Monday, 11 March 2019

Places To Eat: KyoChon 1991 @ One Utama

If you love Korean drama, artists, idols, culture and food, then you should not miss out trying South Korea's famous fried chicken restaurant chain, KyoChon.

I know, I am late as there were a super hype about it when it first opened its outlet(s) in Malaysia, but the crazy long lines always turned me off.

Yeap! Here's the truth, long lines doesn't make me curious and want to try their food. There are, however, many others whom I know that gets triggered (in a good way) with long lines at any restaurants; they'd actually queue up even if it takes them an hour or more.

No can't do that. I am the kind of person that would like to eat in peace, and crowded areas makes me feel suffocated. I'd rather skip the line and find something else to eat.

So, if you are truly into KyoChon, you would have already thought by now, "Then, how/why did I wait to eat at Kyochon; since there's always a long line for it?!"

Well, the answer is simple...

There wasn't any line at One Utama's outlet, although, it was almost full house. Thank our lucky stars that we were 15 minutes ahead of lunch hour. Also, I noticed before, that the KyoChon at Ikano has barely any queue; not sure if they just newly opened and many people don't know that they exist there, or Ikano-neans don't really fancy KyoChon.

Either way, I finally got to try the much raved about South Korean fried chicken. My other half helped me order, since he has already been there a couple of times.

This is what we ordered; 8 Soy Garlic Wingette and Drumette, 8 Red Pepper Wingette and Drumette, 1 Kimchi Fried Rice with Egg, 1 Steamed Rice, 2 Clear Soup, 1 Coke Zero and 1 Coke.

All in all, we paid RM67.30 for that whole set.

Do you want to my favourite out of the whole meal? Trust me, it is something that you would least expect! I know it's going to be weird, but my favourite dish out of the whole bunch is actually the Kimchi Fried Rice. How many of you saw that coming? Leave "I did" at the comment box below.

The rice was so flavourful and rather than having a heavy kimchi taste, it actually tasted more like sambal-fried rice with chunks of kimchi. The burst of heat, sour, salty and occasionally sweet taste really delighted my mouth and tummy.

Next in line, would undoubtedly be the Red Pepper Wingette and Drumette; just because you all know how much I love spicy food. It's actually a very tight race with the Soy Garliv Wingette and Drumette. But spicy food always wins me over.

Both tastes really nice, surely beats the regular fried chicken that we know of. Personally, I prefer these kind of fried chicken, simply because I easily get sick of flour-fried chicken or any meat for that matter.

Now, if only, KyoChon wasn't that pricey, I could probably enjoy this every other day. But since a medium meal upgrade would cost RM40 on its own, I would only be able to go there twice a month.

Don't get me wrong, the price is actually quite relevant to its meal; it's just that I am trying to cut down on expenses as I am trying to save up for a better future. So, if you are trying to do the same, then maybe keep KyoChon as a reward meal for your hard work after every two weeks.

No harm at enjoying and treating yourself to a good meal every once in awhile.

Do let me know if you think that KyoChon is overrated or it is worth the buzz in the comment box below. For me, the answer to that will definitely be worth the buzz to at least try once!

Happy eating!


Sunday, 3 March 2019

Beauty Review: Althea Makeup Collection

Before I begin introducing and going in depth of the latest Althea Makeup Collection, kindly choose a side, Sunrise or Moonrise makeup, and leave your choice and thoughts in the comment section below.

So, here I am yet again amazed by Althea's progress in conquering the beauty industry! On top of releasing skincare solutions, Althea has made its way up in the makeup section as well; with their latest collection which includes, 4 different shades of concealer, 4 different shades of lip cream tint, 2 spotlight eye glitters and an eyeshadow palette that consists of 8 highly pigmented colours.

Using the Althea's eyeshadow palette's name, Sunrise & Moonrise, I have created two different looks using all of Althea's makeup collection, which also includes the Petal Velvet Powder #23 Warm Beige and the Petal Velvet Sunaway as the base for my makeup.

Here's a short clip of how I used all of these items to create my Sunrise & Moonrise look.

Now, let's break it down to individual products on their application, pricing and my personal thoughts about them.

#1 Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer

It comes in 4 different shades; Vanilla, Ginger, Honey and Mocha. Each costs RM15 only for a 6gm tube!

This is probably one of the smoothest concealers that I have ever come across with. Best part, it isn't patchy! And I tend to use it both for concealing blemishes and as highlighters [a.k.a for face contouring].

Well, just so you know, I have tried like 5 concealer brands before and most of them didn't really leave a good impression for me, hence why, I stay away from even buying or having any concealer. I'd just stick to my foundation. But I guess that's about to change now, right?

