future events in a simplified manner.

Monthly Spreadsheet ideas includes events calendar, monthly goals (specific targets to be accumulated into achieving your yearly goals), brainstorm of ideas, task and habit trackers.

Weekly and Daily Spreadsheet mainly includes planning out your activities, prioritizing each tasks according to the days and making sure to get them done on time.

3. Having A Basic Stationary Set

Like I've mentioned above, you don't really need to be fancy if you don't wish to because essentially all you need to start a Bullet Journal Journey is a pen and a notebook. For me, I personally, love dotted notebooks to act as my Bullet Journal because it gives me a lot of freedom to be creative with the space in the notebook.

But if you prefer a lined notebook, a grid notebook or even a drawing notebook to be your Bullet Journal, so be it. You do you! 

In my opinion, to start a bullet journal, what you'll need, is a notebook, a good quality pen (best if there's a variety in sizes), a few coloured markers and a roll or two of washi tapes; just so that we can be fancy with minimal efforts.

The stationeries that I use for my Bullet Journal are the Dotted Notebook that I got from Shopee, Sakura Pigma Micron set and Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighters from Stickerrific and a few washi tapes from Kaison.

4. Get Creative

No matter what we do, we always have to find creative and different ways to do something. Same principles applies to Bullet Journaling! Writing down notes and creating tasks for the next day, can get pretty repetitive and boring after sometime, and it will kill your interest in Bullet Journaling if you don't start getting creative with your contents.

One way to make you feel pumped up about your own bullet journal is to start by implementing themes into your monthly spreadsheets. Themes like butterflies, cats, desserts and etc. This not only allows you to be expressive in penning things down but it also helps to squeeze your brain juice to come up with something fresh every month; keeping your journal alive.

5. Don't Try To Be Perfect

Being a perfectionist in bullet journaling can be a pain at most times, because this will be the reason why you'd end up at a road block and essentially make you not wanting to continue bullet journaling. Learn to let loose, and enjoy the process of creating.

For me, I don't even bother to use the ruler to make lines in my bullet journal because if not it kind of beats the whole purpose of making the journal look very personalized. Perfect lines are factory made.

Fun fact is that, as you practice to draw your straight lines, along the way, you wouldn't even reach out for a ruler to create straight lines as you've probably mastered them already by then.

Like I said, enjoy the process of creating!

Where to Get Supplies?

Believe it or not, I actually love sourcing for stationeries, online! Yes, there are a few physical stores in Selangor, Malaysia that I would love to introduce you to, but (to me) I find them to be on the pricier side, hence why I tend to shop for most of my supplies online.

My go-to online source is Shopee! They have everything there and their price point is way more cheaper than most physical stores that I have been to.

For physical stores, besides Stickerrific, Jaya One, I have not explored other similar stores that specializes in Bullet Journal, however, I do have alternatives and you'd probably be a little bit surprised once I start mentioning them.

My go-to physical stores for really adorable and cool stationeries are mainly Daiso, Typo and Kaison; just recently I have been attracted to Ryo, Paradigm and Muji outlets for their collection of stationeries too and I am already in plans of getting an item or two from Ryo, Paradigm. (Will share pics of it here, once I get my hands on them)

If you'd still like to check out more specialized stores, here's a few that were suggested by Google:

Cziplee Bangsar
1 & 3, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

15-1, First Floor, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Pipit Zakka Store
11-12, Jalan Menara Gading 1, Taman Connaught 56000 Kuala Lumpur 

How To Get Creative In Your Bullet Journal?

Besides relying on washi tapes, stickers and fancy highlighters, you can also opt to put your sketching skills to good use; or at least train your sketching skills. For me, I am still trying to find the style that suites me best, and so far the only one that is sticking best with me is the black and white theme.

I love simple layouts, so, I am still exploring all the minimal spreadsheet ideas and over time, I will surely be adding more sketches and doodles into my Bullet Journal just to spill my creative juice into it.