But but but, I do think this line of concealer is mainly made for Asians; like fair to tanned skins. Allow me to explain why, I find that the shades are more on the lighter side, so probably even if a person who has tanner or darker skin tone than mine, would probably not be able to pull off the concealer as well as it will on my skin tone.

FYI, I am using the Honey shade for my skin and occasionally, I use Mocha to contour.

#2 Althea Watercolor Cream Tint

These babies also comes in 4 different shades; #1 Plum Cream, #2 Strawberry Cream, #3 Peach Cream and #4 Marron Cream.

I kid you not with its tinting effect! These babies lasts for a whole day long! Doesn't matter if you are eating oily-greasy food...the tint doesn't get off your lips as easy as you think it will. Yes it gradually fades, but it doesn't completely go away.

When I was done swatching these amazing vibrant colours on the back of my hand, the colours just simply refuse to come out [completely] even after using a cleanser with some force, may I add.

If you look closely at the next picture [spotlight eye glitter swatch, you can see the faded tint on the back of my hand]

And you know what? Each tint only costs RM20! So, even if you plan to get all 4 colours, you'd still probably be spending way lesser than getting lip tints from 3CE, Peripera, Etude House, Sephora and etc.

#3 Althea Spotlight Eye Glitters

If you love sparkles, then this eye glitters is a must-have in your makeup collection. There's two colours that you can choose from; #1 Gold Light and #2 Pink Light.

For me, I can't pick a favourite so I'm just going to have to buy both again when it runs out.

Usually, adding glitters near the tear duct adds on a little more definition and glow to your eyes. But you can always play around by using them as an eyeliner too or even as a highlighter. 

Each of these 4.5ml tubes costs RM24. Is it worth the price? For me, I think it does, simply because I won't be using it much, at least not on a daily basis, but more for special occasions. So these two bottles of Althea Spotlight Eye Glitters would last very long for me. And hey, the glitters are damn vibrant why not get it for some shimmering delight, right?

#4 BCL x Althea Sunrise Moonrise Eye Palette

Looking for a highly pigmented and zero-fall-out eyeshadow palette? This is your answer right here, of course, it would be great if they had more colours on their palette or is in the planning of producing more colours; because frankly speaking 8 colours ain't enough when you are this good of an eyeshadow.

The colours are definitely wearable for day and night occasions, you just got to be playful enough to mix them together. And don't worry of the need of using too much of the product for it to ''show" itself. A single swatch across your eyelids is all you need.

Trust me, you will fall in love head over heels with this Sunrise & Moonrise Eye Palette. Eyeshadows are never exactly cheap, because when it is cheap that's when you'd have to battle with a lot of fall-outs and no one has that much of time on their hands to keep wiping off the "mistakes". So, I do understand why Althea would price this amazing eyeshadow palette at RM140.

However, if you are quick enough, they are offering 30% discount for the limited eye palette. Just use their BCL30 code when making your purchase.

P.S: If you are wondering what or who is BCL, then you should go and Google up "Bunga Citra Lestari".

There you have it, my full insight of Althea's latest makeup collection. What do you think about this? Would you go on a shopping spree for them or would you rather not? Let me know in the comment section below.


Thursday, 28 February 2019

Beauty Review: Titi Kamal x Althea Body Sparkling Mist

Althea never stops to amaze me, and I can safely say that all Altheans are equally impressed with the line up of products that Althea has introduced for the past few months.

Just two months ago, I got my hands on Althea's latest body sparkling mist; which they had a collaboration with Indonesia's famous actress and singer, Titi Kamal. Yeap! The ever beautiful and talented Titi Kamal is the official ambassador for this body sparkling mist.

The body sparkling mist was designed to be as pretty and refreshingly scented as the actress-singer, herself. Formulated with the essence of rose, the light scent definitely lingers on for an hour or two before you'd need to re-spray.

If you are wondering what is the difference between perfume and body mist; the two most significant difference that I can point out is that the body mist has a lighter scent that lingers on for a short period of time and it is much cheaper in comparison to an average brand of perfume.

I will be honest, I rarely use perfume, simply because I have a sensitive nose. 1 pump of spray on me, and all hell breaks loose from my nose. So, my next best option, is to use body mists purely because of their light scent.

In fact, I have only recently started to use this body mist when I started to work around co-workers that smoke - heavily. The horrible scent of cigarettes linger on my hair, my clothes, my laptop bag and it's extremely annoying for me; especially when I have a meeting right after my work.

You have no idea how many times, the few people that I have met up with, has raised their eyebrows and even to a point asking me if I was a smoker. Major face palm moment!