Like I've mentioned in the beginning, you can start off small by adding simple themes into your monthly spread, this will keep you hooked up with your journal. Remember I did say that repetitive actions can cause you to burn out or lose interest rapidly.

Trust me, if you'd hit a road block, just Pinterest for a good 10 minutes on the subject matter and you'll be inspired right back!

Additionally, I have also created a new spreadsheet for July that consists of 4 pages for me to purely doodle my heart out. This is just a section I added on to my Bullet Journal to kick start my Creating Characters goal. I am starting off really small here, as I am doodling by themes, since I have yet to find my own style in art.

It's a good practice, for sure.

Try Digital Bullet Journal!

This is on my bucket list of things to do too. Last week, I saw Amanda Rach Lee trying out Digital Bullet Journaling and I thought it was pretty awesome. It's really fascinating to watch her play around with it, as it was definitely 100 times faster than your regular bullet journal as most of the steps could be done in a simple 'delete', 'copy', ' paste' action.

If you are a strong believer in going green, maybe this would be the better alternative for you. As much as I love going green, there's just something about writing down on paper that gets me going rather than a screen of a phone or tablet.

I will also explore Digital Bullet Journal soon, so there will be updates for sure on this post.

Just to give you a little glimpse of the beauty of Digital Bullet Journaling, I shall share Amanda's video here.

Finally, here are my thoughts on Bullet Journaling:

1. Does a bullet journal really help in better management of your life?
Yes, if only you stick to your goals. If you are merely just writing stuff down but not checking them off the list, then in a way you are simply wasting paper.

2. Does your financial management improve?
It definitely will if it didn't already. For me, the first month was to track my expenses to know where do I spend my money the most, and this month I am able to allocate a specific amount of money for different categories of expenses after I had analyzed my previous expenses and earnings.

3. Is Bullet Journaling a bore?
Hell no! I get excited to check off stuff on my pages every night before I go to bed, I get really enthusiastic about it because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. And waking up the very next morning to spill out ideas that popped up in my dream or thoughts while I was in hibernating mode, feels really good.

4. Do you become less of a gold fish with a bullet journal?
Actually yes...I have lessen my forgetful habit by a whole lot! Since I am always with my journal, I barely miss out on things.

So that's it people! Thank you for reading all the way until here. I really hope that this post will inspire you to explore your own creativity and start your very own Bullet Journal Journey.

Till the next note, happy bullet journaling! 😍


Monday, 1 July 2019


OMG! I was at the 2019 Hyolyn 1st World Tour "True" in Kuala Lumpur which took place on 28th June at Menara PGRM. This whole experience that I am about to share with you was all made possible thanks to We Media Malaysia collaborating with Jazel Lim to find a lucky winner to attend the concert for free!

You guys, I am absolutely blessed in so many ways...and this just proves one of that moments! Honestly, my heart skipped a beat when I got a DM from Fritz, We Media Malaysia. I swear, I didn't even know about her world tour let alone to have the knowledge that she was coming down to KL last week, so when I saw Jazel's post, without thinking I just pounced on to the comment section and as I was typing out my plea, I was praying that my tiny comment will get noticed in the sea of comments.

"What are the odds?...Like seriously Yana...what are the odds?"

That sentence was constantly replaying in my mind that I just told myself to not be too hopeful because I really didn't want to bring myself down. Remember, the lower your expectations are the higher the chance of embracing the outcome when it is on the brighter side.

So, after I got the DM, now I had to scramble to find a partner to take with me to Hyolyn's 1st World Tour, because Dayana (the person who I tagged in the post comment) wasn't able to accompany me on that night as she had to fly off to Hatyai for a business trip.

I literally spammed quite a bunch of people whom I thought were into Hyolyn or the very least were into K-Pop, but unfortunately they were mostly misses. Until, I texted my ex-colleague, Haz, who wasn't only free on that night, BUT she is also a major fan of Hyolyn!

Double WIN!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Everything else... on the night of the concert, was simply PERFECT!

I will try my best, not to ruin the experience or fun for others who have yet to see Hyolyn singing her heart out with the mini spoilers that are in this post.

BUT OMG...her voice is just out of this world! Her raspy voice has captured my attention since 7-8 years ago and it's even that much more amazing when you hear it live. On the concert night, it was really hard for me to not close my eyes and just enjoy her voice even when it was in a fast track song let alone completely being swept away in the waves of her voice when she sang her slower songs.

Like the struggle was REAL! Here on one end, I am trying to absorb and enjoy all the amazing visuals of her gorgeous hour glass body, dancing moves, her little "hehe" chuckles and antics on stage; and on the other end, I am just trying to fully submit my soul to her voice.

No joke you my opinion, Hyolyn is definitely one of the world's best talents and if you don't know who is she yet, please do yourselves a favor and Google her up!

Hyolyn, started off the night by performing a very catchy remix version of "Paradise" and it was an amazing opening act! Right off the bat, I was mindblown. Her energy, her smiles, her dance moves, her incredibly strong and stable vocals were just on point!

Of course, in her concert that day she performed "Dally" and the crowd went absolutely bonkers because everything about that performance was just pulling you into a whole other universe. You'd really have to be in one of her concerts to feel what I felt, because you can tell that the crowd were anxiously waiting for it.

And she also performed snip bits of "Touch My Body" and "Shake It" for the SISTAR fans, obviously.

It was a little bittersweet moment for me, as I had once really wished to attend at least 1 of SISTAR's concerts, but that never happened so I kind of teared a bit when she performed those two songs. Nevertheless, hearing her perform it live was amazing! Crap, I don't know how many times have I already said "amazing".

On top of Hyolyn's "See Sea", "One Way Love", "Lonely", "Bae", the Queen also performed two of her own favourite OSTs, which 1 of it is also my favourite, and you wouldn't believe me but I literally cried when she sang my favourite OST "Crazy of You".

I completely immersed myself into that whole song...Haz was like giggling looking at how I was tearing up. There are multiple reasons as to why I cried; 1. I am a cry baby 2. I love that drama a lot! 3. Hyolyn's voice and way of conveying the song as a whole is like ripping your soul into pieces.

That two hours of my life is something that I will treasure forever...that's for sure! You know what's even more memorable about this concert? It hit me a week right before I turn 28. Who would've thought that I will be able to attend one of my favourite idol's concert before I hit 28.

After getting to experience Hyolyn's 1st World Tour "True" concert, now I am even more so ready to save up and experience Mamamoo and Hyuna's concert too! Wish me luck, you guys. Saving up requires a lot of sacrifices, so I really hope I am strong enough to resist all the temptations that comes my way.

Oh! Before I end my post, I will also like to encourage you to listen to Hyolyn's latest song titled "You Know Better". She sang it beautifully on stage that night, and the lyrics will just cut through your emotions for sure.

I really hope that whoever that is going to Hyolyn's World Tour will truly enjoy themselves throughout the whole experience. And not forgetting to count their blessings, because believe me, you will be blessed with her voice.

Happy touring the world Hyolyn!


Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Painting Party: Patternfull Delight

Welcome everybody to another art indulgence! Last Saturday, we had another round of fun and precious bonding time with the Painting Party Squad that joined the Patternfull Delight session.

Yeap, it's (somewhat) official! I decided to give a nickname to all of those who've joined any past or those who will be joining future Painting Party sessions at Hearty Party; Painting Party Squad (PPS).

The PPS got to enjoy creating this absolutely colourful abstract piece! And this time around the results were even more amazing as everyone re-created their masterpiece with their own twist to it. If you'd take a closer look (zoom in if you need to), one has puppy paw walking over their artwork, some had different types of leaves blooming from the corners of their canvases.