Knowing that this isn't a good impression, I have begun diligently carrying around this Althea x Titi Kamal body mist and it has saved me from ever experiencing that negative situation again.

I prefer spraying the mist around my neck, my clothes and especially on my hair, because I feel the smell lingers on longer at that area. Also, on top of just adding on a new scent on me, I feel like the body mist actually helps to deodorize the odour that was previously stuck to me.

I do wish that the body sparkling mist came in a smaller bottle, as it would be easier to carry around. But no fuss, since I badly need it nowadays.

If you too would like to get your hands on this body mist, do click this link right here to make immediate purchase: Titi Kamal x Althea Body Sparkling Mist

Don't worry, it is definitely affordable as it's only RM35.00! See, it's an excellent saviour with the least damage to your purse.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Beauty Review: UNPA Bubi Bubi Lip

If you are looking for a daily lip scrub that delivers the perfect results, every time, then you should give this UNPA Bubi Bubi Lip a go.

After months of hearing and seeing other beauty bloggers and netizens raving about this bubble lip scrub, I finally took a time out and gave my lips the beauty spa treatment that it needs. Believe it or not, I actually bought this lip scrub several months ago; to be exact during my birthday last July 2018.

Yeap, I am a disgrace to my own beauty product collection. Leaving them helpless beauties stored away in the boxes they came in. I'm so sorry my lovely collection. Forgive me please?

Oh well, it's never too late to get riding on the rave wave.

So here is my review on the much raved UNPA Bubi Bubi Lip:

Firstly, I shall admit that I didn't know that you'd have to shake the product first before pumping it out. So, I found out one pump later that you actually have to shake the bottle first; or else you are going to end up with a runny liquid that does nothing.

After getting the right consistency of the product pumped out, I applied it generously on my lips. It glides effortlessly, and feels like a water-based-cream. It has a rather slightly minty scent to it.

You don't have to worry about the product running out of your lip area as you wait for it to harden up. Trust me, you will enjoy the little tingly sensation, for sure! I know I did.

It takes about a little more than 5 minutes for the scrub to harden up, from my experience. And once it has harden up, all you have to do is; using your finger gently rub the product and you will start to notice that your dry lips will start to peel off.

After that, you can easily wipe off the remains using a wet wipe or any tissue or even with your face towel. The only thing that is left to do, is to enjoy your plumped up and luscious lips.

The lip scrub really helps to create the perfect lip surface to apply any lipstick. Flaunt those lips and blow a kiss to whoever and whenever you want!

I bought my UNPA Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub from Althea for the price of RM40. If you'd like to order your very own lip scrub, click here: UNPA Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub

Monday, 25 February 2019

Travel Smart . Travel Safe with Travellers' Rescue Kit

Avid travellers says that this is the must-have travel item all year round! And I personally agree with them. Even though I haven't been travelling, I still have a pretty active (or rather I would say...hectic) lifestyle.

I was introduced to this travel rescue kit by the founders themselves; a Datuk and a Doctor. At first, I was skeptical about the efficiency of having this travel kit with me, but as February came along, I was sinking beneath the water, with all the workload that I had to deal with.

Never have I ever experienced headache before, but I am really thankful and lucky to have the travel rescue kit with me at that time. Within few minutes, my headache was gone. Damn, how do you people even stand headache? First time, experiencing it...and I kid you not, I was so agitated when I had the headache that I started 'pissing' at everyone that I came in contact with.

Oh! I should also share with you the time when the stress shot up. Do note that my body reacts very oddly whenever I am having stress; this includes from sudden tummy bloating to endless trips to the toilet. So, the other day, I was dealing with massive tummy upset due to my stress, and at this point I was hopping from one toilet to another at Publika.

Thankfully and luckily, once again, I had the travel rescue kit with me, I just popped a pill of Loperamide HCl 2mg which treats diarrhea and bloating, and within minutes the suffering ended. Initially, it was silly of me, for forgetting that I actually had the travel kit with me, in my handbag the whole time. But senses kicked in and I was saved.

By now, I'm sure you are wondering what sort of medications does this travel rescue kit carry, right? Well, allow me to break it down to you;

4nos of Paracetamol 500mg - treats headache and fever
4nos of Cetirizine HCl 10mg - treats allergy and cold
4nos of Loperamide HCl 2mg - treats diarrhea and bloating
4nos of Prochlorperazine Maleate 5mg - treats nausea, vomiting and dizziness
4nos of Aluminium Hydroxide / Magnesium Trisilicate 250mg, Simethicone 30mg - treats heartburn and stomach upset
2nos of Oral Rehydration Salts 5.145g - treats dehydration

And all these ailments are way too commonly experienced even on a daily basis, regardless of the fact of whether you are actually travelling or not. Hence, why I agree and believe in those avid travellers who vouch that this travel rescue kit is a game changer.