Definitely proud of everyone's hard work. Like no joke...the PPS in last weekend's session were really focused, so much so that I thought they were stressing out. But the Hearty Party team, quickly noticed that they were actually in meditating mode.

That's the beauty of art, people. Regardless of whether you have any artistic skills or not, art has a way to pull you into her world and without realizing gets you sort of addicted to the feeling of oneness with yourself.

I'd highly recommend for anyone of any age and any walks of life to join at least a session of Painting Party to see and experience first hand the beauty and fun side of art. Don't worry about creating an "ugly" (not my words, it's what others have said to me when hesitating to join a session) masterpiece, because in art there is literally nothing of such sort.

For the Patternfull Delight session, the Hearty Party Team put in more effort of capturing the precious moments of the whole session and I would like very much to share it with you here.

Oh! I'd also absolutely need to share this with you too, since at Hearty Party we are all about personalizing things, hence why we created this short process video of the Hearty Party Team prepping up for the Painting Party.

If you are curious about what is the next session going to be, these are the details:

Comment below with your contact details (email or hp number) if you'd like to join in for this upcoming Painting Party session, or you could directly leave me an message at

Till the next Painting Party update, have fun getting crafty!


Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Hand.BakeKL: Yummiest Home Baked Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes In Town

Welcome back! You'd better be prepared to get your cravings on high as today I will be introducing you to Hand.BakeKL, a Malaysian home baker that creates the yummiest cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies and etc.

If you have a sweet tooth or you just simply love a good taste bud tingling dessert, then this post will be perfect for you!

It's okay if some of you were to think I am being bias, maybe I am, but nevertheless the taste of Hand.BakeKL's savoury desserts are just that real!

You are probably wondering why I mentioned about being biased, well it is simply because Hand.BakeKL is run by my best friend Michelle. Michelle is from a family that bakes; almost all the female family members has that baking hands. So, it's not really a big surprise that Michelle makes really yummy confectioneries.

For Raya this year, I actually ended up ordering 6 tubs of chocolate chip cookies from her because they were just that good. 4 tubs of chocolate chip cookies and 2 tubs of double chocolate chip cookies.

The verdict and votes from those whom have tried these cookies are pretty evened out. Like for myself, I prefer the chocolate chip cookies rather than the double chocolate chip cookies, however my partner prefers the double chocolate chip cookies. I brought 2 tubs to Hearty Party, my workplace, as well, and they too had their own favourite choice.

The one verdict that remained the same was that the cookies were damn delicious and hard to stop reaching out for more once you start!

It's not only the cookies that were my favourite, Hand.BakeKL's cupcakes are to die for - not literally of course. My personal favourite up-to-date is the Salted Caramel Cupcakes. They were simply the bomb!

My second favourite is the Orange Lemon Cupcakes. Ughhh...just thinking of them is making me crave for them more. I'd probably should order some next week for my birthday. 

Michelle started off Hand.BakeKL with a few variety of cupcakes; and they were always in high demand. Well, once you have tried any of her home baked goods, you'd most likely keep calling her up for more too!

Oh! If you were wondering, Michelle also bakes for seasonal festivals and celebrations. So, if you have a birthday coming up soon or even a small gathering with family and friends, do hook up with Hand.BakeKL.

Michelle doesn't only focus on the taste of each confectionery but also makes sure that they are aesthetically on point! Just take a look at these beautiful and definitely delicious masterpieces.

As for the price point, I would say that she follows the market price reasonably, so you need not to worry about her baking goods to be over-the-top expensive. Being best friends, we only have 1 thing in mind when doing the things that we are doing, that is to give a memorable and a good time to whomever that is receiving our services.

I am definitely ordering more from Hand.BakeKL as they are many celebrations coming in the next few months, and I'd highly suggest you do the same. Even if it's just for trying out her baking goods.

Get in touch with Hand.BakeKL : 

Till the next post, enjoy each bite of savoury goodness!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Painting Party: Raining Galaxy

Hi there! Welcome back to another post for Hearty Party. If you do not know what or who is Hearty Party please do check out this post >>>  CELEBRATIONS BEGIN WITH HEARTY PARTY MALAYSIA

So now that you know who is Hearty Party, I am sure you would've also found out about the Painting Party. Painting Party is basically a fun learn-how-to-paint session that I conduct, on a weekly basis at Hearty Party. For June, our first class was focused and themed around galaxy.

I got to admit that I wasn't expecting compliments to flood in like a tsunami; although our team did notice a few things that we need to improve and upgrade.

These were some of the compliments that our team received:

"It was really fun and easy to learn how to paint"
"The whole class was super cool"
"I love how you've decorated this place"
"You're a really good teacher"
"You made it easy to learn"
 "This class made me want to pick up painting back again"
"The session was so fun"
"Wow, didn't know you guys will be serving so many refreshments"

Honestly, if I wasn't too tired that night, I would have probably cried when one of the students hugged me and gave a compliment. It was really heartwarming and it gave me an amazing boost of positive energy just knowing that I could inspire others to do things they are not used to.

It's really something I have been trying to do on my blog here and now I can even do it in my workplace. Truly blessed!

This whole Raining Galaxy Painting Party came to be with the extreme coordinated energy and mindset of the Hearty Party Team! Sincerely, for me, this is the absolute dream team. Even though for now there are only 5 of us, we still managed to make everything we do, successfully.

A week before the class, we prepared all the decorations and some of the decorations were even being finalised on the morning of the Painting Party itself. It was really a fun process even before the Painting Party started, I swear!

Raja, my colleague, who is the Event Manager of Hearty Party and myself had so much fun creating all the decoration pieces from the hanging galaxy, the backdrop, the chairs, the personalized name tags, table pieces and many more items throughout the week that we didn't even notice our lunch breaks and at times even our off-hours.

And it is safe to say, that the both of us including Aisyah, Admin and Secretary of Hearty Party, we will be having loads more of fun preparing for the second class which is the "Patternfull Delight" Painting Party which will be revolving around abstract and geometric decorations.

After setting up everything for the Raining Galaxy, we took our time mesmerizing or rather adoring our own hard work, all the sweat, climbing up and down ladders, painting, and crafting.

For the Raining Galaxy Painting Party, we prepared a Blue Soda Lemon drink accompanied with a Swiss Roll Cake, Muffins, individual ice cream tubs and a mountain of snacks just to make sure everyone was well fed at the end of the night.

The session did go a little over the time, but as long as everyone was enjoying themselves, we had no issues.

Just as the Painting Party was about to begin, I had to give a welcoming speech and some reminders, which tore me inside out, because I was so nervous to the point that you could probably see my heart beating out of my chest if I wasn't wearing anything.

But the party people that joined the session was so supportive that it killed my nervousness within the first 5 minutes. I am truly thankful towards everyone who were there that night, for that. 💖

Throughout the whole process of explaining and showing how to paint the Raining Galaxy, we also had time to interact individually, just so that everyone could really learn on how to paint their own masterpieces. Some needed extra help in adjusting, so there was I ready to help.

You all should really take a look at their galactic masterpieces! They were all incredible! Do take note that none of them who participated had art background, and yet they still managed to achieve this level of amazingness.

All in all, it was an absolute remarkable night! And I really wish that you too could feel and enjoy the experience in my future Painting Party sessions at Hearty Party.

The next two sessions set for June will be taking place on the;

Theme: Patternfull Delight 
Date: 22nd June 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 10am-12pm

Theme: Dandy Land
Date: 29th June 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm-10pm

If you are interested to book a slot/session please do send me an email at

If you are wondering who can join these Painting Party sessions, everyone from all walks of life are welcomed. If you would like to make a Birthday Painting Party Session, a Team Bonding Painting Party Session or anything at all, everything can be made possible. Just drop me an email!

Till the next Painting Party post, do stay healthy and happy!

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