Best part? This travel kit only costs RM24.90! Yeap! It's that cheap.

If you too think that the travel rescue kit will be of use for you; be it in your daily life or for you future travels, then I'd suggest that you head on over to Travellers Rescue Kit to make your order.

Oh! Before I forget, I also heard that the Travellers Rescue Kit is open for people who want to earn a little side income, as they are looking for drop shippers. You can send them an email at to inquire more details.


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Places To Eat: Super Saigon Pho Cafe

This is my first time trying Vietnamese food and I can confidently say that I am loving their soup noodles! Last week, my other half took me to a Vietnamese restaurant in TTDI, Super Saigon Pho Cafe; don't worry it is completely HALAL.

As we walked in, I noticed there were so many tables filled with Muslim patrons. Not only it is halal but apparently, according to my partner, this is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in town. I would also absolutely agree with that statement.

I know I have never tried other Vietnamese cuisine before, to be claiming that it is the best; but I must say that the noodle beef broth and the generous chunks of meat is definitely beyond of that of an average meal.

I loved the broth so much, that I told my partner that if I ever have cravings for soupy meals, just don't ask me and straight bring me here, again. I am even in plans to bring my family here. I'm sure they will enjoy it too.

Since the both of us were really hungry at that point of time, and he already knew what he wanted to have, so I quickly made a decision to order the Beef and Tendon noodle soup. (FYI, I don't know if this is the exact name of the dish, like I said, I was in a hurry)

They were definitely generous with their juicy beef slices and chewy-goodness of the tendons. Usually, when serving odd pieces of meats like the tendon, I noticed that restaurants tend to serve only 1-3 pieces, BUT Super Saigon Pho Cafe actually served 7-9 pieces of tendons in a bowl!

Hence, why I said they are really generous with their portions on top of serving really yummy soup noodles.

I also noticed that no matter what was the combination of meat and other internal organs, the price was still the same. Maybe I glanced at the menu too fast or it is really priced as such! 

Don't ask me on the pricing of the meals just I didn't pay for that night's meal, so I really didn't pay much attention to the details. All I know is that I was enjoying the dinner and admiring the 3 different themes that were designed for the restaurant.

See, isn't it beautiful? For that night, we actually sat around the huge tree. Loved it and definitely it is Insta-worthy.

Should you try Super Saigon Pho Cafe? Hell yes! I don't even know what are you waiting for...

Go ahead, treat your tummy and taste buds to a good meal that it deserves. 

Location: 28, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year and Happy Holidays!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish everyone endless happiness and abundance of prosperity.

As I am writing this post, I am absolutely sure that some of you are already on your 8th winning streak, had already "lou sang" for the 8th time, and probably enjoying the 8th glass of wine while watching a classic oriental movie with the big family.

What's with all the 8s you'd ask? My Asian root is a little fuzzy, currently...but what I know from young is that the number 8 is always associated with the word "Ong" which also means luck (fortune). So, that's why you'd probably hear a lot of Asians using the number 8 in various occasion.

This year, the Lunar New Year came a little early for me as I went back to my "modelling era". Am I still a model? Or am I just someone who poses in front of the camera? Who knows...Why don't you tell if I should be a model or not, after you'd finish going through this post?

All I know is that a photographer friend of mine named Edmund Lee had invited me to do a CNY shoot and there I was posing in traditional and modern outfit while trying not to freeze over by the strong winds of Genting Highlands. 

I also got to meet a new photographer friend of Edmund's, Chia Chung Weng - who happens to be known for his photography in the cosplay scene.

Oh! If you are travelling to Malaysia and want to see some authentic oriental history and scenery, then I would recommend that you make your way up to Chin Swee Caves Temple @Genting Highlands.

But be well prepared with a sweater or jacket, as the winds can get pretty crazy at times up there. I remember the first time I met Edmund was 7 years ago during a similar CNY group shooting and we got close because he literally had to offer me his jacket as I was freezing in my Cheongsam.

Ah...such good times....

Anyways, I am going to make this post short and sweet by sharing with you some of the photos that were taken during 2 weekends back.

Before I forget, allow me to mention that because Edmund wasn't feeling too well, so he didn't have much time to edit much of the pictures, so rest assured that I will be updating this post as soon as there's more pictures.

So...What do you think of the pictures? Let me know your honest opinions about them in the comment box below and if I should continue modelling?

Till the next post, have a joyous and auspicious year ahead!

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Monday, 4 February 2019

CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch Introduction

Who else here watches the latest hot K-drama, "Encounter/Boyfriend", starring the ever beautiful Song Hye Kyo and the hot stuff Park Bo Gum? If you have, you would know about this magical product that I am about to introduce you to but if you haven't you should really go watch it!

The CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch has been stirring up a storm ever since it landed in the Korean Beauty World. Many Korean ladies and men have grabbed their own age-reversing and beauty enhancing device, and I don't see why shouldn't you do the same.

This LED eye patch is definitely magical as it not only brightens and clears your skin, it also reduces wrinkles and regenerates your skin cells. Just like how you'd go for facial spa treatment where they would beam LED or Lazer lights on your skin to treat it; only difference is that you can achieve the same results for a much cheaper price with excellent convenience!

Why convenience, you'd ask? Well, let's just say that you'd only need 8 minutes to receive the treatment while reading a book, doing some house chores, working, or even while you are driving. It is easy, just like that.

Simply plug in the CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch to your smartphone and let it work its magic!

And you don't have to worry as each CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch box comes with 3 different cable heads; USB 5 pin, Type C adapter, and a 8 pin lightening adapter for iPhone users.

If you'd like to see how I used the LED eye patch for the first (well, technically second) time, click here: Trying the LED Eye Patch, Again!

There are a few ways that you can use this product, depending on your skin condition(s). For me, I have sunken cheeks, smile wrinkles, and forehead wrinkles. So, this is how I place the patches on my face.

Honestly, I do face some problems sticking and shaping the patches to fit my face perfectly, so usually I'd use them while I am laying down, or sitting down with minimal movements.

Also, you don't have to worry about the hygiene part of constantly reusing the non toxic silicon gel patch, as you can easily wash the patches to make sure there isn't any dirt on it before putting it on to your skin. Just make sure not to get the cable wet.

I have only been using this eye patch for less than 4 days, collectively. So, I can't see much difference yet, as it is recommended to use about 2-3 sessions a day and more than 3 times a week to double the effect of anti-wrinkle care.

I know...I know... My schedule is like really pack till I am not giving myself enough time to rest and pamper myself. I really hope during this Lunar New Year celebration/holidays I can rest properly and use this CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch more efficiently and to finish up the Water Fire Saga Deep Blue storybook. 

Don't worry, I will use the patch more often and show you the big reveal, soon! 

But before that, if you'd like to buy your very own CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch set, you can use this code to enjoy RM30 off with FREE SHIPPING in Malaysia :

Quickly make your purchase as this offer is only valid till 28th February 2019!

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Wednesday, 30 January 2019


Being an Althea Angel definitely has a lot of perks and one of the ultimate perks (besides getting together with a bunch of awesome bloggers and vloggers) is to try out their latest products.

I will share with you the story of Althea's own product line expansion on another post, but for now, allow me to share with you their latest addition, Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser.

I'm going to be very blunt and tell you this; there's no way you can find a better makeup remover than this. I have tested this serum cleanser with light makeup, heavy makeup and even with a-hard-to-budge-waterproof-smudgeproof-mascara, and it still easily removes all the gunk and residue off my face!

Best part, the product's texture itself is water-like. It is in fact even lighter than a normal serum. Just imagine, water + serum + essential oil; so you can imagine how smooth it is when you apply it onto your skin.

Okay, so the way I use this product is by dripping a few drops on my palm and then applying it onto my damped skin. And in circular motions, I gently massage my face. I don't even have to put force to remove the eyeliner and mascara. Also, do note that it doesn't create much suds.

Probably, that's the reason why some of the other users of this product use it in another way; by damping a cotton pad with the product and wiping off the makeup residue.

Every time, I wash my face with this Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser, my face instantly brightens up and my face feels free off all the makeup and air pollution gunk.

And I've noticed that after two weeks of using the serum cleanser, my face has a fairer/lighter tone in comparison to my neck area; which reminds me to also give a good cleanse on the neck area, just so that I don't look like my head is detached from my neck.

Overall, I love how this product works its magic on my skin. Just as a reminder for both you and me, always make sure to re-hydrate and moisturize your skin after cleansing.

If you'd like to get your hands on this pore purifying magic potion, you can head on over to Althea's website and click buy: Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser RM33

You won't regret it! Plus, don't worry, if at all this product fails on you (which I doubt it will), Althea has the unconditional 30 day return policy. So, wash away your worries and dirt off your face with Althea's brand new Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser.

Happy purifying those pores!
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